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Image: 01xmas-1.jpg   786x1032 180167 bytes 2002.02.02

It's my Nyxie-poo and his sissy-poo. Muahaha. Xmas gift for Mer, as her character is Alexielle and also Nyx's half sister. Yay. \r\n

Image: 9-11psy.jpg   529x392 48984 bytes 2001.09.13

My two New Yorker characters, Julian and Ryley. It was an unbelievable day yesterday...scary and surreal. This Canadian offers condolences to anyone who lost or had someone hurt in yesterday's tragic events. -_-

Image: adelle-jhand01.jpg   1070x819 210694 bytes 2002.02.02

This scanned crapilly. Oh well. Adelle and Jhand in their earlier years when he saved her. *points to the tear pendant pic* In those clasped together hands are the tears. Cool. eh? :)\r\nAdelle belongs to A. Crowe. Jhand belongs to Jedah.

Image: adelle-tear.jpg   363x313 41039 bytes 2002.02.02

Rpee-doo based picture. Long story, but the pendant contains mixed tears of Adelle's and her lover's . Lover, Jhand, gives her the pendant 700 years later after they are partially reunited...this is a pic illustrating her remembering the love she was forced to forget along with everything else she knew in her earlier years.\r\nAdelle Forrester/Shakala-Kahan belong to me. Jhand & tear idea belongs to Jedah.

Image: adellejthm.jpg   390x550 28312 bytes 2000.08.15

*evil cackle*\n

Image: ajaxcbypsy.jpg   536x725 73414 bytes 2000.01.12

Calico KAtt sent this to me to ink and color and that's what i did :> Ajax (c) to her, coloring by Psycrowe\n

Image: ajrage01.jpg   530x688 84764 bytes 1999.09.08

This is a pic i did of Ajax and Rage and i will color it..sometime..hehe. Almost threw this pic out when I was cleaning up old school and a few other were on the bottom of the pile 0_o. Anyhoo Rage and Ajax are (c) J.Ratte\n

Image: alaricenochpsy.jpg   546x707 91178 bytes 1999.12.05

Art exchange with Raven Molisee. Her style kick ass =D. Although my\r\n scanner butchered Enoch a bit. Alaric and Enoch are (c) to Raven\r\n Molisee....don't steal :>\n

Image: anubis.jpg   309x617 28480 bytes 2001.08.17

My take on Anubis.

Image: aya-psy.jpg   433x513 27395 bytes 2002.05.03

A gift pic for Aya I doodled up. Hope it's alright ^_^'\r\n\r\nAya belongs to herself.

Image: bday2002.jpg   423x596 46913 bytes 2002.01.13

*weep* 9 hours of teenage years left. Disclaimer: Meant in good humor ;P

Image: blackalien01.jpg   256x263 15566 bytes 1999.09.05

EEE, these things get uglier every time i sit down and draw them...anyhoo i created a bunch of alien things in gr 9 and drew them tons. Now im in gr 12 i rarely draw them, but this bugger is a black alien and he's (c) to me.\n

Image: cldhuntr.jpg   466x720 93931 bytes 2000.02.16

the second picture for my 'exotic big cats' series thing. This guy is a clouded\r\n leopard (don't see to many anthros of them). This guy's a hunter and like\r\n shttrpsy.jpg, I wanted to focus more on his body patterns and anatomy.\r\n What I also went for with this one was to make him look somewhat like a\r\n lycanthrope, hence the longs limbs and flexibility and body structure. \n

Image: corruption07.jpg   833x890 155639 bytes 2001.09.05

Last of a group of inked pictures. After playing Bloody Roar, I was inspired to redesign a few of my shifter characters. Here's Corruption in her lovely Crow form, now with more feathers! Also an picture that shows off her build...she's a big girl ;) . Anyhow, I think her head looks too big or something. Something's kinda bothering me about...something o_o'. Corruption belongs to A. Crowe.

Image: darkdragoness07.jpg   826x1096 181275 bytes 2000.10.18

Dark Dragoness, Adelle{T}'s dragon form. Bad ass she is when she's in full control..power weapon she is also when Adelle controls the form. She belongs to me\n

Image: dlmbday.jpg   596x831 102402 bytes 2000.08.15

Happy (Very Late) Birthday Elaine! DLM and Hack belong to Elaine Will\n

Image: donpsy.jpg   517x748 67481 bytes 2000.08.15

Donny belongs to Jessica B... Thanks for the Psycrowe pic! ^^\n

Image: dragon001.jpg   936x776 132587 bytes 2002.04.29

"Oh fark, you cut off my tail...."

Image: dusty02.jpg   580x757 91415 bytes 2000.01.12

uncolored but soon to be...dusty, my gay character. THere he is in his anthro lynx form and in his human form. He's (c) to me too :>\n

Image: exile-067-02.jpg   523x660 89947 bytes 2001.08.17

I have no idea... Exile belongs to Adelle Crowe

Image: exilepsy03.jpg   556x811 93599 bytes 2001.02.19

An old character dug from the pile and given a makeover and new storyline ^^. She's a cheetah-wolf halfling, trained to kill. Without much knowledge of the outside world, she discovers there is much to learn and veers away from the destiny she was born into. Exile 067 belong to A. Crowe. I gotta store now!

Image: exilepsy04.jpg   713x956 115536 bytes 2001.02.19

More Exile goodness! I may do more with this sketch, such as color since I'm rather fond of it now. Exile 67 belongs to A. Crowe

Image: fy5kpsy.jpg   636x826 207135 bytes 1999.11.19

whoa..big pic! hehe I drew this for Calico Katt; they're all her characters making them (c) to of the few pictures i put backgrounds on...turned out cool i think :>\r\n\n

Image: gnoll.jpg   726x516 68067 bytes 2002.04.29

Gnoooooooooooooooll! Hyena person, chicka. Inspired by Rackham's Wolfen minis. They're so cool.\r\n\r\nTai belongs to A. Crowe. Look for her on furcadia, too

Image: goodbye.jpg   473x573 49561 bytes 2000.10.24

Had to say goodbye to a great friend today...decided I'dd draw a happy picture instead of a sad one too. Remember the good times and everything. I'm going to miss her.\n

Image: grfnfeet.jpg   766x519 103398 bytes 2000.08.15

Griffin...ooooo and baby...CUTE!\n

Image: hollow.jpg   516x753 99600 bytes 2000.08.15

Corruption is a bad ass...she's also mine ^^\n

Image: icod2.gif   710x520 32747 bytes 2003.12.06


Image: ircdragon.jpg   453x616 44269 bytes 1999.11.19

Dragon i drew while chatting on Irc...i love mech pencils :>\n

Image: jhand-adelle02.jpg   600x660 121422 bytes 2002.04.29

Awwww..\r\nBehold my laziness. No ink for you! Muahahaha! *thbbbbbt*\r\n\r\nAdelle Forrester belongs to A. Crowe. Jhand belongs to Jedah.

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