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Image: 012007_copy.jpg   534x765 174315 bytes 2007.02.22

Manzy pose

Manzarek again

Image: aay1.jpg   363x800 86231 bytes 2002.08.08

This is a little older, but I like red...and it has a matching peice! I did it some time in you can see from the copyright! It's aaylexia SV, in the back ground are the lyrics to Strawberry feilds (c)the beatles

Image: apple.jpg   502x733 77898 bytes 2004.06.11

Water colour of Arora

Image: babybg.jpg   410x579 67485 bytes 2003.03.08

this isnt new, but I didnt want to put it in the old folder. It's markers and water colour on water colour paper. Way back when, before Morte's family went missing.\r\nMorte is (c) me\r\nAty is (c) his player

Image: balconyc.jpg   425x712 41629 bytes 2002.03.05

Just a quick drawing coloured in for RP purposes. \r\nMorte is as always, (c) me

Image: ballett.jpg   469x727 92471 bytes 2003.06.22

It's Morte, I wanted to try out the more human side of furries... I think she looses some of her adorableness here. Oh well.

Image: bunny.jpg   387x761 46592 bytes 2004.09.12

Random skanky bunny lineart.

Image: bunnycolour.jpg   387x790 49959 bytes 2005.08.15

Sketch then photoshop...\r\n\r\nas stated, she needs a name! For whoever picks the best name, I shall draw her doing whatever they should like. My email is on the image

Image: burlesque.jpg   477x662 60632 bytes 2003.03.09

pen drawing of Morte, wearing some sort of crazy getup.\r\nmorte is (c) me as usual

Image: businesspackage.jpg   464x648 52385 bytes 2003.10.16

Business card and package that I had to do for class. It doesnt print as nice as it shows up. I the eyes on the CD cover.\r\n\r\nPainter classic, Adobe photoshop.

Image: dargonthing.JPG   512x400 38174 bytes 2004.01.23

Yay, it's an MS paint dragon.

Image: ddr-rough2.jpg   482x627 92366 bytes 2003.04.03

Morte and some mad DDR fun! Photoshop gives me headaches.\r\nArt and Morte are (c) me\r\nDDR is (c) Konami

Image: finalyr.jpg   458x675 240236 bytes 2002.05.03

My scanner ate it, the pastels are so much nicer than that! It's my final for class...don't tell my teacher, but it wasn't originaly supposed to be, but I needed something fast, and the sketch for this was there! It's done in gouache...Inspired by Arora's trips to Rainbow Bay, and the fishing she did there :)

Image: forord.jpg   288x288 43014 bytes 2003.10.11

A foxor. I was playing with photoshop during photoshop class. You know you love them, they're orange!\r\n\r\nArt is equAls mine.

Image: foxpainting.jpg   714x576 115373 bytes 2003.12.30

It said I could upload 15 l337 HaX0rz!!!!1 so I uploaded one!\r\n\r\nJon's xmas present. Fox on canvas.

Image: geirrb.jpg   524x509 59166 bytes 2003.03.04

Kind of old, but not that old. Photoshop art of Geirr's Phoenix form\r\n

Image: geirrcat.jpg   362x559 51995 bytes 2002.02.04

Water colour paints, and art trade with Geirr, whom is on VCL as well\r\nHorray for Geirr

Image: green.jpg   446x688 68638 bytes 2003.03.09

Strange green magic. Green swords, and photoshop, it's all good.

Image: greenfire.jpg   606x801 185709 bytes 2002.02.03

This was originaly a sketch on drawing paper, but in my indecision upon what colour to make it, I photocopied it twice and tried diffrent colours, all done in marker, here's the end result. It's Morte Aeterna, during her brief period as a pet... *does a little dance* I'm on VCL...sorry, that wont happen again.

Image: happenstome.jpg   376x258 22589 bytes 2003.10.16

To quote the fox.\r\n\r\nAh Melvin...\r\n\r\nA t-shirt logo.

Image: heaven1.jpg   405x743 76746 bytes 2002.08.08

This goes with the previous one of Aaylexia, I drew one, then the other requested

Image: helrora.jpg   402x688 64623 bytes 2004.02.24

Arora and HelGeirr, just because.

Image: horsepainting.jpg   842x612 133591 bytes 2003.12.24

Acrylic on canvas. Done for my boyfriend's parents as a Christmas gift.

Image: icast.jpg   432x288 25230 bytes 2003.12.06

Why did I do it...

Image: imsorry.jpg   382x552 19317 bytes 2003.01.05

Marr is only sorry cause you're ugly...but not really that sorry\r\nMarrock Volsung is (c) her player.

Image: inkfox.jpg   551x772 86759 bytes 2004.01.05

Drawn with my lovely new 'chinese stationary set' that I got for Christmas. The Kanji symbols are goat, beautiful, fire and something thats more of a doodle.

Image: kangarood.jpg   344x525 57212 bytes 2003.11.30

This, ladies and gentilmen is what we would call a kangarood. They are located in the Dreaming near Australia. They're poseur kangaroos with alot of 'tude. They like baguettes, fromage and vin.

Image: leash.jpg   525x864 122226 bytes 2002.05.25

I was feeling like being mean to Micheru, but he wasn't around, as usual, so I drew him on a leash. It's coloured pencil on board, and my scanner ate it! I had to scan in two parts and merge...pfft, I'll never get used to that.

Image: lionleash.jpg   580x786 147471 bytes 2005.07.19

I forgot about this one. Its very out of date!

Image: lisaswanicorn.jpg   640x480 73920 bytes 2003.12.11

3D render, my first ever! It was an interesting experience. I think he could have used a bit more modeling, but it was 5:00, and he was due. Can any one give me tips on appling texture maps?

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