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Image: twix.jpg   750x555 172308 bytes 2005.01.27

I did this out of boredum mostly. Inked and then colored in PSP and Adobe.\r\n\r\nStormphyre Stormphyre/Twixy\r\nPic Aristora \r\n

Image: whatsoutthere.jpg   620x775 81765 bytes 2004.10.13

What's out There- This was a test cover for a comic that has yet been started. It will be a joint venture with me and my fiancee'. \r\n\r\n(c) B. Ball and Aristora

Image: xiongwsig.jpg   580x960 92586 bytes 2005.04.04

My Pandaren fanart for Warcraft. The dragon is thanks to Glitterwing\r\n\r\n Aristora

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