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Image: neogeen.jpg   500x585 69182 bytes 2002.01.27

Finally had time to do this. For NeoGeen, becaus she draw me this cool picture! \r\n\r\np.s.-I can't draw glowsticks...

Image: noimagination.jpg   500x532 33633 bytes 2002.01.06

I forgot to color karmals buttons... so I also have no brain.

Image: notagain.jpg   600x793 75774 bytes 2002.03.10

I think I don't have to explain what this is about, now do I?\r\nUgh.. the blood is to pink...

Image: ontheedge.jpg   592x772 65239 bytes 2002.01.31

existence is a book\r\nof unknown pages\r\na story without cause\r\na secret plot\r\n\r\nand the end \r\ninevitable end\r\nis only revealed\r\nin the end\r\n-TRS

Image: oops.jpg   700x451 73423 bytes 2003.05.26

"okay... so taking the scepter from the dragonstatue does trigger the golems..." \r\n\r\ndungeoncrawling gone bad. Maybe I'll add text to it someday. but I guess even without text it's pretty obvious to most D&D players what has happened here.

Image: owl-gets-trendified.jpg   500x647 53097 bytes 2002.04.15

For Seraph because she made me this really nice picture ^_^.\r\n\r\nOwl becomes victimized by Nastasia's sense of "trendy". Don't worry... We'll get the ring of his horn. It'll hurt plenty, but we'll get it off. :P\r\n\r\np.s.- I think I messed up Owl's color...

Image: painwolf.jpg   500x739 71325 bytes 2002.11.11

I promised I would make this, so here you go.\r\nPainwolf after BMXing a tad to enthousiastic.\r\n\r\nPainWolf 2002 PainWolf

Image: plasticworld.jpg   500x951 50489 bytes 2002.01.02

need I say more?

Image: prettylight.jpg   600x841 147012 bytes 2001.05.07

Drugs are evil... o_O

Image: raginglesbiannymphomaniacs.jpg   500x526 33857 bytes 2002.01.31

I was talking with a friend of mine about the obsession most men seem to have with lesbians. we also discussed that its funny that most spooge-drawing artists are men. Maybe we're generally more messed up in the head or something?

Image: rancidlisterine.jpg   600x613 77771 bytes 2001.09.01

My part of the trade: It's Rancid Listerine! She's probably gonna kill you with those scissors or something. and no, she's not on fire, that's her uhm... aurathingie...I like it. Rancid Listerine is herself

Image: random-guy.jpg   500x537 26753 bytes 2002.04.10

This is quite old actually. drew this a few month's ago. random guy.

Image: random.jpg   210x224 12303 bytes 2003.02.24

Finally... I have a tablet. This is just something random I made with it.

Image: renoandrandy.jpg   500x644 50928 bytes 2002.05.19

now this is something I don't draw often: a cuddly picture.\r\nfor Reno :)

Image: RenoMaxwellandfire.jpg   600x639 208674 bytes 2001.09.03

It's Reno Maxwell and... FIRE! gotta love fire! >:D anywayz Reno Maxwell is herself. Loved doing this picture for ya Reno!

Image: renosayspow.jpg   600x551 67953 bytes 2002.02.08

just thought I'd draw Reno again. :)

Image: scare_head.jpg   500x456 30147 bytes 2002.01.27

Simply got to love greyscale... It's scares.. uhm.. head.. yeah.

Image: scareexpressions.jpg   600x800 35178 bytes 2001.12.26

Some facial expressions of Scare, done with a rough pencil. I decided to draw him with his hair this way (it's far easier to draw him this way...yep, me lazy)

Image: scarefloatingorsomething.jpg   600x811 185017 bytes 2001.09.01

It's Scare.. uhm.. floating? oh well.

Image: she-looks-kinda-pissed-off.jpg   300x357 14002 bytes 2002.04.07

uhm... was it something I said? Nastasia looking quite pissed.

Image: sosexyithurts.jpg   500x473 28576 bytes 2002.02.18

I'm not trying to ridicule people with piercings ( I feel I should say that before I get flamed :P) I just thought it was funny.

Image: sparkles.jpg   600x788 142678 bytes 2002.02.03

Art-trade with Becky. It's Sparkles, dancing or something ^_^. It's all hippie and stuff... I had some tough times colouring this, since I do not have a colour-sense. blah on me. that piercing is like... huge o_O

Image: spiffing_1.jpg   400x511 45719 bytes 2003.08.19

just a silly idea.

Image: stonifyingveggieburger.jpg   600x514 61980 bytes 2001.11.22

This really happened: One day a friend of mine got hungry, so he decided to eat a veggieburger. Little did he know that a housmate of his had been making weedbutter and he accidently used it to fry the burger with.\r\n\r\nHe was off-this-world-like stoned for about 3 hours straight. But hey. that's what you get from living in a student-house where people grow weed on the balcony, wich they later use to fabricate almost all possible stuff with:\r\nweedbutter, weedpancakes, weedpie, weedoil-dumplings, weedcookies, you name it.

Image: teacon.jpg   700x751 136976 bytes 2002.11.11

Some time ago, Rancid Listerine made me picture about \r\nher character and Scare drinking (wonderful) tea.\r\nI promised her I'd make a picture in return, so there.\r\n\r\n(I was supposed to have done this about 4 weeks ago, but\r\nhey...)

Image: teaistheway.jpg   600x864 146415 bytes 2001.11.22

Tea is god. God is tea. You will all bow to tea. There is no drink but tea and the teacup is where you put it in. \r\nnote: if you drink to much tea you get a tea-rush. Add sugar and you get a double rush. X__X

Image: teddygobang.jpg   200x254 10550 bytes 2002.02.03

2nd and last picture. I'm not depressed... really.

Image: the-hammer-and-sickle.jpg   700x529 58331 bytes 2002.04.07

Reno draws people with hammers and nails. others draw hammers with spoons. I draw hammers and sickles. the way it should be. Haha!\r\n\r\nRemember kiddies, the hammer and sickle belong to us all!

Image: theraven.jpg   400x509 23310 bytes 2002.12.15

I made this while waiting for a delayed train.

Image: thisissilly.jpg   400x341 21329 bytes 2002.05.18

this picture clearly shows why I always TYPE my characters' texts.

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