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Image: centaur.jpg   693x503 36294 bytes 2003.03.01

Every now and then I get in the mood to draw a taur, since that was mainly what I drew in high school. After I got done with this picture I was very happy with it, but I couldn't decide if the taur was male or female. So you decide for yourself. BTW, s/he's in the water because I couldn't make the legs look right.

Image: werewolf.jpg   800x596 63665 bytes 2003.03.01

The wolf form of my Werewolf character. I love this character and I can't wait to play him again. He is a Red Talon and has a companion mouse that follows him around everywhere.

Image: wrap.jpg   588x800 47645 bytes 2003.03.01

A picture I drew of a random canine-female. I've never drawn her again. It was right after I started using regular pencil in my drawings again, rather than non-photo blue pencils.

Image: asukanewjacket.jpg   440x711 45537 bytes 2003.03.01

I don't remember exactly what it was, but I drew this picture right after seeing a really cool outfit on someone on tv that really inspired me. At the time it was probably the one picture I'd eer spent the longest period of time drawing and putting so much effot into.

Image: lemonwhip.jpg   515x768 27961 bytes 2002.04.23

An uncolored version of what Lemon Pie actually looks like in finalization.

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