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Welcome to my quick little info page. I'll be updating it as things change, so check back when you get the chance. Please excuse the sparceness, I'm trying to make it friendly for all browsers. =^.^=

Last updated April 2005, changed character restrictions and prices! I also take and prefer paypal now. I also can accept credit through paypal.
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Featured Characters from my VCL work and how/if you can use them

Generally, if a character is not a Personal Character I'll let you use it as long as you keep it clean. Some characters, however, are completely free usage. Just be sure to credit me with having made up the character, and a link to my VCL account would be nice, too!

Free Usage
use them any way you want.

Muashi - A eight-eyed grey male cat inspired by the poke'mon Mewtwo.

... basically anything that does not feature a character, like the rabbit in Bloody tears or the cat in Cafe'.

Limited Usage
Feel free to use them, but please, keep it clean.

Lamoxlamae - A two-tailed grey kitsune demon (sometimes with wings that are leather on the front, though covered with small, pale blue feathers on thier backs) who has short legs, sharp claws and teeth, and a mane instead of hair. Shi is Hermaphrodite that looks female, since hir fur is enough to cover everything. Shi has a few feral traits, among them running nude, being able to move on two or four legs interchangably, and tending to act mostly off instinct shen shi's unsure of anything. Shi is friendly and has an extensive knowledge of the supernatural. Shi is mated to another herm, a half-elven Cat named Specter Asagiri who is brown with a white tummy with blue eyes and white and brown mottled feather wings. If you use her PLEASE tell me and be sure to give me a copy, since Lamxolamae is me basically, and Specter and I would love to see what others think of us.

Calib O'Sulligan - 5 ft tall (ears included!), stocky Welsh bobcat turned gunslinger. Right handed. Wears a stained, faded black leather trenchcoat, black jeans, a black cowboy hat with a blue band, black cowboy boots, and cream (natural cotton) button-up shirt that tends to have some of his chest fur poking from the top. His eyes are liquid green and tend to glow, especially when he's angry. He is one of my main Furcadia Characters.

Amy Gotcha - Beautiful 5'6" tall mouse (not including ears) with black fur and symetrical white stripes. Bright red hair and bright blue eyes, very sharp claws and slitted pupals if suddenly exposed to bright light. Yes, a demon mouse. Tattered rounded black cloak held on by a silver filgree broach, tight faded black jeans and a baby-t shirt with no shoes. May alllow some adult artwork fo her, but please email me first about it. Amy is a picky girl. =^.-

Restricted Usage
It's OK to draw them, though I'd like to be asked first and given a digital copy of the final work for my collection. =^.- These are mainly personal Characters.

Carol O'sulligan - 5'4" female housecat,with fierce green eyes and grey and white marbled fur. She wears an old cowboy hat, red cloak, black boots, slacks, and silk shirt, all bloodstained and tattered except the boots. Armed with a minature tommygun and a small backpack full of ammo (under the cloak). She is Calib's estranged wife. If you want to play her, contact me!

Do not use
I'm sorry, but you can't use these characters unless you have a very special reason why and even then you'll need to Contact Me first and get my OK.

anyone from the Caliista Chronicles series. This includes
Caliista Darkrain, Syrn, Solbi, Mirrah, Brindi, Stoldearth, Clomper, and everyone else. Especially Caliista, she is very personal to me because she is a picture of how I was when I was a child.

Anyone I've drawn with permission, especially commissions - This is dangerous because many people Copywrite characters. To use someone you saw in a commission, please contact that character's creator.


My Characters

This is a list of all my personal characters from all games I have ever played, even those not shown in my VCL gallery.
* means they are free usage
(unless marked with this,
ASK me first!
# means I still play them
@ means they are a main character.

*Alexi - Dungeons & Dragons. A funloving Satyr bard turned Cleric for Olidamarra, "The one who drinks all others under the table". Need I say more? Red hair/fur, brown eyes, wore a loincloth for decency that was later swapped out for oiled Glamer Mail that mimics a loincloth in appearance. Last seen training to become a Shadow Dancer.

@ #Amy Gotcha - Furcadia. a beautiful black demom mouse with whitestripes, striking blue eyes and long, flowing ravy red hair. She wore faded black jeans, a black stretch T, and a tattered black cape held on by a silver Filgaree pin. Immune to fire. She spoke with a strong accent that felt like a cross between New York and Redneck.

# Ashera ShadowWind - Furcadia. This was the old me, a grey vixen dressed in form-fitting red & black vest and loincloth, brass glasses perched on her nose.

Baloo Silverfox - Furcadia. A silver fox minstrel with a penchant for knifefighting. I made her to Furc rules!

# @Calib - Furcadia. Gunslinging Bobcat of DOOM!! Just kidding, he actually has a soft heart and loves helping poor slaves and fellow outlaws.

# Carol O'Sulligan - Furcadia.Calib's astranged wife, a little daffy, a little sexy, and generally smooth as polished ice.

GreyMalkin - Furcadia. A healer tabbycat with a dark, tormented past and a dark, tormented future! Based off the play MacBeth.

Kehedri - Dungeons & Dragons. A Gnoll (hyena-furry) bountyhunter who rode a dire weasel named Rekki. Very charming, if you can look past the fact he's a Gnoll.

@ Lamoxlamae- Furcadia. Two-tailed, hermaphroditic kitsuneae. Spades Kyrian - Monopets/Furcadia. A clouded leopard vampire/slaver/evil mage who used to be a humble woodcutter. Cold, manipulative, and sadistic, though beautiful on the outside.

