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Image: demonbunny06.jpg   567x672 178954 bytes 2001.08.23

This was a little doodle that started off as a naughty way to 'break in' some\r\nnew art materials and it turned into this bit of sticky illo. And it's up for\r\nauction, can you believe it!?

Image: bubblebear.gif   558x734 105823 bytes 2001.05.08

[to the tune of 'Particle Man' by TMBG] *** o/~ Bubble Bear, Bubble Bear / Bubble Bear is full of air / \r\nWho's inside of Bubble Bear? / Inflated Bear, Bubble Bear o/~ *** A finished pencil rendering. A study in\r\n weightlessness, rebirth, and rendering transparent, inflatable objects. Art Copyright 2001 BJ Fandango

Image: huskypet.gif   576x782 52943 bytes 2001.05.02

Finished Pencils. This is a fairly good example of the commission 'sketches' I\r\noffer. I usually try to fit the whole character on a page though. ;D Here's a\r\nsweet husky dog all bound up nice n' proper and looking rather cheerful about it.\r\nArt Copyright 2000-2001 BJ Fandango

Image: eclipse.gif   456x591 44837 bytes 2001.05.02

Inked & Colored (watercolor/colored pencil) - A lil bunnyboy in frilly\r\npink panties. If you do enough yoga workouts you might get as limber \r\nas this bunny! Art Copyright 2000-2001 BJ Fandango

Image: demonbunny05.gif   594x756 20166 bytes 2001.05.02

Inked, possibly waiting for color. I don't tend to color a lot of my pictures, but\r\nthis one appears to be headed in that direction. Yet another Demonbunny picture in\r\nthe Demonbunny Cavalcade of Horror. This 'bunny has worn out her little hamster\r\nfriend. Aw...he's gone right to sleep in that pillow...\r\nArt Copyright 2001 BJ Fandango

Image: demonbunny04.gif   770x500 36884 bytes 2001.05.02

Finished pencils, more or less. Most people are probably glad about that! >;)\r\nI don't know what this Demonbunny is so happy about but I'm not about to interupt\r\nher and ask. Yes, I refer to the Demonbunnies in the feminine. They think they\r\nare all girls. Go fig. Art Copyright 2001 BJ Fandango

Image: bluejean01.gif   378x549 35398 bytes 2001.05.02

Finished pencils of my character 'Coyote Bluejean'. I enjoy the silky feel\r\nof graphite on good paper so a lot of my drawings never progress beyond this\r\npoint. Art & Character Copyright 2000-2001 BJ Fandango

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