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Image: burkeclr.jpg   532x412 53899 bytes 2001.09.26

This is a drawing I did of my friend Morgraz's character Burke. He based him around \r\none of my black and white fox boy pictures, so his physical design is mine. ^_^\r\n This piece was done in ink and markers, and features our intrepid fox thief \r\nsneaking into a palace to steal a rare and wonderful scepter. Go Burke!

Image: crys1.JPG   423x548 59111 bytes 2001.12.03

These are two of the characters for a comic idea I have been\r\ntossing around.(The angel guardians are part of this tale in\r\nthe making as well.)\r\nTheir names are Ashva and Madan.\r\nDrawn with my ever trusty markers.

Image: crys2.JPG   406x563 51787 bytes 2001.12.03

This is Elyria, a healer. \r\nShe's also from my as yet nameless comic project. ^_^\r\n

Image: crys3.JPG   406x563 47478 bytes 2001.12.03

Ashva. He's the mage of the comic group. And he has an \r\never so cute winged ferret for his familiar. ^^

Image: crys4.JPG   406x563 43287 bytes 2001.12.03

Madan. The warrior of the group. ^_^\r\nI don't think he really has wings, actually.

Image: defendingangel1.jpg   458x540 60379 bytes 2001.09.27

I thought it would be interesting to create some angelic knights. This is the \r\nresult. She and her brother, the blonde angel featured in the next picture, are\r\njust the start of a whole group I have planned out. ^_^\r\nThis piece was done in ink and markers. (My favorite technique!)

Image: defendingangel2.jpg   450x564 56252 bytes 2001.09.27

This is the brother I mentioned before.\r\nI had a hard time deciding on his hair color. I tend to prefer dark hair or\r\nred hair on boys, but I decided to give the blonde hair a try. I think I\r\nlike it, but I am still not sure.\r\nDrawing was done in ink and markers.

Image: misssylph.jpg   425x574 47941 bytes 2001.09.27

This is my friend Bethie's RP character B'ist Du Sylph. You can find Beth's \r\nawesome art here on the VCL under Bethie Blackburn.\r\nDone in ink and markers, as usual. ^_~

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