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Image: Giger.jpg   300x300 34053 bytes 2012.03.29

Giger - Quick Headshot

Just a quick headshot for Giger. This was made for the "Doodle the person above you" thread on FAZ.

Tags: Alien Furcadia Goth Clean female Giger club glow   [More Info]
Image: bloodstone_scent.jpg   400x400 53576 bytes 2012.02.03

Bloodstone the Blood Scent

An anthropomorphic version of Bloodstone, my Blood Scent on This is Halloween. Blood Scent species is copyright TiH, not me.

Tags: Minipet Blood Equine Pet Black Red Neutral  
Image: Karios-stag-lion.jpg   520x428 122548 bytes 2011.04.30

Karios the Staglion

A stag-lion thing that is blue and white. Eh, I didn't come up with it, I made it as gift art.

Tags: stag,lion,feral,clean,mythical,mythic,Karios  
Image: Ashera_by_cope.gif   95x95 4467 bytes 2011.03.04

Ashera Co-op by Cope and me!

It started as a commission, but by the end it became a cooperative piece. Lines and background by Cope (Moql on DA), inking, shading and background corrections by me. \r\n\r\nThis is not a free use portrait! It's for Ashera ShadowWind only. The original remaps.

Tags: al-mi'raj mi'raj bunny lapine pixel Furcadia unicorn portrait clean SFW  
Image: bermese_dog_powerpets.jpg   400x300 43374 bytes 2011.01.25

Bermese Mountain Dogs- Powerpets

A pair of Bermese mountain dogs I made for a Powerpets art contest... only to be beaten out by someone who stuck a stolen image off Powerpets onto a crappy MS paint background.

Tags: bermese mountain dog clean powerpets animal feral nonanthro  
Image: migotophoe.jpg   94x93 12387 bytes 2010.08.09

Phoenix for Migoto

A Phoenix with a chest ruff for Migoto of Furcadia. The original remaps and only Migoto has permission to use it.

Image: calib_pool.png   421x600 601655 bytes 2010.07.20

Calib at Hearst Castle

Calib playing in the Neptune Pool of Hearst Castle in California. I made this for the Furcadia 2010 summer art contest!

Tags: bobcat lynx clean male pool solo swimming water summer contest  
Image: Levithian-TNHawke_&Lamoxlamae.jpg   600x557 125877 bytes 2010.06.20

Leviathian Mother

A bit of quick coloring fun for TNHawke's coloring contest! No, those aren't bones, they're markings.\r\n\r\nLine art by TNHawke, color and scenery by lamoxlamae.

Tags: Leviathian female goth gothic clean mother egg eggs underwater MagiStream   [More Info]
Image: calib-2010.jpg   600x750 187684 bytes 2010.06.07

Calib Photomorph

Just a photomorph to get me back into the swing of things! It's Calib just because zombie cat needs love, too.

Tags: Bobcat Lynx zombie undead photomorph manip imagemorph male clean cowboy   [Comment]
Image: Grisha-furcadia.jpg   95x95 7818 bytes 2010.03.17

Grisha - Furcadia

Furcadia portrait for Grisha's art contest. Yes, a Communist Russian owl-cat. Yes, it's what they were asking for. Yay for more weird hybrids! The original is remapable and only Grisha has permission to use it.

Tags: Furcadia owl cat remapable hybrid communist Russian clean male portrait red   [More Info]
Image: ashera-furoti.jpg   348x482 37946 bytes 2010.03.15

Ashera ShadowWind

Oh noes- self portrait! :D I made this for the Furoticon Adult Trading card game, so if you see it around, you know why.

Tags: Lapine, rabbit, unicorn, am-mi'raj, mi'raj, herm, hermaphrodite, clean   [More Info]
Image: gladiatorfurc.gif   317x233 33103 bytes 2010.01.09

Thracian Gladiator - Furcadia

Another things I created for the 2009 festival of the sun of Furcadia ( are these Thracian-style furry gladiators! Yay, combat furries!\r\n\r\nThe download link is the more info link. :)

Tags: Gladiator fighter fighting arena sparring Thracian Rome Roman Furcadia ancient   [More Info] [Comment]
Image: sphinxfurc.gif   317x233 30408 bytes 2010.01.09

Sphinx- Furcadia

I can't believe I have not uploaded these yet! These are my sphinxes and Sphinx portraits from Furcadia's 2009 festival of the sun.The download is in the More Info link. :) \r\n\r\nWhat's furcadia? Go to to find out!

Tags: Sphinx, Mythology, Mythical, Roman, Greek, Rome, Greece, Furcadia   [More Info] [Comment]
Image: ronniefrown.png   95x95 22327 bytes 2009.12.29

Ronnie Frown Portrait

Weasels rip my flesh! Ok, not really... Secret Santa portrait trade for Ronnie Frown of Furcadia. :) Yes, Ronnie like in the Metalica song.

Tags: weasel, musteline, blood, gore, gothic, evil, Metallica, Male, killer, evil   [More Info]
Image: Wolfhowl2009-science.jpg   600x517 63058 bytes 2009.11.14

Scientific Study - Vulpes Sapien

Subject A- Caucasian female, age 23. \r\nSubject B- female Red fox, age 3.\r\nEnd result: Human-fox Hybrid "Furry", Vulpes Sapien.\r\n\r\nTrait transfer should result in a fairly even hybrid of the two, as clearly displayed in the marked changes of the skull. The cranium is taller than that of a fox, yet the muzzle shortens. There are also obvious changes to the eye sockets, nose shape, and teeth shapes manifesting themselves. Further study upon more subjects advised.\r\n--------------\r\nThis was Created for Furcadia's Wolfhowl Festival, 2009! Wish me luck.

