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Image: dizzylunar.png   400x400 108803 bytes 2004.08.20

i really love dizzy from guilty gear XX. she's just such an awesome character to play with. and i love the ribbon ^^

Image: chubdragon.png   500x500 86919 bytes 2004.08.20

i drew this on a Oekaki board. i love his face it's cute.

Image: ayatolooks.jpg   850x1096 99089 bytes 2003.10.03

for the very talented ayato. i still don't think this is enough for him! he's just so great ^^\r\n\r\nAyato Himself\r\nartwork by me =D

Image: dearest.jpg   793x1083 150233 bytes 2003.10.03

i've taken some versus from the song dearest by ayumi hamasaki (heard it on the ending credits of inuyasha). \r\n\r\nsometimes, things could be so hard and frustrating. that i can't bare to think about it you know? like too many thoughts and doubts keep entering in and they just build up. what i do is be optimistic of things cuz i'm just like that mostly. there are too many things that trouble people but there are so many little thigns that make people happy. for me, a smile. \r\n\r\nanyways, i used prisma markers and laurentien pencil crayon. pencil and pen were used (seeing as my marker ran out XD)\r\n\r\nthat's me =D

Image: tetsuro_looking_cool.jpg   645x845 48907 bytes 2003.07.08

i've been trying to draw my dragon characters a bit more just because i felt like i'm neglecting them. tetsuro, is one of my favorite characters. i just haven't drawn him. he's just super sexy and what not ^^ i didn't want to do his right foot (your left foot if your looking at the monitor which you are =P) to be flat. so i tried to make it look like he was standing on his tipy toes. \r\n\r\nTetsuro Me

Image: draconis_darkally.jpg   669x856 81498 bytes 2003.07.08

ok it's been a while since i've uploaded. i've just been doing some stuff and what not. but yea... \r\n\r\nanyways, this is my vampire dragon, draconis. i was inspired by Vampire Hunter D (is that right?) with the clothes. i just wanted to get a feel to the whole... flowingness with the clothes and what not. also, i wanted to work with pencil this time simply because it looks cool and it seems to be a lot nicer ^^\r\n\r\nDraconis Me

Image: rockin_pink.jpg   581x837 88191 bytes 2003.04.01

well... i decided to go and find a colour for myself. don't know, dragon lotus thinks it just looks... uh... gay! well i'm gonna be searching. just trying it out. oh and i got some new pants! aint't that sumthing =D hehe ^^ totally coolness with the pants. well i think it's obvious that i screwed up. bleh, well it WAS gonna be an icon picture... oh well. i think i've become a rocker/punk O.o but i still listen to techno making me a FLAMING rocker/punk person!! \r\n\r\noh and i haven't changed my fursona. just looking at the mana dragons... they have long ears so... i have long ears... as of now =P

Image: beaten.jpg   976x1272 59323 bytes 2003.02.21

ok, just to let you know, i have nothing against the raguar. he wanted this picture! anyhoo, i apologize with the blurryness of the piccy. i tried to get a rain affect. and i failed at making water... i looks like the other stuff (the good kind =P~~~~) anyhoo, i need to get a good understanding of Adobe 5.0 erf... \r\n\r\nBart Da Raguar Himself

Image: run_argon_run.jpg   1252x968 113438 bytes 2003.01.14

well this was a piccy i wanted to do for a while ever since i first chatted to argon vile. he kinda does look like a raticate =P but a cute one ^^ \r\n\r\nArgon Vile Himself

Image: pissed.jpg   976x1216 72228 bytes 2003.01.13

just been mad about certain things. they sometimes just tick me off.

Image: head_me_=P.jpg   363x303 14895 bytes 2003.01.13

just a head piccy of me i plan to put up in LJ ^^

Image: Nicholas.jpg   972x1260 76613 bytes 2003.01.13

ish mah cutie kittah =D

Image: gumshoe_bunnygurl.jpg   446x690 32630 bytes 2002.12.13

done with pencil crayon.\r\n\r\ni like how the coloring came out though it looks pretty dirty i know. but i'm so in love with how good i did the colouring though XD so impressed. and also the pose. i like the pose kinda looks awesome ^^\r\n\r\nBunny Gurl Artimas Lunar

Image: beautiful.jpg   850x1050 79675 bytes 2002.12.13

this might look like it was done by a 5 year old but it wasn't it was me. \r\n\r\ni guess this pic is something i wanted to be meaningful. the idea that art is suppose to be pretty and looking good. this pic is saying something that deep down we are beautiful no matter what people say. \r\n\r\ni can't think of a better reason why i did this pic besides the fact it was inspired by that Christina Aguilera song called Beautiful.