# Veata Animi- Furcadia. Golden Fennic, daughter of a duke and very sweet and intelegent, however insane ever sence she heard nareetha's wail. She dyed herslf blue, which ended up with green streaks, and runs around wearing only two bandaids (one over each nipple) and a fig leaf. Manic Depressive Bipolar with a dissacociation from reality.

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My art and Writing styles and inspirations

My art began as a mimicing of cartoon characters on the TV screen when I was a tiny baby barely able to hold a pencil. I never could get them right, so I tried to draw them as I saw them in my head. Over time, I began to add more realism to my drawings, adding shading and doing somewhat realistic hair. As a consiquice, I have a style on the borederline of toon and realism, and I like it that way. I can mimic Anime stylings instead of American Toon, though I prefer American Toon because anime is done too much these days in my opinion. If you want me to draw something with an Anime flavor, feel free to ask, though; just because it's not my usual style doesn't mean I won't try it as a fun change of pace. I also enjoy surrealism and sometimes attempt pictures that blend surealism and furries.
My main inspiratons for my artwork have been Dali, 80's cartoons (I was addicted to Rainbow Brite for awhile), and my mom's goofy little doodles of happy critters.

I didn't start out as a writer, in fact, I really stunk at it when I was little, regularly failing english writing tests. My first decent writing came from a children's multi-game program for DOS (yeah, that far back) that had a program called "Cinquain" that let you write your own poems within a simple structure. My first real breakthrough came from a storm that woke me late one night. Remembering the program, I wrote a Cinquain about it and went back to bed. Over time I lost that little poem, but that's what got me started so long ago, and I havn't really stopped since!
My story writing inspirations have been Tolkien (I liked his writing style and paitience with transforming his war expierence into a book series about Hobbits, Orcs and Dwarves. I'm not a LOTR movie fan, I hated how the film butchered things.), Greek Mythology for the feel and prose of a good, enduring story, and my history book for the good solid truth that everything must have a background, history, and reason behind it.
My poetry has been inspired by Edgar Allen Poe (simple, dark elegance endures!), my endless nights of roleplaying, and times of simple, quiet relection on the world.

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Art and Writing Commissions

I'll do both writing and artwork for just you! I'll bet you don't know of many comissionable writers these days. =^.- I prefer Paypal, However, I do accept checks, money orders, credit (through paypal), and cash, though I will need to wait for any checks to clear before you are given your final work. I also will do art work and story trades!

General costs
All hard-copy work comes with a FREE digital copy! Prices inlude shipping with optional insurance for only $3 extra!

Available styles: Origional, Toon and Surealism. I May attmept anything you suggest so if you want something special just ask!
Default media is colored pencils, pencil or ink, your choice. Other media such as paint, watercolors, and clay (yes, I sculpt!) are available, though the cost will vary by medium and dificulty.

Contact Me to start your artwork today!

Line work: $5
digital copy only:$4

Full-color artwork: $10, add $5 for every featured character past 2. (for in one for the price of two!
digital copy only: $7, plus $4 per additional furry.

Furcadia Patch Work: Varries by amount and dificulty. Hard copy may not be available in all cases.
fully-remappable furcadia portraits:
plain background $10 Fancy background: $15
Items: $5 for 8 mini portrait paintings (items for your dream walls): $5 each. This will really look like a TINY painting for your dream!

Adult artwork: Negociable. Most likely between $15 and $30. I have the right to choose not to draw this.

Writing: All writings costs are Negocible by length and dificulty, these are generalized costs.
Poems can be non-furry, though short stories and novels should be furry.
These are rough estimates not set prices, feel free to haggle or offer trades!

Poems: $10, adult $15.

Short strories (under 10 pages): $20, Adult $40

Furcadia or other MU* description: $2 per furcadia-length description (roughly 150 words). Add $.50 for each 50 words past the first.

Websites very negociable, starts at $20 for a basic 4-page origional webpage with customized origional graphics, colors, and content. For anything else, let me know what you want and we'll hash something out! Updates will cost less.

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My Rules on "Adult" Work.

Anything past a PG-13 rating I consider adult. I will only make adult work for people age 18 or older. I would prefer to keep things tasteful; there is a diference in erotica and pornography to me, and I would rather avoid pornogophy. In short, I am willing to draw furries who are of age in sexual situations or having sex, but no crotch shots, rape, disgustingly large body parts, or "spooge pictures". As with all artwork, furries and animals only, please. I will not do any artwork portraying anything illegal regardless of rating.

What counts as past a PG-13 rating?
Full frontal nudity, unbleeped swearing, sexual innuendo (Ex: vixen laying in bed with male seen from back removing his pants), or anything portraying a sexual act.

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About Me

Wow, you actually are intrested? =^.^=

I'm an overgrown foxie who lives in the USA. I have been a netrat for about seven years now and have sevral webpages, among them The Clearing, A freeform Roleplaying help page, and Scarsasion's Help Page. =^.^=

Contacting me

Whether you'd like to just say Hi or commission me, here's how to get ahold of me!

my email is Ashera_shadowwind(@t)yahoo(d0t)com
(making the parenthisis into real symbols, I did this to avoid spambots)
On Neopets I'm othersideofthemirror
On furcadia I'm Calib or Amy Gotcha.
I am always reasonable with my work and will do trades. Thanks for reading and feel free to say hello!

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