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Image: AiaoNewType.jpg   378x748 81119 bytes 2005.02.07

Experimenting with a pen/pencil combo.\r\n\r\nAiao Hoshiki, (C) Ashley Walker 2005

Image: Cheshire2.jpg   482x628 66422 bytes 2005.02.23

Photoshop Experimentation, resulting in a nice pencil drawing just looking like it's hovering in space... If I find myself in need of it, I may yet edit in the tree he's supposed to be lounging in. \r\n\r\n'Fluffy' (C) Ashley Walker 2005

Image: FluffyCheshire.jpg   448x600 75737 bytes 2005.02.23

I've recentlly taken in to commiting fully to this strange new 'Wonderland' fetish I've aquired, and certainlly at the center of it is our dear Cheshire Puss. Which I've twisted into somthing akin to 'American Mcgee's Alice', with more stripes and less bones. \r\n\r\nI rather like him I think... Experiments with PrismaMarkers.\r\n\r\nArt (C) Ashley Walker 2005

Image: MaiShinn.jpg   573x671 92207 bytes 2005.02.03

MaiShinn, Or most like, ShinnMai, 'Dancing Cause of Death' obviouslly an oriental dragon, most likely going to be a Zhong Lung in the WOD RPG...\r\n\r\n(C) Ashley Walker 2005

Image: YivenKinai.jpg   304x630 60545 bytes 2005.02.07

A character done for a RPG, based off the 'Tashen' species done by Growly, and the Ki'rin of the orient. Prisma Marker & Gel-pen\r\n\r\nKiYiven (C) Ashley Walker 2005\r\nTashen (C) Growly 2005

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