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Image: abstraction2.jpg   571x774 104057 bytes 2002.01.19

"Abstraction of a vixen". Ink on paper, with colours inverted and tweaked in Paint Shop Pro. Inspired by the 3D graphs in my Calculus IV class and a friend's lineart style.

Image: Aderes.jpg   600x517 52720 bytes 2005.07.18

For an old Secret Santa- this one was actually done on time. Aderes belongs to Captain Q.

Image: albinoswamp.JPG   800x572 90456 bytes 2007.09.08


August 2007 Gryphon Art Exchange piece, done for albinogryphon.

Tags: gryphon griffin gax zaine albino swamp painter  
Image: albirainbowsm.jpg   500x300 54747 bytes 2007.02.26


Commission for TehAlbi.

Tags: gryphon griffin Albi Painter  
Image: alicorns.gif   583x800 95402 bytes 2002.03.07

Re-upload to fix the fact that I forgot a line. :) Coloured version coming shortly.

Image: alicornscolour.jpg   565x782 152293 bytes 2002.08.17

The alicorns, coloured in finally.

Image: alilogo2.jpg   300x280 24561 bytes 2000.02.18

Upload #1. I feel that my personal logo is an appropriate introduction. :)\n

Image: aquagryf.JPG   489x412 44339 bytes 2000.05.16

It started out as a gryphon. Then suddenly, it wasn't. The joys of drawing through classes. Oh, well, 'm free now. I think I'll make this one of my characters. \r\n White-out IS an art medium, darnit! *gg* \n

Image: ashes.jpg   806x450 39258 bytes 2001.08.26

Completely digital work; Painter Classic + now-broken Wacom.

Image: atyrrn.jpg   812x647 55227 bytes 2001.11.03

Another Drai'tajern creature; the Atyrrn is a medium-sized land predator which relies on speed. It breathes through a series of spiracles on either side of its neck.

Image: aubrey.jpg   557x443 54109 bytes 2000.03.07

Image: Aurifall.jpg   581x773 83090 bytes 2001.01.12

Well, this one is pretty self-explanatory...Behold the gryphon, creature of beauty, nobility, not the latter. :)

Image: Aurilove.jpg   474x696 63087 bytes 2002.05.28

I asked my boyfriend what type of animal he would like to be represented as, to which he later replied that he would be a bear. It's probably pretty obvious that I have no clue how to do bears, and looking for photo references didn't help me much, either. Unfortunately, I ended up erasing the head so much that the area looks much "muddier" than the rest and I couldn't make the eyes stand out. Phoo.

Image: Aurimeetsauri.jpg   800x630 118102 bytes 2003.03.02

My response to a running joke on Yerf. Aurinona meets a more 'realistic' version of herself, and is properly frightened.

Image: auripainting.jpg   517x255 31695 bytes 2001.10.31

This is a digital photo of a 4' x 2' painting of Aurinona, done for my painting class. Fun with acrylics, and there will be even more fun trying to get it home.

Image: aurizona.JPG   580x461 91575 bytes 2000.04.08

Aurinona in Arizona. Yes, this is me. Cacti are scary. Especially saguaros. 50-foot tall scary things weighing over a ton with inchlong spines. They're creepy. Cholla may jump and attack you, but NO cactus should be allowed to reach telephone-pole size. Sorry. Anyway, no stealing her. \n

Image: Avafinal.jpg   832x554 133692 bytes 2001.06.06

A gift for a friend, I consider this to be one of my better pieces. However, it STILL doesn't at all compare with her incredible talent. Prismacolor pencils and Derwent Pastels.

Image: ayrn.jpg   794x555 85088 bytes 2001.11.03

Ayrn the tyedyed gryphon. I started this one back in March, then put it off, then forgot to finish it, then lost it, then found it again a few weeks ago when my dog discovered the folder it was in and chewed off a corner. Oops. Well, he'll get his picture, finally.

Image: ayrncal.JPG   632x459 62726 bytes 2000.05.28

Cal'seth chases after her sweetheart Ayrn the tie-dye dragon's tail. :) Copyright themselves. \n

Image: baxter.JPG   700x468 220761 bytes 2005.07.18

Baxter relaxes after a long day of treasure-hunting. This is a VERY late Secret Santa picture for Snidget, to whom the character belongs.

Image: BeastofWinter.jpg   800x607 156913 bytes 2006.11.17

Autumn grows weaker, Her hold on the realm becoming tenuous. The Beast of Winter enters, beautiful, but harsh, leaving a glittering, edged landscape behind Him. There are those who see that he also brings death, and would call Him evil- but he is no more than a Beast, a creature existing solely for His purpose, and how can something be evil, when it lacks free will? He merely <i>is</i>, and no wardings or muttered words can stop him from completing his task.

Image: beerdragonc.jpg   600x637 171427 bytes 2005.07.18

"What's he going to be holding?" "I don't know, a mystical orb or something." "Come ON. That looks like a silly trinket you'd buy at the mall. He wants BEER." "Whatever you say, James."

Image: bflyink.jpg   667x996 92683 bytes 2001.10.23

Inked butterfly dragon, hurrah.

Image: birdmanc.JPG   360x481 38907 bytes 2000.02.23

Random avian anthros. Burds are so hard to furrify... \n

Image: blargh.JPG   510x393 38529 bytes 2000.06.21

I've been derelict in updating this lately- mostly because I haven't drawn much of anything. So, anyway, here's the Blargh. Don't ask. It happened when I began drawing a dragon while looking at another artist's pictures... o_O Not a dragon anymore.\n

Image: bluemerle.jpg   800x628 174485 bytes 2006.05.04

A blue merle, haha. I started out having way too much fun with a palette knife, and kind of went from there.

Image: Bluetig.jpg   518x577 47374 bytes 2001.02.06

Um...the arms are too long, but, like heliolatry.jpg, it's just marker fun and I like the colours... I may end up developing a culture for these tiger-doodles because this one seems to be in some sort of official regalia.

Image: brighteyes2.jpg   800x533 82084 bytes 2007.10.04

Bright Eyes

September 2007 GAX for Tser.

Tags: GAX, gryphon, griffin, TserGryph, Tser, sunset, Painter  
Image: butterflyuni.jpg   558x722 108722 bytes 2002.07.13

The unicorn girl, finally coloured.

Image: Calseth.jpg   529x605 87412 bytes 2000.11.27

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