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Image: av_ackiefershalune.jpg   424x545 89284 bytes 2001.01.23

An older pic, done at Anthrocon in 2000, in Kiefer's sketchbook, of Kiefer and hir snugglebunny at FM, Shalune. They're a nice couple of furs. Sort of a stylistic departure for me- I don't really know what came over me when I was sketching it. Kiefer and Shalune copyright blah blah blah it's on the picture.

Image: av_dera.jpg   502x760 49328 bytes 2001.07.08

Dera Renard. To you, she's just a generic vixen with a silly last name, but even generic vixens are special when they're in a non-furry setting. You can find her on Guilty Gear MUSH, rooting about in dumpsters and hanging out with stray dogs, dreaming of being an air pirate. Legal biz on the pic.

Image: av_shamusage.jpg   434x767 45659 bytes 2000.12.01

A request by a good friend, to render his furry persona as an elderly sage-type. At least I got the second part right... I think age is a difficult thing to convey in pictures. Anyway, um... legal mumbojumbo is on the picture.\n

Image: lilventurewolf.jpg   551x759 52345 bytes 2000.05.06

Like it says: Work in progress. Meaning, 'tis not finished. Still, I felt I had to upload something, seeing as my directory was stagnating. Ew. The wolf and the city do not have names yet, but expect to see more of both.\n

Image: magicianparch.jpg   503x718 191479 bytes 2000.05.12

A color image in my directory? Only technically. This is what happens when old sketches I don't know what to do with meet new ideas and are thus reborn. Anybody in the know will notice that this cheetah fellow is in the likeness of the Magician from the rider-waite tarot deck. Someday, I'd like to try my hand at the theme again, and likely do all the major arcana in such a manner. Then again, someday I'd like to a thousand images in my directory...\n

Image: ryukiblack.jpg   461x724 94527 bytes 1999.11.07

Ryuki, angst-ridden white dragoness extraordinaire. Oh how she is torn over the injustices of the past and indulges in a cliche role, and much fun was had by all. Or something. Also the only picture I drew with a .7mm pencil that ever looked right... but anyway. She's (C)me, of course.\n

Image: spindrift.jpg   472x680 43346 bytes 2000.03.24

You know what bugs me about anthro bats? So often they're drawn like fruit bats, but said to be vampires. What's up with that, anyway? Eating bananas and sucking blood are different things. Um.. this is Spindrift. She's a robot. Hence the.. bits. She is (C) her player.\n

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