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Image: xmas02.jpg   630x830 180394 bytes 2001.02.19

Indian Chief present for my Gramma.

Image: xmas05.jpg   666x913 101081 bytes 2001.02.19

Kayla, our dog...she was so pretty ^.^

Image: exilepsy04.jpg   713x956 115536 bytes 2001.02.19

More Exile goodness! I may do more with this sketch, such as color since I'm rather fond of it now. Exile 67 belongs to A. Crowe

Image: nhaukh-psy.jpg   586x810 135741 bytes 2001.02.19

Nhaukh, a big black dragon in the furry dragon role play, drawn as part of an art exchange. Nhaukh belongs to Demon Cougar. Too many scales o.o'

Image: exilepsy03.jpg   556x811 93599 bytes 2001.02.19

An old character dug from the pile and given a makeover and new storyline ^^. She's a cheetah-wolf halfling, trained to kill. Without much knowledge of the outside world, she discovers there is much to learn and veers away from the destiny she was born into. Exile 067 belong to A. Crowe. I gotta store now!

Image: shear-color.jpg   550x802 88701 bytes 2001.01.17

Shear, finished version for Psyche =D. Shear belongs to her.

Image: seph-color.jpg   566x773 80987 bytes 2001.01.17

Seph, finished version for Psyche =D. Seph belongs to her. And on another note, I have lost all my email messages from the past two months. If you emailed me and i haven't yet responded, that means your email was probably lost. If you want me to reply, then please resend. ^^'' Thanks and sorry for the inconvience.

Image: goodbye.jpg   473x573 49561 bytes 2000.10.24

Had to say goodbye to a great friend today...decided I'dd draw a happy picture instead of a sad one too. Remember the good times and everything. I'm going to miss her.\n

Image: darkdragoness07.jpg   826x1096 181275 bytes 2000.10.18

Dark Dragoness, Adelle{T}'s dragon form. Bad ass she is when she's in full control..power weapon she is also when Adelle controls the form. She belongs to me\n

Image: yanpsy.jpg   596x782 88489 bytes 2000.08.15

Yantoine belongs to RedWolf6\n

Image: donpsy.jpg   517x748 67481 bytes 2000.08.15

Donny belongs to Jessica B... Thanks for the Psycrowe pic! ^^\n

Image: dlmbday.jpg   596x831 102402 bytes 2000.08.15

Happy (Very Late) Birthday Elaine! DLM and Hack belong to Elaine Will\n

Image: zeekpsy.jpg   450x662 55569 bytes 2000.08.15

Zeek belongs to RedWolf6, Isu Khans are (C) me.\n

Image: ryleyguns.jpg   743x406 70956 bytes 2000.08.15

Bang Bang...Ryley's mine..Photoshop fun ^^\n

Image: pydqpsy.jpg   633x831 156675 bytes 2000.08.15

Markers=evil ...Lord Pyro's mine. Dragon Queen belongs to Cassandra Gibbs\n

Image: kodepsy.jpg   550x679 97351 bytes 2000.08.15

Kode belongs to his creator...commission\n

Image: khssapsy.jpg   523x731 111097 bytes 2000.08.15

Commission...Vixa, Cadrel and Khissa...they all belong to Stephanie Blake\n

Image: hollow.jpg   516x753 99600 bytes 2000.08.15

Corruption is a bad ass...she's also mine ^^\n

Image: grfnfeet.jpg   766x519 103398 bytes 2000.08.15

Griffin...ooooo and baby...CUTE!\n

Image: adellejthm.jpg   390x550 28312 bytes 2000.08.15

*evil cackle*\n

Image: kanekievpsy2.jpg   850x1143 209971 bytes 2000.02.16

A commission...Kane and Kiev on a neato stained glass back ground type thing. They're (c) to their creator.\n

Image: psyundtw2.jpg   556x731 81662 bytes 2000.02.16

t'was Undertow's birthday a while back, and here is a picture i drew for\r\n him :). Undertow to Richard DaLuz. \n

Image: shttrpsy.jpg   573x767 104133 bytes 2000.02.16

An anthro hyena, attacking some unseen foe. The stain glass window looks\r\n like it's shattered, hence the file name. I wanted to practice my anatomy on\r\n this one, and show the action through his body curves. Oh, and the reason\r\n he's unclothed is i wanted to show the interesting pattern hyenas have and\r\n the muscle and fur design. \n

Image: cldhuntr.jpg   466x720 93931 bytes 2000.02.16

the second picture for my 'exotic big cats' series thing. This guy is a clouded\r\n leopard (don't see to many anthros of them). This guy's a hunter and like\r\n shttrpsy.jpg, I wanted to focus more on his body patterns and anatomy.\r\n What I also went for with this one was to make him look somewhat like a\r\n lycanthrope, hence the longs limbs and flexibility and body structure. \n

Image: ocepgn.jpg   510x735 100853 bytes 2000.02.16

The first picture of a series of 'exotic anthro cats' that plan to do. She's an\r\n ocelot pagan and behind her is her altar and all her spell stuff. I wanted to\r\n get a sleek look with her, so I made her 'long' and somewhat thin. \n

Image: ssleon.jpg   440x440 36909 bytes 2000.01.12

Here's Leon, posing...kinda part of a series group of picture im doing...still need to color it. Oh, BTW I turn 18 on friday (jan 14th) yay!!! Can't wait....birthday $$$ eeehehehe..oh Leon's (c) to me\n

Image: ryrs03.jpg   400x698 56427 bytes 2000.01.12

Image: dusty02.jpg   580x757 91415 bytes 2000.01.12

uncolored but soon to be...dusty, my gay character. THere he is in his anthro lynx form and in his human form. He's (c) to me too :>\n

Image: ajaxcbypsy.jpg   536x725 73414 bytes 2000.01.12

Calico KAtt sent this to me to ink and color and that's what i did :> Ajax (c) to her, coloring by Psycrowe\n

Image: alaricenochpsy.jpg   546x707 91178 bytes 1999.12.05

Art exchange with Raven Molisee. Her style kick ass =D. Although my\r\n scanner butchered Enoch a bit. Alaric and Enoch are (c) to Raven\r\n Molisee....don't steal :>\n

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