Tags: Fox, Female, clean, worksafe, skull, study, realistic anatomy, red fox, vixen   [More Info]
Image: Amyport2009.gif   97x97 3052 bytes 2009.09.30

Amy Gotcha - Furcadia

I just realized I never showed my 2009 Furcadia Portrait! Here's Amy's Furcadia portrait circa 2009. :)

Tags: Mouse, Demon, Amy Gotcha, Furcadia, Clean, portait,   [More Info]
Image: calibport-2009.JPG   95x94 3497 bytes 2009.07.11

Calib's portrait- Furcadia

Calib Furcadia portrait. The original version is remappable. :)

Tags: Furcadia, prottrait, remappable  
Image: bobcatav-amy1.jpg   120x120 14293 bytes 2009.03.26

Tygras Tag

Yep, more teeny tiny art from me; I think I like working in miniature. :) I recycled my wajas tag's background and added a black bobcat for my Tygra tag. I was thinking of Calib as I drew this...

Tags: black, bobcat, avatar, tag, worksafe, clean, animal   [More Info]
Image: jackalav-amy1.jpg   150x150 6863 bytes 2009.01.02

My Wajas Avatar

My avatar on Wajas. I go by Amy Gotcha (yes, the name of my Demon Mouse) there! :)

Tags: Jackal Avatar Night Clean   [More Info]
Image: Wajafox2-vcl.jpg   500x482 181643 bytes 2009.01.02

Flashy's Waja Fursona

A picture of Flashy's really gaudy Wajas fursona for their art contest. As everyone else was going toon for their entries I decided on a happy medium between realistic and toon. :)

Tags: Waja Fox Ocelot Wajas clean contest cute blue   [More Info]
Image: furrypirate.png   200x185 22563 bytes 2008.09.23


A logo I created for the Piratude group on Furry 4 Life. :)

Tags: Pirate, logo, skull, feline, Piratude, skull and crossbones   [More Info]
Image: silverdaun.jpg   507x337 33279 bytes 2008.08.21

Lady Sylverdaun

Portrait for Lady Sylverdaun of her dragontoutched human female character. :) Did I mention I hate D&D 4.0? Yeah.

Tags: Dungeons & dragons, Dragontouched, female, D&D, white dragon  
Image: TaglintaqighCLEAN.jpg   250x497 29387 bytes 2008.06.30

Taglinn Tigh photomorph

A photomorph I did in October 2007 of the Furcadian Prime (god) Taglinn Tigh, Lord of Nightmares, Dark Prime of Fear. Yes, it used to be a photograph!\r\n\r\nI stopped playing Furcadia again shortly afterwards. I still like Taglinn Tigh and Tallus, though! I got to watch Tallus die in-game... wow, I feel old.

Tags: photomorph, photomanipulation, panther, evil, clean, Furcadia   [More Info]
Image: jackal1-2.jpg   500x400 33382 bytes 2008.06.29

Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay

It's just Jackal... sitting and relaxing. :) \r\n\r\nIt feels good to do a more realistic style after a week solid of toon art. :) The texture rendering was INSANE.

Tags: Black Jackal, Jackal, Pin-up, Beefcake, Clean, Dock, Ocean  
Image: DEath_of_a_swordswoman_2.png   500x350 34884 bytes 2008.06.18

Death of a Swordswoman

'tis a shame, she was great... once...\r\n\r\nPlaying with water, paws and blood.\r\n

Tags: blood, death, sword, unspecified, paws, swordsman  
Image: artigrr2-VCL.jpg   400x400 39519 bytes 2008.06.18


Just a cute little Tiger showing off his artwork. :) Bask in the cuteness...

Tags: Tiger, art, cute, painting, male, clean  
Image: scarsmith_(pg).png   765x868 98728 bytes 2008.06.05

A'swad "Black" Jackal, PG version

My first real picture of Jackal from my Now and Then story series. MartyrWerewolf did the preliminary sketch, which I cleaned, inked, and finished. OMG, my first real tablet piece! Wow! 8 hours! \r\n\r\nThis is the clean version as the penis was disturbing people (don't blame me, I didn't do the preliminary sketch). The version with penis is in my adult folder.\r\n\r\nWhat do you think of it?\r\n\r\nAnd yes... I decided he would make a hot Ex-Marine, in case you recognize the jacket. ;) I probably won't really define what military branch he was in for the story, though.

Tags: Jackal, Black Jackal, Anubian, Middle-aged, Retired, soldier  
Image: Decobunnyav3.jpg   120x99 14140 bytes 2008.02.26

Ashera- DecoBunny Avatar

This is the clean avatar-version of my DecoBunny picture (may not be posted yet but I will! Check the adult section for it). Yes, it's androgynous... from a female picture... this character can be female or herm. =^.^=\r\n\r\nBeing an avatar the thumbnail isn't much smaller than the full version.

Tags: Mir'aj, Al-Mir'aj,, Miraj, Art Deco, Avatar, Rabbit, Persian unicorn  
Image: RydArcher07.png   278x322 111213 bytes 2008.01.29

Ryd the Archer

My psypet, Ryd, is a female archer! I love the way the skin came out on this one, though the shirt could have been better. :)

Tags: Frog, female, archer, Medieval, Psypet, Psypets, clean, archery  
Image: darwin.jpg   384x256 25625 bytes 2007.12.08

Darwin: Mad Scientist

Darwin the Evolved Fish at work... as a mad scientist! ^.^;; Ok, so it's a quick little photo manipulation portrait for a pet game called Psypets, but I still had fun doing it!

Tags: goldfish, scientist, mad scientist, photo manipulation, photo edit, Darwin   [More Info]

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