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Image: ircdragon.jpg   453x616 44269 bytes 1999.11.19

Dragon i drew while chatting on Irc...i love mech pencils :>\n

Image: fy5kpsy.jpg   636x826 207135 bytes 1999.11.19

whoa..big pic! hehe I drew this for Calico Katt; they're all her characters making them (c) to of the few pictures i put backgrounds on...turned out cool i think :>\r\n\n

Image: merctev.jpg   718x500 100601 bytes 1999.11.19

reupload cause my description didn't show up before...anyhoo..griffins..drawn primarily for Cara Mitten...they're are her charcters; Mercury and Tevlea...that makes them (c) to her too. Haven't drawn griffins fer a few years now...i like this pic \r\n\n

Image: julianko.jpg   533x688 65713 bytes 1999.10.30

My most recent pic...Julian got beat up by someone, but i really like this picture. Not because i enjoy to see my characters beat up or's just everything turned out awesome in my opinion...the expression, the pose, the shading and coloring and so on..Very pleased with this pic. Usually have a hard time doing the expressions in this kinda case...mad expressions are easy but that's about it\n

Image: wessywolf.jpg   560x616 65037 bytes 1999.10.07

WESSY!! (c) to himself.\n

Image: noogie.jpg   500x661 78661 bytes 1999.10.07

Reign give Psy a noogie because he's mean :(..hehe..naw these two just terrorize each other constantly...Psycrowe will get him back..oh yes..she will...Reign and Psycrowe (c) to me\n

Image: julian03.jpg   500x649 77585 bytes 1999.09.25

Aww, don't he look cute? This is by far the best picture of Julian i've done so far..and lately there has been many...they aren't all finished yet though...I want his shoes..*steals Julian's shoes and runs off* Julian is (c) to me. Don't steal him cause trust don't really want this guy ;)\n

Image: psyshiva.jpg   560x742 88074 bytes 1999.09.25

Me first art exchange pic with Cara...she drew me an awesome picture of Helnark and I drew her character, Shiva. Shiva is (c) to Cara Mitten so don't steal...\n

Image: psyashen.jpg   560x720 109017 bytes 1999.09.25

Well I have some time to upload so im doing's a pic I'm rather proud how it turned out...haven't drawn and colored a real dragon fer some time now. Anyhoo this is part of an art exchange i'm doing with Cara Mitten; Her char ( (c) to her of course) Ashen Red.\n

Image: vinci01.jpg   480x666 63433 bytes 1999.09.08

I decided to draw up a pic of Vinci, a cool looking raccoon. I liked how this one turned out, took me a while to color, but it was worth it ^_^. Vinci is (c) to R.Dewalt.\n

Image: stonedkitty.jpg   170x298 12550 bytes 1999.09.08

School doodle, don't ask\n

Image: macquel01.jpg   443x672 55063 bytes 1999.09.08

Here is a pic of Macquel i drew during's actually on lined paper too but my scanner was nice to me and ate all the blue lines ^_^. Macquel is (c) to J.Ratte\n

Image: ajrage01.jpg   530x688 84764 bytes 1999.09.08

This is a pic i did of Ajax and Rage and i will color it..sometime..hehe. Almost threw this pic out when I was cleaning up old school and a few other were on the bottom of the pile 0_o. Anyhoo Rage and Ajax are (c) J.Ratte\n

Image: shen99.jpg   473x393 33260 bytes 1999.09.05

Same deal with the aliens..haven't drawn Shen the evil black dragon for a while now...and this recent pic makes him look mean like he should be...i'm happy with how it turned ^_^ and Shen, this 6 year old dragon of mine, is (c) to me\n

Image: redalien01.jpg   326x306 20555 bytes 1999.09.05

And here's a red ugly alien looking rather pissed off...he's (c) to me...or it could be a she..i don't even know\n

Image: blackalien01.jpg   256x263 15566 bytes 1999.09.05

EEE, these things get uglier every time i sit down and draw them...anyhoo i created a bunch of alien things in gr 9 and drew them tons. Now im in gr 12 i rarely draw them, but this bugger is a black alien and he's (c) to me.\n

Image: leon01.jpg   370x823 49694 bytes 1999.09.02

I realized this archive allows non furry pics to be uploaded so here's the lastest, and newest of my humans characters, Leon Railton. Tall, beanpole of a drummer, of a band, in my storyline called "Black Dragon". And you guessed it! He's (c) to me.\n

Image: psyshirt.jpg   430x486 39647 bytes 1999.09.02

I wanted to design a Tshirt design and well, this is part of it. It turned out pretty much how i pictured it, so im happy :). Psycrowe belongs to the Psycrowe.

Image: rdundertow.jpg   479x672 68676 bytes 1999.09.02

My part of an art exchange with undertow, a cool friend on yiffnet ^_^. He drew he a coolio looking picture of Psycrowe in return :D. But i kinda gotta practice at drawing guitars a bit better, neh? Undertow belongs to R.Daluz

Image: psyry-ff7.jpg   566x771 90832 bytes 1999.08.31

Well i liked how this turned out so im sticking it up here. Psycrowe and Ryley dressed up like my fav FF7 chars. Psycrowe and Ryley belong to me :D. Rufus and Reno are (c) to Squaresoft.

Image: rdgrp01.jpg   606x785 146908 bytes 1999.08.31

This here in one of my fav pics I've done up to date...and what i did this back in July I think..yup. Anyhoo it's a group picture of Jessica Ratte's male, anthro characters. Left to right is Trekker, Ajax, Rage, Ricky and Macquel. And they all belnog to the talented J.Ratte ^_^.

Image: psy-mad.jpg   500x546 60233 bytes 1999.08.31

hmm, well this is a pic of my avatar, Psycrowe, looking rather pissed off. No reason for uploading this pic except to to test out Velar for my first time ^_^\n

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