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Image: manzsketch.jpg   474x573 92853 bytes 2006.07.24


Image: marrff.jpg   537x814 69080 bytes 2002.04.02

This is finaly done, HORRAY! It goes with another one that I did a while back, a 'commisioned' peice I suppose... It's mostly water colour pencil on illustration board...I think it might need a bit of a background

Image: marrfinalnobg.jpg   816x1123 191729 bytes 2002.08.31

I realised that I uploaded the female half, but never the male, so here it is! ya...

Image: melvinflies.jpg   412x576 43047 bytes 2003.11.24

Haha!\r\n\r\ncrayon melvin has attracted bugs. Serves him right, methinks he smells in that sweat suit.

Image: mich.jpg   752x1046 286416 bytes 2002.03.21

This is considerd a little old now (october i6th for those who can't read my writing) But I like it, and so do many others. It started as a simple sketch, then turned into a full out graphite drawing of Micheru\r\n\r\nMicheru is (c) his rotten self

Image: mistic.jpg   229x338 38542 bytes 2003.12.21

A beer lable I had to design for class in 2nd year. The beer was called Mystic, the lable design was up to us.

Image: mouse.jpg   679x908 41683 bytes 2002.11.09

Image: nakedcat.jpg   365x766 50356 bytes 2004.02.11

upload allowance 14 nipples? Good thing she only has two.\r\n\r\nPencil and watercolour pencil. Miss Arora Vesper (Told you she was back.)

Image: nakedneko.jpg   1110x1209 206964 bytes 2004.02.11

Arora's back, and with a vengance.\r\n\r\nBrush pen work with som red china marker and a chop stamp that reads butterfly. The kanji at the top reads cat.

Image: not4u.jpg   669x900 143509 bytes 2002.08.31

Ahahaha...this is so..fugly. I had to do some censor work, because thats the ugliest part of the drawing. Any way, I think Micheru requested this, so I blame him.

Image: ooke1800.jpg   612x792 83098 bytes 2003.08.21

Ack. It killed my drop shadow, but oh well. Here's the art trade I was supposed to finish in like... June. I kept starting, and then things would happen, the family desktop blew, which lead to them getting a virus on here and me losing most of my stuff. I finaly gave in and did it by hand. I picked old timey style because thats what Ookami-Kemono originaly commented on. The style is done with a mess of layers in PS.\r\n\r\nArtwork is (c) Me\r\nCharacters are (c) Ookami-Kemono

Image: oval.jpg   366x491 57607 bytes 2002.07.13

it's terrible...but just don't say anything...I got upset and didn't want to finish it.

Image: paisleykitty.jpg   588x359 67790 bytes 2003.11.29

Class doodle of Arora. Water colour, prismacolour pencil and ball point pen!\r\n\r\nExcitement!

Image: pillowkitty.jpg   459x467 57788 bytes 2004.02.11

Leo and Virgo.\r\n\r\nArora has stolen a pillow!

Image: pinkdress.jpg   446x770 61752 bytes 2002.03.02

Uh oh, this might need a rescan, but the laptop doesn't tell me much...Any way, it's done in marker and pencil crayon! I am also aware that she is staning in nothing leaning on nothing, if you have any ideas, just e-mail me!\r\nMorte is as always (c) me!

Image: portex.JPG   218x217 19636 bytes 2003.01.05

Portraits I've made for furcadia...

Image: portrait2.jpg   190x95 26493 bytes 2003.12.21

Two more furcadia portraits. This time it's Arora and KOA's. Oddly enough, they were made about a year apart.

Image: pron.jpg   308x549 29161 bytes 2002.09.25

Ink and pencil on printer paper. Micheru and Arora are (c) their players...the Pr0n is (c) me

Image: red.jpg   352x329 24568 bytes 2003.03.09

Water colour of Arora, drawn in a diffrent style than my usual, I did it just to experiment a while ago. It got good reviews on side7... but thats side7\r\nart and arora are (c) me

Image: regen.jpg   477x662 102030 bytes 2002.09.06's Regen, I hope I did ok, the requester hasnt seen it yet. Regen works in a tavern on Furcadia, her player requested a drawing of Regen, so yes...I did one!

Image: rora.jpg   267x723 46539 bytes 2003.01.05

Character sketch for Arora, in her crazy trench coat. Pencil crayon on paper..

Image: rorabutt.jpg   414x627 63738 bytes 2004.06.11

Pencil crayon work of Rora's behind.

Image: roraflower.jpg   493x663 72967 bytes 2004.03.18


Image: roraflutterby.jpg   288x504 12599 bytes 2003.05.30

When I uploaded this, I was in a rush so it had no descrpition. ANy way, I did it in painter classic, the wings were added in via cut and paste. It's Arora in all her topless glory.

Image: saarball.jpg   687x746 200436 bytes 2007.02.22

Saar in a ball

Shake it! Go on!\r\n\r\nWatercolour, ink and Gouache on bristol. The squiggly lines were originaly gold and pretty.

Tags: beer, bunny, deer, saar   [Comment]
Image: stained.jpg   400x581 58245 bytes 2003.01.05

kind of old water colour of arora and Micheru, too bad he sucks now.

Image: swanicorn.jpg   573x609 82443 bytes 2003.11.30

This delightfuly mis-matched fellow is a swanicorn. He's almost a gryphon, but not quite! He's the result of something!

Image: twins.JPG   432x691 15730 bytes 2003.10.16

Experiment in painter classic.\r\n\r\nArora is (c) me.

Image: unicron.jpg   607x783 97690 bytes 2002.11.06

It's not quite "furry" art, but it's not human. I was trying to figure out if a Unicorn could out presence an elder Vampire (for any one who plays V:TM, it may make sense) I decided that a Unicorn has presence 12, and thats that...i dont know if presence 12 even exisists. This picture probably has alot more story to it than it should for a graphite drawing in my animation sketchbook...his name is princess pretty...

Image: Untitled-1.jpg   720x576 51091 bytes 2006.07.24


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