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Image: fallens.jpg   497x700 85167 bytes 2006.05.01

another piece for mmc. Again copics, this time only copics.

Image: fluffy_tail_toy_by_akeyla.jpg   700x501 66815 bytes 2007.01.03


Another piece for Further Confusion. Graphite on A4

Image: fluke2.jpg   800x434 106267 bytes 2003.06.03

running cathuman. sculpey figure, height 10 inches

Image: foreverwaitingsframes.jpg   620x872 157498 bytes 2007.01.03

forever waiting

another Further Confusion piece. \r\naquarell and some ink on A4

Image: fuchsmond_EF.jpg   423x570 73299 bytes 2004.08.30

fuchsmond. was for sale at EFX.\r\npencil on A4.roughly 1 hour

Image: GAROYLE.jpg   518x730 125235 bytes 2007.01.03


big angry winged werewolf. Or werewolf gargoyle. Spent quite a while shading the aquarell only to watch the scanner eat up aaaalll. *love scanner*.\r\nThis boy is for Further Confusion.\r\nA4 aquarell and ink. He was supposed to have the light from the window shine through and be a bit more plastic with shades... but oh well, next time.

Image: goldfeatherbrotherbigs.jpg   591x800 121439 bytes 2005.02.17

tiny polymer sculpture. sold as a set with "goldfeathersmallbrother"

Image: goldfeatherbrothersmalls.jpg   572x800 115197 bytes 2005.02.17

I've really picked a liking on working small. This gryph was sold with his big brother as a set (see goldfeatherbigbrother)

Image: grandamiwip3s.jpg   1000x801 140333 bytes 2005.07.13

sculpture with polymer. for dragoncon

Image: graylycansFRAME.jpg   579x772 158662 bytes 2007.01.03


I know this title is uber-creative, but did not have anything better in mind. This was sent to Further Confusion artshow. It is aquarell with indian ink on A4 paper. The original has some more detail added in the foliage at the were's feet.

Image: greathorned.jpg   789x487 73881 bytes 2004.01.10

a try with acryl on a small bristol board

Image: greif.gif   383x256 447623 bytes 2002.10.24

a sweet little gryphon or sag. I am thinking to sell him.

Image: Her_Valley_colored_by_akeyla.jpg   831x583 270061 bytes 2005.02.17

he colored version.\r\noriginal for sale, will be entered in the EMG submission\r\naquarell on A4

Image: hunter.jpg   525x700 87682 bytes 2003.04.20

concept for character

Image: IMG_3346.jpg   700x436 116598 bytes 2008.07.10

WIP sword of the dragon

piece I am currently working for Eurofurence. Acrylics on stretched canvas, 70 x 40 cm

Tags: tiger, tiger warrior, eurofurence  
Image: IMG_3347.jpg   459x600 122065 bytes 2008.07.10

closeup of the work in process

Image: IMG_3356.jpg   338x800 87692 bytes 2008.07.10

Verzasca, almost done

some minor changes to be done tomorrow, aswell taking a daylight picture. Please forgive this nighttime shot. Then I'll call it done and never again do rocks in acrylic again. The next painting consists of mossy stones.\r\nI think I'm mental, i hate-love the stuff

Image: IMG_8321.jpg   700x402 65494 bytes 2006.08.29

canines versus felines, the old war\r\nis a chess set I had made for Eurofurence. Here you can see the figures in their uncured state, without the board. Saddly there is no picture of the finnished piece. Each figure was handscultpted and mostly altered. Kings and queens are wolves and lions. Material is both black and white kilned terra cotta.

Image: joecloseglow.jpg   600x450 120018 bytes 2003.04.20

cathuman maturawork closeup, life size sculpture

Image: joefront.jpg   431x700 158391 bytes 2003.04.20

cathuman life size work, sculpture made from scratch, no doll, no reference, no mask

Image: joeglowtwo.jpg   600x450 84089 bytes 2003.04.20

cathuman life size work, sculpture made from scratch, no doll, no reference, no mask, night version with lighted eyes

Image: joeme.jpg   259x500 68507 bytes 2003.04.20

cathuman life size work, sculpture made from scratch, no doll, no reference, no mask. Size reference: sculpture and me

Image: joepostercatsart.jpg   600x839 219194 bytes 2002.12.03

He has had hundreds of wives, he had an endless number of children which he all killed execpt for one overseen, he was cold and without emotion and without pitty. He loved to torture and destroy, he served the evil of evilst and he wanted war. He did not care for blood and bodys on his path, he just did what he was raised to, wothout asking, because he saw no other way to escape or live. Can you expect pitty if you try to change your life from a murder to a normal? In his case noone pittied and he was killed just as cruely as he used to. Joe is a cathuman from a novel I am writing on, aswell this painting is a first concept of a life-size sculpture with fur (faux fur).\r\nThis picture measures 1.80 x 1.30 metres.

Image: joesculp.jpg   700x538 88432 bytes 2003.02.03

a miniature sculpture for the big project. For size comparison check the hand you can see holding the feline. burned clay and acryl color

Image: joesideclose.jpg   450x600 125573 bytes 2003.04.20

cathuman life size work, sculpture made from scratch, no doll, no reference, no mask

Image: joesidewhole.jpg   450x600 134030 bytes 2003.04.20

cathuman life size work, sculpture made from scratch, no doll, no reference, no mask

Image: Karat__golden_dragon_by_akeyla.jpg   296x1000 82647 bytes 2005.02.17

a little golden dragon.\r\ndone in polymer.\r\nsold

Image: kingnewremade.jpg   477x706 187698 bytes 2003.02.03

a remake of an old art. A cathuman in kings garments

Image: Lady_of_the_forrest_EF.jpg   514x700 105530 bytes 2004.08.30

lady of the forrest.\r\nWas for sale at EFX.\r\npencil on A4, 2 hours

Image: lc.jpg   675x900 86706 bytes 2004.05.18

my most recent polymer sculpture, fully done in polymer, only a tiny cristall used for their pendants.\r\nexcept for tge catmans fur, the eyes, the girls pants and the jewelry everything is colored polymer.\r\ntime: 8-9 hours,\r\nsize: check other image with hand reference

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