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Image: slipping.jpg   540x686 89494 bytes 2002.07.13

Ballpoint pen angst. Whee.

Image: snowie.JPG   557x430 51354 bytes 2000.04.18

Birthday present for Snowflake. :) Not so sure about the hind legs... I'm not used to that sort of pose and couldn't make them work.\n

Image: snuggles2.jpg   800x384 57899 bytes 2005.07.18

Ruaidri and Zira snuggling. Ruaidri's mine; Zira belongs to Seafire118.

Image: softwin3.JPG   534x411 65995 bytes 2000.02.23

Softwin (c) herself. This was the first pic I did after returning from a monthlog torture, job... as a camp counselor, if I remember correctly.\n

Image: SolErys.jpg   521x566 86778 bytes 2000.11.29

Erys, the crane 'morph (sort of...) is attempting to get the attention of a character who is tentatively called "Sol" until I can come up with a better name for him. Unfortunately for her, he isn't paying attention at all and she's becoming quite frustrated.\n

Image: squrrl.JPG   375x612 39068 bytes 2000.04.18

A random squirrel. Boredom. Fun with ink. Need I say more?\n

Image: stdrgn.JPG   362x375 21705 bytes 2000.03.15

Just a little stationery design. There's a simliar one in the top right, but I didn't feel like scanning it. The actual image isn't as blurred, and the eye has light reflections. Small ones, but they're there. Feel free to print it for use if you like it; I just needed something to do during classes.\n

Image: teardrop.jpg   266x268 13693 bytes 2001.10.31

Detail of the Aurinona painting.

Image: thief.JPG   1000x684 271662 bytes 2005.07.18

Lighting experiment done in Painter Classic. Somebody shouldn't get into things that aren't his....

Image: Tigris.jpg   441x824 64036 bytes 2002.01.19

A character from one of my stories. At some point I may choose to add in another character and complete the background; however, this doesn't seem to be happening anytime soon.

Image: tser.JPG   656x509 46694 bytes 2000.07.07

Tserisa the VelvetWyrm! I bought a new pen and wanted to play with it, and Tser seemed to be the perfect victim... er..subject matter.. for experimenting with it. *gg* Danged feet are too small. Oh, well.\n

Image: Uniglow2.jpg   874x635 111691 bytes 2001.02.10

Uploading a new, much nicer scan of an older piece- been meaning to rescan it forever because my first scan KILLED it. The original's up on Furbid, if anyone's interested.

Image: unmasked2.jpg   555x620 113686 bytes 2001.08.26

Re-upload, with some errors fixed.

Image: warcorgis.jpg   1000x598 132334 bytes 2003.02.26

Just when it looked like the Sheep Invaders would defeat the rodents, they brought forth their secret weapon: The War Corgi. And lo, the ovine menace was no more.

Image: waterbearer.jpg   814x632 136217 bytes 2002.08.17

The element of Water. (More may follow if I ever finish them.) Ballpoint pen.

Image: yscantfly.jpg   732x584 72694 bytes 2001.10.29

Yscy can't fly.... bwaaaa. This one was actually done before the whole thing exploded on Yerf, problem is I only had it uploaded to YNA, which is down.

Image: Zero.jpg   555x677 51748 bytes 2001.08.26

Zero Thyla, drawing attention to the fact that she's a marsupial.

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