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Image: angelbishie.gif   545x979 431542 bytes 2000.06.20

This little peice of art was practice for an angel I'm supposed to draw for my mother. I made it a guy, because I'm not quite sure how to draw females yet ^^;;. Gave it a bishounen look to make him seem... eh..... pretty? I guess that's the word I'm lookin for =P. Angel guy is (c) Me.\r\n\n

Image: darkguy.gif   433x520 177854 bytes 2000.06.20

This pic is a result of playing WAY too much Bomber man with my good friend, Adam. I was so inspired by the charcater designs! Their heads are bigger than their bodies for god's sake! O.o Dark guy and Dark guy II are (c) Me.\r\n\n

Image: egoalpha1.gif   500x858 360640 bytes 2000.06.19

I tried to recreate the old Egoraptor design (He's a human now, but soon he'll be a raptor human thing) And I think it turned out pretty good, except for the legs and the right arm, I kinda snapped it's joints out of place ^^;; Egoraptor Alpha is (c) Me.\r\n\n

Image: egoepsilon.gif   500x669 255711 bytes 2000.06.26

One of the 5 Egoraptors. Egoraptor Epsilon is found on the myterious red and purple planet along with Egoraptor Sigma, and is a master of his school of martial arts. He is half Human, half RaptorDragoon (A crossbreed of a Oviraptor and a standard Mist Dragon). Egoraptor Epsilon is (c) me.\n

Image: egoomega.gif   500x761 303614 bytes 2000.06.26

One of the 5 Egoraptors. Egoraptor Omega was injured in a battle with an unknown warrior. Several scientists of the moon of Alderon found Egoraptor Omega, struggling for his life, as he was only a torso. They took him to their lab immediately and rehabilitated him into a Cyborg. The programming of this Cyborg was like an average half living cyborg, however, they programmed a mysterious "Program System Attachment D." (Otherwise known as Program S.A.D.) into the cyborg. The scientists soon were murdered by the same unknown warrior who faught Egoraptor Omega. Now, no one knows what Program S.A.D. is, or how to activate it. \n

Image: egoraptor1.gif   500x826 351422 bytes 2000.06.20

Here's another one of Egoraptor's forms (Yes, there's 5. 6 if you count the fusion between them all) Kind of elven, and wears a spiffy pink sports coat! =) Egoraptor Gamma (c) Me.\r\n\n

Image: egosigma.gif   500x615 222204 bytes 2000.06.26

One of the 5 Egoraptors. Egoraptor Sigma is found on the myterious red and purple planet along with Egoraptor Epsilon. He welded his sword out of solid diamond, thus it can cut through virtually anything. He's a master swordsman and is fluent in 5 different languages.\n

Image: godego.gif   679x979 490753 bytes 2000.06.21

The Ultimate Egoraptor. This is what the result of 5 fused Egoraptors is. Pretty powerful, and pretty, uh.... big.\n

Image: raptorandsnakething.gif   845x941 530457 bytes 2000.06.20

Well here's a first. A Snake thing guy. I like the body, but the head looks a bit cartoonish. *Shrugs* Well, I like how the Raptor guy looks with the hair, I think I'll give Egoraptor some hair. Snake thing and other raptor guy are (c) me.\r\n\n

Image: tarantulathing.gif   164x170 18407 bytes 2000.06.20

This is the result of me, bored in english class, testing out armors. Kinda scary. I think it looks like an arachnid or something. Tarantual thingymajigger is (c) me.\r\n\r\n\n

Image: trentgun1.gif   745x745 409883 bytes 2000.06.21

The Spy's at it again, this time, with a HAND GUN! Oooo, I'm scared. Whatever =P\n

Image: trentpic1.gif   579x883 466717 bytes 2000.06.20

I absolutely love this pic. I did almost every proportion perfect, except the feet, but that's how I draw feet. Trent is the main character in a game I'm creating. Trent Hartfield is (c) me.\r\n\r\n\r\n\n

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