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Image: Aya_and_Grimmy__Romance_by_lullaby_child.jpg   473x454 45419 bytes 2006.02.14

This is OLD but I'm trying to catch up a little. A micron piece of Aya and Grimmorph looking romantic.\r\n\r\nAya belongs to me\r\nGrimmorph belongs to Paula

Image: Aya_and_her_Doll_by_lullaby_child.jpg   293x469 58898 bytes 2006.02.15

Probably one of my favorite illustrations of Aya ever... along with that victorian one. The colors are very christmasy because I am fond of that color combination and this was drawn around christmas time. SHe is carrying with her a little headless doll, seemingly unaware of its missing a head. I think Aya would have a tendancy to carry around broken dolls... to her they would seem so lonely, so in need of someone to still think they are beautiful and love them even if they aren't perfect. Overall I think this image just... portrays Aya as she should be... sort of in her own little world. Very quiet, shy, and tiny.\r\n\r\nAya belongs to me

Image: Aya_Angel_by_lullaby_child.jpg   329x323 60508 bytes 2006.02.15

VERY simple, but I like it.\r\n\r\nAya belongs to me

Image: ayacupid.jpg   408x567 110095 bytes 2006.02.14

Aya as Cupid, probably about to shoot that Arrow into Mallin's butt XD\r\n\r\nAya belongs to me. Happy Valentines everyone!

Image: Fabian_and_Juel__in_the_crowd_by_lullaby_child.jpg   710x817 134439 bytes 2006.02.15

this is VERY old and it has an inking technique I only used for a couple of images. But I am fond of it... it almost has a stained glass quality I think... at least in the figures.\r\n\r\nFabian belongs to Ary\r\nJuel belongs to me

Image: Illustration__Citymouse_by_lullaby_child.jpg   1155x479 188376 bytes 2006.02.14

now this is really, REALLY old illustration work but I still like it. Sort of a modern take on the City Mouse.

Image: Illustration__Firedog_by_lullaby_child.jpg   892x1059 174200 bytes 2006.02.14

A firedog, another illustration piece. AGAIN, older, but I am still very proud of this.

Image: Illustration__Fox_and_Grapes_by_lullaby_child.jpg   740x913 216414 bytes 2006.02.14

The Fox and the Grapes. A piece for my children's illustration class.

Image: Illustration__Fox_Hill_by_lullaby_child.jpg   979x872 313956 bytes 2006.02.14

OLD illustration piece for my illustration 2 class. :3 Just a trio of young red foxes running up a hill.

Image: Illustration__Moon_Cats_by_lullaby_child.jpg   923x1245 401059 bytes 2006.02.14

This is another older illustration but I still love this -so- much...

Image: Mallin__Whip_by_lullaby_child.jpg   567x531 72598 bytes 2006.02.14

Another old one. GOD the anatomy in this one HURTS ME but I still love my ink work ;p\r\n\r\nMallin belongs to Travis. AND ME <3

Image: MEfredred.jpg   458x589 111029 bytes 2006.02.15

A gift for two friends of mine. :3\r\n\r\nRed belongs to Amanda\r\nFred belongs to Jaimie\r\nI, Savannah, belong to Travis :3 And myself.

Image: savannahfox.jpg   436x653 72118 bytes 2006.02.14

NOT AYA. Aya is my heart, my inner self, my spirit, maybe is a good way to describe it. Thats why she is so dear to me.\r\n\r\nThis is just me, "REAL LIFE" me I guess since Savannah the FOX just has the same life story as SAVANNAH THE PERSON the only difference is, well, I'm not really an arctic fox. BUT BOY do I love drawing myself as one! Savannah, as an arctic fox anthro. In winter phase. X3

Image: Silverblue__The_Mistress_by_lullaby_child.jpg   342x501 48330 bytes 2006.02.14

Another older piece, this one a mix of micron and brush pen.\r\n\r\nSilverblue belongs to... well, silverblue :3

Image: Victorian_Aya_1_by_lullaby_child.jpg   596x663 121229 bytes 2006.02.14

Aya in victorian garb. I love this piece to ... well pieces XD The outfit was referenced from a book about victorian fashion. The piece was inked with I BELIEVE a. .01 micron and then finished with very light watercolor washes (it was on sketch paper too... SO warped now)\r\n\r\nAya belongs to me

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