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Image: Alextiger1.png   470x405 195581 bytes 2007.10.26

Alex the Tiger

For my good friend/pet/student/snuggly bard Alex... who happens to like Tigers, Trenchcoats and fedoras. Tada! \r\n\r\nMy very first photomorph EVER. I hope this is the start of many good things. =^.^=

Tags: photomorph, tiger, trench coat, photo manipulation  
Image: howlglass.jpg   633x825 148542 bytes 2007.10.26

Stained Glass HOWL-o-ween

An Entry for the Furcadia 2007 Wolf Howl art contest. It was a little hastily done, but I still like it. :D\r\n\r\nWish me luck! I hope they got my entry in time...

Tags: Stained glass, Halloween. digital media, cat, dog, dragon, masks, bat   [More Info]
Image: 3demiscion.jpg   500x660 41153 bytes 2006.12.26

3 Demi-scion

What happens when you breed scion (lamoxlamae's kitsune species)? You don't get scion- you get these odd, blue creatures instead! I really should write some about the Scion someday.

Tags: Kitsune, mutant, scion, foxes, blue  
Image: inotherwords2.jpg   500x690 159757 bytes 2006.12.19

In other Words...

View 2 of 2 of the surrealism project "In other words..." :)

Tags: Surrealism, flippable picture, rabbit, fox, city, forest  
Image: inotherwords1.jpg   500x690 144131 bytes 2006.12.19

In other Words...

Hooray! Back to surrealism! This is view 1 of 2 of a flippable picture.

Tags: Surrealism, flippable picture, rabbit, fox, city, forest  
Image: WonderlandNight.JPG   500x682 100341 bytes 2006.12.19

Wonderland Nights

Not the best scan in the universe and I had to do a lot of clean-up, but here it is! My rendition of a cheshire cat in your usual otherworldly landscape. Mediums: crayons, tempera paint and colored pencil! (probably why it didn't scan well)\r\n\r\nWarning: contains cat nipple.

Tags: Cheshire Cat, Alice in Wonderland, adult  
Image: amyrake2006.jpg   500x686 100230 bytes 2006.12.07

Rake & Amy

Amy and one of her past lovers, Rake, together. If you need to know the source of her comment, look where his hand is! Finally, I'm getting a handle on drawing Amy! =^.^=

Tags: Amy Gotcha, Rake Debaucherie, Demon Mouse, Cabbit, Demon  
Image: CuteCalib-scooper2.jpg   336x500 51105 bytes 2006.09.03

My first piece I didn't do all of! Kiki (pooperXXscooper of DeviantArt) did most of the lines, and I cleaned the lines, finished the body, and did all the rest. Can you tell where I started and she stopped? =^.^=

Image: Memory_Remains.jpg   200x200 4954 bytes 2006.01.20

" this is how it feels, to have it all around you and never to be able to toutch it, to have only the memory remain.."\r\n\r\nA dark little oekaki (no joke- it's all mouse art!) of Scarsasion, my neopet.

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