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Image: Cyberkitten_bust.jpg   502x646 72642 bytes 2008.08.05

Bust shot.

Tags: Cyberkitten  
Image: Cyberkitten.jpg   801x668 117551 bytes 2008.08.05


New avatar design... Mostly feline, with draconic and cybery bits.

Tags: cyberkitten  
Image: Felis.jpg   582x590 95201 bytes 2008.08.05

Proof that I can still use a pencil ;)

Image: Hellborn_II.jpg   640x880 85059 bytes 2008.08.05

Hellborn II

the colours on this can appear REALLY screwy on some screens... if you can see lots of purples, try turning the brightness way down. it's supposed to be *very* dark and the purples should be subtle.

Image: MiniEthel.jpg   554x373 50652 bytes 2008.08.04

Mini Ethel

Well, it's been a while. But I still live, and I still do art (when I get the chance!). Recently I've had a bit more time to spend with my tablet, so I picked up one of the half-finished minidragons I'd started last year. Here we have Ethelshai, the Emerald Dragon.

Tags: Minidragons  
Image: MiniShay.jpg   377x502 46716 bytes 2008.08.04

Mini Shay

Shaylle as a minidragon.\r\nYes that is (supposed to be) a cookie.\r\n\r\nBeen a while since I've drawn a white anything, so I took the opportunity to subject Shay to a few new colouring tricks. have to say it didn't turn out as I expected, but I do like the results nonetheless.\r\n\r\nInitially drawn in pencil; coloured in Photoshop.

Tags: Minidragons  
Image: MiniTerv.jpg   670x450 67332 bytes 2008.08.04

Mini Terv

For Terv!\r\n\r\nThe next minidragon will not be facing left. This is a promise.\r\n\r\nguys, why can I not doodle. I start off a piece intending it to be 'just a quickie' (I know what you're thinking, shutup :P) and get so bogged down in the details and making everything look perfect that it just DOESN'T WORK. doing art fast is not POSSIBLE. so if your minidragon takes a while to materialise, I apologise.\r\n\r\nokay, anyway, here we have a MiniTerv in all his furry blue glory. say 'ARF!' ;)\r\n\r\nPhotoshop, etc etc.

Tags: Minidragons  
Image: MiniScryden.jpg   550x492 62335 bytes 2008.08.04

Mini Scryden

I don't know if this really qualifies as a minidragon considering the time that went into it :P I used Scry as a guinea pig for testing out different features of oC4. I really like the program - I don't feel I have as much control, which is kind of refreshing after the brain-destroying precision control of Photoshop with its MILLION features to get EVERY PIXEL JUST RIGHT.\r\n\r\nSo anyway, here we have Scryden! Done in OpenCanvas with tweakage in Photoshop. whee.

Tags: Minidragons  
Image: MiniAkhor.jpg   450x372 41954 bytes 2008.08.04

Mini Akhor

spur of the moment minidragon for Akhor.\r\n\r\nPainter, Photoshop, lots of red, and a few hours to kill.

Tags: Minidragons  
Image: Minidragons.jpg   751x352 70100 bytes 2008.08.04


I got bored at work, basically. Black biro, each one measures about 2 inches in length.\r\n\r\nThey were fun and easy to do, and a good way to pass the time, so I might be taking requests if people are interested.\r\n\r\nWill colour when I get a chance.\r\n\r\nArquin and some random drakeling.

Tags: Minidragons Arquin  
Image: MiniArquin.jpg   450x383 61517 bytes 2008.08.04

Mini Arquin

So here we have a mini Arquin sans his stripes. I played about in OpenCanvas 4 for the first time ever since OC1 - which was quite a jump. Still getting the hang of it, but I'm definitely liking the feel of it so far.\r\n\r\nInitial sketch in Biro, coloured in oC4, final touch-ups in Photoshop.

Tags: Arquin Minidragons  
Image: Arquin_revised.jpg   488x787 95202 bytes 2007.07.24


Arquin's latest design. This only got drawn a handful of times, owing to the sheer pain-in-the-arse-ness that was the electric blue stripes.

