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Image: pseudo.jpg   682x606 114409 bytes 2002.03.30

my interpretation of pseudo manitou, as part of an \r\nart trade with the artist. a little background \r\ninformation on the image and the significance of \r\nthe crane:\r\n\r\na while back, while i was still active in karate,i \r\nperformed a kata titled 'tiger and crane'. the kata \r\nwas adapted after the movements of both tigers and, \r\nobviously, cranes. my favourite kata, i fell in love \r\nwith its grace and dignity, and enjoyed performing \r\nit extensively at tournaments. \r\n\r\npseudo's ability to weave both words and pictures in \r\ntandem reminds me of the half of the kata i enjoyed\r\nthe most- the motions and technique of the crane. \r\nin keeping with the theme, i drew him as such and i \r\nam satisfied with the image.. i'm glad he likes the \r\npicture, as i had a good deal of fun drawing it. :)

Image: redfur.jpg   613x419 56733 bytes 2002.04.07

a 'ditty' colored in photoshop, it took me a few hours but \r\ni think it's well worth the work. i didn't give much \r\nattention to anatomy, as i was worried more for \r\ngetting the computer technique down pat (the lighting \r\nis also terribly off, i noticed!)\r\n\r\ni don't have much to say about this picture except \r\nthat it is a portrait of my 'persona' ati, a red lioness. during its sketched stage, i finished reading\r\na book about artemisia gentileschi. the book, written \r\nby alexandra lapierre, is a historically accurate \r\naccount of artemisia's life and exploits throughout \r\neurope. a progeny of her father, artemisia was one \r\nof the first female artists to be recognized for her\r\nincredible talent and fiery personality. her artwork \r\nremains immortalized in cathedrals and in museums, \r\nand her style for painting women is reminiscent of \r\ncaravaggio and michelangelo. \r\n\r\nati's body was modeled slightly after the bodies\r\nof artemisia's women, most especially her 'susanna \r\nand the elders.' i had a great deal of fun learning \r\nand bettering myself in photoshop with this image,\r\nwhich, really, is all that matters for me :)

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