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Image: teagan.jpg   608x705 80128 bytes 2008.02.29

\r\nSomething for BlackTeagan for teaching me the many wonders of Phototshop! ;o3

Image: mesmoadult.jpg   472x608 85930 bytes 2005.10.21

Mesmo the majestic white lion!! Rawr. \r\n \r\nCharacter art for a sneaky secret prjoect that none of you can know about yet. ;o3

Image: princeoflight.jpg   473x517 81491 bytes 2005.10.06

I am prince here, you are dismissed! ;o3\r\nA quick picture of a deer for some LJ friends who like them a lot. I havn't been drawing for a while so I'm trying to get bac kinto it.

Image: peekainu.jpg   395x562 135396 bytes 2005.08.25

A sneaky shiba inu totes fans and dragons and Other Things. Sort of a 'thanks!' for Foxfeather for taking my artwork to Antherocon for me (and for introducing me to the breed). Thanks Fox!! :o3

Image: spots.jpg   728x526 117054 bytes 2005.04.04

So many spots, so little time! ;o3

Image: ScratchingPost.jpg   460x717 130519 bytes 2005.02.19

A happy tiger marks his territory. Better not intrude, he looks prowly! Rawr! ;o3

Image: CuddlingGenets.jpg   589x703 95124 bytes 2005.02.10

A local animal trainer brought two genets to my school once. Genets remind me of otters, only more pointy.

Image: OffDuty.jpg   455x579 83708 bytes 2005.02.09

They work so hard all day, fighting crime and fires, it's rare when they can sleep in and enjoy one anothers company. Aren't they peaceful? I guess it was another long night!! ;o3

Image: pinatail.jpg   345x742 37735 bytes 2005.02.07

Piņata? Que festiva!!

Image: BayshoreOtter.jpg   522x512 31691 bytes 2005.02.07

Yay, my first upload!! I like to picture myself as a European River Otter, so here I am like that, spearfishing in the oceans of New Zealand! How did a European otter get there? Maybe he married a kiwi. :o3

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