Tags: Arquin  
Image: Xaver.jpg   700x689 125080 bytes 2007.06.28

Xaver: Demonchild

The demonspawn, Xaver. Mischievous, cocky; generally can be assumed to be up to no good.

Image: skyshaper.jpg   515x815 71880 bytes 2007.06.28


Image: hellborn_I.jpg   541x700 84630 bytes 2007.02.19

Hellborn I

The oddest things come out of late-night scribblings. For the most part this peice was an experiment, a result of "hmm, I wonder what will happen if I throw some colour over here?" but it largely drew itself. Although it's probably not obvious at first glance, I employed similar techniques to what I used to draw the Drakeling, and I think I'm getting the hang of what I'm doing now.\r\n\r\nApologies to the boyfriend figure who was sat three feet away from me for most of this and whom I largely ignored for the better part of a weekend in order to indulge my artistic compulsions. I really need to stop drawing dragons.

Image: drakeling.jpg   400x618 64933 bytes 2007.02.19


Possibly went a little overboard with this considering this guy was only intended to be used as a 250px-high website graphic.

Tags: dragon drake drakeling  
Image: part1-rise.jpg   650x650 54207 bytes 2007.02.08

Part 1: Rise

... Who needs glowsticks when you can have dancing lights-orbs?\r\n\r\nRe-tweaking an old piece. Part 2 will follow (no, this time it really will).\r\n\r\nGlowy goodness in Photoshop.

Tags: dragon light orbs darkness shadows purple  
Image: draquine.jpg   409x700 100851 bytes 2007.02.08

The draquine are dragon-horse hybrids. I don't know why everything I draw needs to have fangs and horns and glowy eyes, but for some reason I find the big, bad, wrought-with-evil creatures so much more entertaining to portray than the benevolent ones.\r\n\r\nYes, this is as complete as it gets.\r\n\r\nPencil & photoshop.

Image: chaos7.jpg   474x600 92436 bytes 2007.02.08

My half of a trade with the handsome Chaos dragon.\r\n\r\nPencils, watercolours and inks.

Image: gargoyle.jpg   390x600 65666 bytes 2007.02.08

The gargoyle. He's small and vicious and likes to eat frogs.\r\n\r\nPhotoshop-coloured pencil sketch.

Image: dinothing.jpg   510x700 74342 bytes 2007.02.08

I have no idea.

Image: wolfblue.jpg   420x430 130190 bytes 2006.11.06

I got sick of being the only person on the planet who sucked at drawing wolves. In an attempt to rectify this, I sat down with a load of references, doodled and sketched and scribbled until my pecil bled, and finally transferred my efforts to Photoshop, using which I managed to drag out this. Goddamnit. At least it looks vaguely like what I'd intended, but I got so frustrated and impatient with the fur. I really need a refined technique that allows me to create the illusion of fur without killing my tablet and my brain in the process. All in all though, I'd say progress has been made - at least it's recognisably a wolf (you should have seen my previous attempts).\r\n\r\nBut, anyway. Behold the floating wolf-head.

Image: Nyxref1.jpg   307x507 67136 bytes 2006.11.06

Nyx reference picture. I like stripes, yes. Not perfect, but it serves its purpose.

Tags: Nyx Mune  
Image: mr_dragon.jpg   424x500 92029 bytes 2006.11.06

I know, I know, it's the most unimaginative pose in the world. But it was done for a yearbook page, it had to be something quick and easy. Drawn in Photoshop.

Image: fred.jpg   590x650 57299 bytes 2005.05.24

Doodling in OpenCanvas & Photoshop 7.

Image: new1.jpg   830x536 67554 bytes 2005.05.24


Arquin's original incarnation.

Tags: Arquin  
Image: Celebrating_the_Christmas_spirirt_1.jpg   460x575 97234 bytes 2004.12.31

Christmas card image 1.

Image: Celebrating_the_Christmas_spirit_2.jpg   600x447 94012 bytes 2004.12.31

Christmas card image 2.

Image: bloodred.jpg   600x424 48415 bytes 2004.12.17

Image: fluff.jpg   594x596 92230 bytes 2004.11.14

Working on new fur techniques. This ended up being a little (well, more than a little) rushed, unfortunately.

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