Image: artaro.jpg   800x900 55595 bytes 2002.12.13

if hamtaro isn't cute then i don't know what is. the cuteness is a trend XD OMG! \r\n\r\nArtaro ish MEH

Image: graphite.jpg   843x1080 57778 bytes 2002.12.04

character study that is for the same class. as you can see... i'm not very good XD peace

Image: bleu.jpg   819x1080 59452 bytes 2002.12.04

this is a character study i'm doing for my animation class. i don't know really what the storyline is yet but i'm sure i can think of something

Image: KovuRaver.jpg   850x1083 79081 bytes 2002.12.02

YAY i finished doodlin Kovu ^^ WHEE!! hope he likes. i was running out of light peach so i had to colour it with some sort of brown. erf, i think i messed up the background though. doesn't look so attractive. SOWWY! \r\n\r\nRAVERS RULE!! W00t\r\n\r\nKovu His Player

Image: collar.jpg   490x563 21596 bytes 2002.12.02

i managed to buy me a collar ^^ hehe it's kinda comfortable =P i'm gonna have to decorate that ring with colours ^^ WHEE!! maybe one day hehe ^^ \r\n\r\nArtimas ME!!

Image: Matty_stylin.jpg   543x1090 42650 bytes 2002.11.14

trying to make some stylish/anime-ish clothing that SOME DAY people would buy (yeah right =P) anyhoo, i haven't drawn matty for a long time. so i drew this of him =D \r\n\r\nMatty Me

Image: me_clothes.jpg   616x976 29853 bytes 2002.11.14

this is what i wore at the halloween party. XD i love chains XD i know it's not a halloween costumes but i didn't have any REAL costumes though. so i slapped on my tail and that was it LOL but i liked how it looked on me ^^\r\nespecially the chains. they kept on clashing on each other... and it's not easy playing ddr with them either O.=.O

Image: Ernie.jpg   630x1000 51353 bytes 2002.11.14

who said that the undead can't look stylish =D i just luv what he's wearing ^^ and the shades of many greys kinda suits him doesn't it?\r\n\r\nErnie Spug

Image: smilingnicky.jpg   403x550 25667 bytes 2002.11.04

it's my cute kitty boy, Nicholas =D somewhat looks rushed XD i know, but anyhoo, it's still good\r\n\r\nNicholas Artimas Lunar

Image: peace!.jpg   413x876 30520 bytes 2002.11.04

using prisma markers and pencil crayon ^^ white pencil crayon to creat an effect. i pants looks kinda 70s doesn't it? making the clothing idea a bit more tredy\r\n\r\nNicholas Artimas Lunar

Image: matty.jpg   523x916 33365 bytes 2002.11.04

Prisma Markers are my absolute fav ^^ trying to get more of a good handle with them. also used pencil crayons\r\n\r\nMatty Artimas Lunar

Image: in_luv_with_colours.jpg   833x1010 46717 bytes 2002.11.04

using cheap name brand prismacolour (boreal) pencil crayons XD and some crayola pencil crayons too =P \r\n\r\nMalus and Greg Artimas Lunar

Image: sarah_amour.jpg   810x1083 77160 bytes 2002.10.31

this is perhaps the ONLY female character i would draw XD \r\n\r\nSarah Amour Me

Image: GlowingBart.jpg   850x1066 90534 bytes 2002.10.31

hehe he's topless =D \r\n\r\nnow he's gonna eat me XD NOOO!!!!\r\n\r\nBart Da Raguar His Player

Image: Bart.jpg   800x1050 68408 bytes 2002.10.15

ish a raguar!! ROAR!!! blast that rascally rabbit!\r\n\r\nBart His Player

Image: Malus_New.jpg   750x910 64567 bytes 2002.09.23

isnt he cute? awwwwwwwwwwwwww he's ADORABLE!! love the bat ^^\r\n\r\nMalus Artimas Lunar (ME)

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