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Image: blkwlkerth.jpg   595x425 55079 bytes 2002.08.22

Another version of the Earth wolf. This one was drawn on a big piece of half-poster board. THe edges look a little odd because I had to do some cleanup from the scanner :P Copyright Arikla.

Image: edgebeyond.jpg   449x600 84793 bytes 2004.08.22

Arikla on the edge of beyond... which happens to be Canaan Valley, WV.(c) 2004 Emily Dahlgran\r\n

Image: foxfly.jpg   474x364 46766 bytes 2002.08.14

Im not real happy with this fellows far wing, but the fur and near wing I like :) The background was just to give an idea. I suck at backgrounds :P Copyright Arikla.

Image: inawe.jpg   521x664 81239 bytes 2002.08.14

my winged fox returns! Perhaps I should get a name for this guy if I am going ot keep drawing him. The fur an drocks came out well, ithink, but I need to (still) work on water. :P Copyright Arikla.

Image: inthought.jpg   476x608 89607 bytes 2002.08.14

One of my early winged wolves, and I think one of my best. I like her dreamy expression. I need to work on hands though :P Copyright Arikla.

Image: lrn2fly.jpg   350x463 42054 bytes 2002.08.22

I got the feather patterns wrong on this one...completely reversed in fact *sigh* So, I will probably be re-doing it in the near future. I do like the general layout though. Copyright Arikla.

Image: pinion.jpg   445x459 89629 bytes 2002.08.14

Yeah, I had a bad day. First work I did where I dug out my old oil pastels for the background, though. By teh by, pinioning is the act of removing the first joint (essentially) of a birds wing. It removes the primary feathers as well, and so the bird is permenently flightless. Copyright Arikla.

Image: saluki.jpg   363x500 36419 bytes 2003.11.21

Inspired by Swandog and her mate, an Osprey winged Saluki. A chance to dabble with my watercolor and watercolor pencils as well :)\r\n(c) Emily Dahlgran 2003

Image: timeja.jpg   446x600 43348 bytes 2002.08.15

Normally, my characters don't have names, though I don't know why :P This one seemed to ask for one though, so she is Timeja, the winged white tiger.

Image: winged.jpg   700x525 75946 bytes 2004.06.06

Back-wnged Arikla. And yes, I am fully aware the feathers are patterened backwards :P\r\n(c) Emily Dahlgran 2004

Image: wistful.jpg   532x600 53820 bytes 2004.06.06

Arm winged Arikla, lineart.\r\n(c) Emily Dahlgran 2004

Image: wistfulcol.jpg   436x500 46690 bytes 2004.06.06

Arm winged Arikla, colored version.\r\n(c) Emily Dahlgran 2004

Image: wleopard.jpg   432x521 75341 bytes 2002.08.14

This is actually the first decent looking anthro feline I have drawn. When I got done, I hated spots. Now, well, spots can be fun :)\r\nCopyright Arikla.

Image: wlkearth.jpg   526x383 49794 bytes 2002.08.14

One of my favorites. Curled and mantled over the earth. I did a second one of these later on a black board...eventually will get it uploaded for comparison. Copyright Arikla.

Image: wlkmoon.jpg   356x451 30196 bytes 2002.08.20

The background black on this is awful in the original. I ran out of ink, and got a new pen, and though the same brand, the color didn't quite I had to fix it on the computer until I can figure out what to do with it :P opyright Arikla.

Image: wlksun.jpg   408x562 56524 bytes 2002.08.16

I really like this guy. Hence why he is now the offical "mascot" of my website hehe. I hope to eventually turn him into a stained glass piece as well. Copyright Arikla.

Image: zebrafly.jpg   558x700 85022 bytes 2002.10.12

Whee!! Probably winding down on my African species, but I am very proud of these wings! Just ignore the legs :P

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