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Image: GeorgeSnowgryphon.jpg   1200x800 217800 bytes 2009.04.22

Drawn for Beaky of the DCL.

Tags: gryphon eyrie snow snowgryphon painter corel   [Comment]
Image: ghyt.jpg   644x454 96926 bytes 2002.03.12

Ghyeti are the predominant predators of the southern plains of Lanetara. Swift, muscular pack creatures, their intelligence is directly proportional to the number in the pack. I'm not particularly happy with the head, but there comes a point where you can't really erase without making a bigger mess.

Image: gianticondump.jpg   750x750 290607 bytes 2011.02.10

Icons, icons, icons

Been doing lots of these for people from the Dragon Clan Lands and Chicken Smoothie, with a few requests from LJ and a personal icon thrown in. \r\n\r\nStarting from top left: Kinovi, Kougie, Pensive, Lagoon, Rabbion, Xaradar, Xunithra, Icelore, Somebody's Pet Cat, Mileseth, Itrenor, Malkavia, Emcee, Jin, Perseus, Adele, Artrmy, Keori, Dakota, Kay, Rabid Wolf, Naima, Xipil, Aurinona, and Heroin.\r\n\r\nNot for public use!\r\n

Tags: icons avatars  
Image: golds.JPG   365x483 65479 bytes 2000.03.10

A goldish gryphon pauses on a cliff before a brilliant sunset. I may choose to make a print of this at a later date, if there's enough interest. As it is, I still have seven of the "horsefly" prints sitting on the couch waiting to be sent out. *gg*\n

Image: Grneyes.jpg   487x492 51682 bytes 2000.11.27

Image: growly2.jpg   600x344 67508 bytes 2003.10.06

Silverfang seems to want a belly rub.

Image: hallbadge.jpg   400x294 34737 bytes 2011.02.10

Halloween Cutout

Cutout badge of Halloween the dragon. Character belongs to Phex from the DCL.

Tags: dragon badge conbadge halloween  
Image: hallwcbadge.jpg   300x464 89786 bytes 2011.02.10

Halloween Watercolours

Watercolour badge of Halloween. Character belongs to Phex from the DCL.

Tags: dragon badge conbadge halloween  
Image: halyn.JPG   480x594 67991 bytes 2000.02.22

Halyn from the Gryphon's Guild, before she went draconic. Nevertheless, she's (c) herself.\n

Image: Hamlet.jpg   561x686 68005 bytes 2001.01.12

Hamlet, the one-eyed pirate hamster! He has escaped from his pink plastic ball to terrorize the high seas, plundering from hapless ships between neurotic fits...long story involving my crazy sister and her pet hamster. Ask if you REALLY want to know...

Image: hawkhead.jpg   359x365 16315 bytes 2002.08.17

A pencil sketch, Paint shop pro, a mouse, and many many layers.

Image: hexadragonanthro2.jpg   773x1000 105677 bytes 2007.02.26

Guardian of the Ruins

Commission for ksilebo of a "hexadragon". \r\n\r\nThis ancient forest is dark and misty, and dotted with crumbling, moldering ruins. Among them stands what seems, at first, to be a statue...until it moves. The place he once protected may be gone, but he remains here still.

Tags: dragon hexadragon Painter  
Image: hexadragonidol.jpg   800x1035 142786 bytes 2009.04.22

Ritual Offerings

Commission for Ksilebo. \r\n\r\nIn the depths of a great forest stands an old figure, carved from the wood of a dead tree. At its feet lie shiny stones, fruits, flowers- an assortment of offerings. Anyone who might chance to stumble across it will wonder at its purpose - is it a tribute to a hero or a mystic, or a likeness of some strange deity? Is it a hope for blessings, or a way of showing respect to the spirit of the tree itself, turning the dead wood into a nature god to protect the living forest?\r\n\r\nHow long have the little ones held their rituals around it? They could not have been the ones to carve it. Do they know what its purpose was? What do they hope to gain by bringing it these gifts? The tiny dragons gather here again and again... but they do not speak.

Tags: dragon hexadragon painter corel   [Comment]
Image: Hollyann.jpg   581x669 75154 bytes 2001.02.06

My half of a pic trade with Holly Ann. Fun with Prismacolor pencils and markers...colorless blending markers do interesting things to the pencils... *grin*

Image: horsefly.JPG   420x543 84224 bytes 2000.02.21

Another escape attempt done over Christmas vacation. Trying out my new Prismacolor markers. Prints available!! Contact me for information.\n

Image: horses2.JPG   632x438 80048 bytes 2000.02.19

Image: HunterSm.JPG   700x574 87579 bytes 2007.06.04


For Symphonies in Fur Minor- inspired by the song "Hunter" by Dido.\r\n\r\n"If you were a king\r\nUp there on your throne\r\nWould you be wise enough to let me go\r\nFor this queen you think you own\r\nWants to be a hunter again... "\r\n\r\nPainter IX.5

Tags: cat feline tabby king forest  
Image: iconsapril2011.jpg   600x600 161318 bytes 2011.04.26

April 2011 Icons

Some freebies and some trades for CS pets. \r\nTop row: Maelstrom, Russet, Dakota\r\nMiddle: Isabella, Salju, Swirly\r\nBottom: DJ, Irime, Snow

Tags: icons avatars  
Image: illucian.jpg   768x630 111581 bytes 2002.07.13

Drawn for Lux, and butchered by my scanner.

Image: IllustrationAGS.jpg   834x640 137154 bytes 2001.09.28

Goldenmist, Silrae, and Aurinona. I need to go back into the background to de-flatten it at some point in the near future.

Image: immolate.JPG   413x531 76703 bytes 2000.02.26

A gryphon, surrounded by raging flame, with his mate , flushed from cover and now easy prey for human archers, reflected in his gaze. Soon to be up for auction on ebay. \n

Image: inkcoon.jpg   419x649 52092 bytes 2001.03.01

A raccoon leaning on a tree stump...Micron Pigma inkpens are our friends.

Image: innocent.jpg   510x653 197989 bytes 2002.04.01

Ink on cardstock. A unicorn wanders through a field, daisy chain in hand.

Image: innovacoppersm.jpg   400x352 61266 bytes 2003.09.04

Copper foil relief drawing. These things are murder on the wrists, but are fun to do, and aren't something I've seen around. I'm willing to make them on a commission basis for $20, or you can check out until September 9th.

Image: Intermission.jpg   469x669 43286 bytes 2001.08.26

Bonnie's Intermission.

Image: Ira.jpg   548x719 87190 bytes 2002.07.13

I had fun with the plate armor; unfortunately I haven't found Ira since I reached this stage to ask what colour the horns are supposed to be. Oops.

Image: jaygryf.JPG   375x479 39918 bytes 2000.02.18

Blue jays make an intriguing gryphonic base, yes? Prismacolour pencils on 11x14 cream-coloured paper. \n

Image: jburd.jpg   522x680 68737 bytes 2001.02.07

Yes, the Great Green Greph in the full glory of her colours... Marker and Prismas. :)

Image: jessgrav.JPG   416x529 55547 bytes 2000.03.07

My eternal procrastination turned a birthday gift into a memorial... Fly free, Jessye.\n

Image: Jyfly.jpg   572x452 65031 bytes 2000.10.05

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