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Image: Grneyes.jpg   487x492 51682 bytes 2000.11.27

Image: Kirin.jpg   509x716 46679 bytes 2000.11.27

Image: feathered.jpg   549x589 71525 bytes 2000.11.27

Image: Calseth.jpg   529x605 87412 bytes 2000.11.27

Image: skyflier.JPG   587x464 38316 bytes 2000.10.08

Skyflier the pegasus is a character belonging to Tivin Ravenstar. Prisma pencils, as always.\n

Image: qsdust.jpg   404x398 42322 bytes 2000.10.05

"Dust in the wind... all we are is dust in the wind..." \n

Image: Jyfly.jpg   572x452 65031 bytes 2000.10.05

Image: Dark-star.jpg   594x432 46308 bytes 2000.10.05

Dark-Star, done as my half of a picture trade. Legs are too thin. Ack.\n

Image: dracana.JPG   400x465 41238 bytes 2000.08.13

Dracana, the 200-foot-long golden dragoness... The gryphon is on her head for scale... and because every gryphon in IRC seems to end up sitting on her head at one time or another. Usually to get out of the line of fire in a pie fight.\n

Image: fryskies.JPG   422x512 57380 bytes 2000.08.13

Francisco the lorikeet/kitsune gryph. I promised I'd do this back in April, but I just couldn't get a sketch I liked until recently.\n

Image: mist.JPG   484x509 46343 bytes 2000.07.15

Goldenmist, an alicorn of the Karitnan variety. I've had her around as a character for, oh, five years at least, and much longer in various other forms. This is the first time I've managed a decent rendering of her, except that I STILL can't shade metallics. *sigh* \n

Image: psypnce.JPG   590x476 91899 bytes 2000.07.08

Psyche, the flutterby gryph. Prismacolour pencils. (c) her player.\n

Image: tser.JPG   656x509 46694 bytes 2000.07.07

Tserisa the VelvetWyrm! I bought a new pen and wanted to play with it, and Tser seemed to be the perfect victim... er..subject matter.. for experimenting with it. *gg* Danged feet are too small. Oh, well.\n

Image: nsdrgn.JPG   569x448 34620 bytes 2000.06.28

I got lazy and forgot to put copyright info on my recent pics... Anyway, this is Nightstrike Swiftwing Takura, and she's copyrighted to her player. It's also a month late... (eep!) Prismacolour pencils, as usual. \n

Image: blargh.JPG   510x393 38529 bytes 2000.06.21

I've been derelict in updating this lately- mostly because I haven't drawn much of anything. So, anyway, here's the Blargh. Don't ask. It happened when I began drawing a dragon while looking at another artist's pictures... o_O Not a dragon anymore.\n

Image: ayrncal.JPG   632x459 62726 bytes 2000.05.28

Cal'seth chases after her sweetheart Ayrn the tie-dye dragon's tail. :) Copyright themselves. \n

Image: aquagryf.JPG   489x412 44339 bytes 2000.05.16

It started out as a gryphon. Then suddenly, it wasn't. The joys of drawing through classes. Oh, well, 'm free now. I think I'll make this one of my characters. \r\n White-out IS an art medium, darnit! *gg* \n

Image: molly.JPG   415x525 87884 bytes 2000.05.12

Image: snowie.JPG   557x430 51354 bytes 2000.04.18

Birthday present for Snowflake. :) Not so sure about the hind legs... I'm not used to that sort of pose and couldn't make them work.\n

Image: squrrl.JPG   375x612 39068 bytes 2000.04.18

A random squirrel. Boredom. Fun with ink. Need I say more?\n

Image: jyiispud.JPG   582x433 92752 bytes 2000.04.10

Jyiis, the ever loopy grephauin... or however it is she's spelling it now... surrounded by a loyal escort of Flying Pertaters. Jyiis is (c) herself, of course. Sheesh, and she used to be a fairly normal(although green) gryphon, too... \n

Image: aurizona.JPG   580x461 91575 bytes 2000.04.08

Aurinona in Arizona. Yes, this is me. Cacti are scary. Especially saguaros. 50-foot tall scary things weighing over a ton with inchlong spines. They're creepy. Cholla may jump and attack you, but NO cactus should be allowed to reach telephone-pole size. Sorry. Anyway, no stealing her. \n

Image: kharC2.jpg   432x534 201041 bytes 2000.04.03

Re-upload, now rotated! Note to self: Draw characters vertically on paper, not at strange angles. Kharinda the Felyrr (c) me, in all of her belligerent glory.\n

Image: myrcoi.JPG   429x476 43679 bytes 2000.04.03

Image: stdrgn.JPG   362x375 21705 bytes 2000.03.15

Just a little stationery design. There's a simliar one in the top right, but I didn't feel like scanning it. The actual image isn't as blurred, and the eye has light reflections. Small ones, but they're there. Feel free to print it for use if you like it; I just needed something to do during classes.\n

Image: golds.JPG   365x483 65479 bytes 2000.03.10

A goldish gryphon pauses on a cliff before a brilliant sunset. I may choose to make a print of this at a later date, if there's enough interest. As it is, I still have seven of the "horsefly" prints sitting on the couch waiting to be sent out. *gg*\n

Image: duck.JPG   508x396 73198 bytes 2000.03.08

Image: aubrey.jpg   557x443 54109 bytes 2000.03.07

Image: jessgrav.JPG   416x529 55547 bytes 2000.03.07

My eternal procrastination turned a birthday gift into a memorial... Fly free, Jessye.\n

Image: immolate.JPG   413x531 76703 bytes 2000.02.26

A gryphon, surrounded by raging flame, with his mate , flushed from cover and now easy prey for human archers, reflected in his gaze. Soon to be up for auction on ebay. \n

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