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Image: alice.jpg   332x683 53410 bytes 2006.04.01

A quick doodle to establish a new character... I dunno if I'll keep "Alice" as her name but I sorta like it.

Image: armadillo.jpg   291x500 47683 bytes 2008.04.18

I was inspired. While sitting in my vertebrate biology class.\r\nTo draw an armadillo.\r\nSo here one is.\r\nYAY ARMADILLO.

Image: beanie.jpg   424x500 57235 bytes 2007.05.30

I never draw Beanie anymore!\r\nAn updated character reference pic with appropriate colours in the corner.

Image: boys.jpg   370x312 79332 bytes 2005.02.10

A scrapped comic scene. Polo is soooo emo, and Keahi is... um... oblivious.

Image: cereal.gif   300x275 24262 bytes 2006.04.15

To match the "simon wants potato chips." Sebastian... likes cereal. Indeed. (I imagine him saying it in a tone similar to that of Cheese from Foster's...)

Image: corgicake.jpg   267x499 44131 bytes 2007.04.08

Gwen with a cake. She must do pastry work on the side... of being an architecture student...

Image: cubsfans.gif   450x600 84958 bytes 2007.02.28

We really don't need reminding.\r\n\r\nSebastian isn't a baseball fan, but he really wants to relate to Simon... so he tries.\r\nHe tries. And fails.

Image: djpink2.jpg   592x568 113199 bytes 2006.04.01

DJ Pink for LT3M. So pink. <3

Image: gwensebastian.jpg   384x444 77732 bytes 2006.06.23

Gwen & Sebastian... I love them, I just don't draw enough of them. Simon just tends to leap out of the pencil more readily.

Image: happy2006.jpg   500x500 64510 bytes 2006.01.17

Simon is already depressed and baseball season hasn't even started yet! Oh well... happy 2006, everybody!

Image: kolohe-dress.jpg   347x500 59439 bytes 2009.01.01


Image: marcustc-image.jpg   433x629 62536 bytes 2009.07.25

Image: nerdsforbreakfast.gif   329x392 39573 bytes 2006.05.12

I think I'm going to put together a book of Simon & Sebastian, and fill it with BAD JOKES. Really bad jokes.

Image: pimoisburned.gif   300x300 31253 bytes 2008.07.13

It's true... Pimo is sunburned.\r\nAnd it hurts, too!

Image: polo01.jpg   453x350 50739 bytes 2003.07.27

something I did at work while waiting for the phones to ring. it started as just one big swishy line and transformed into a Polo-meister. there was a background, but I forgot that the background was in pencil and so was my messy sketch, so when I erased the sketch lines... his cool background went with 'em! Urk.

Image: potatochips.gif   300x275 19248 bytes 2006.04.10

I should write a children's book about Simon. He has fantastic adventures.\r\n...about potato chips...

Image: s-and-s01.jpg   493x619 99254 bytes 2005.10.21

Rough character designs for two old-but-new characters... Simon & Sebastian have "existed" for a few years, but only now have I decided who they are, so to speak. So this is just a quick doodle to get their appearances down. They are both shelties - Simon is the blue; Sebastian the sable & white. I'm pondering the idea of a world where shelties are the only existing "race" so to speak, but haven't settled on that idea yet... I definitely know these boys are shelties, though.\r\nThey'll be the stars of my NaNoWriMo this year, as well as the stars of my next major comic after Six Pack wraps, so... I'm excited! I already am falling in love with these guys, so things are good!

Image: sdobi.jpg   220x377 36169 bytes 2004.10.22

Wow. From May of 2000! Now this just takes me way back... Actually, I should take this kid, warp him a bit, and just make him another regular character... I miss drawing him.

Image: simon.jpg   350x250 38671 bytes 2005.05.29

Actually he would probably be "Darth Bitter" (or, my personal favourite, "Darth Spikey") but it wouldn't be a conbadge if "SIMON" wasn't plastered on the front of it.

Image: simon02.jpg   480x382 71328 bytes 2006.01.17

Fine tuning on Simon's design more. This was actually before the 2006 drawing, I just forgot to upload it!

Image: simonpolo.jpg   350x450 64916 bytes 2007.04.07

Simon and Polo cross each other on the street. Past and future selves... what would they tell each other?

Image: sportsbar.jpg   910x554 212280 bytes 2007.09.16

Make your Cubs face!\r\noh geez!!

Image: tanabata.jpg   304x512 81875 bytes 2004.02.06

So I made this sketch of Ogawa, and I liked his face but I couldn't finish the sketch. So I resorted to trying to fix it digitally, which never works. So now I just have a finished, CGed piece of junk with a good looking Ogawa head, which is probably worse than having a cruddy, unfinished sketch with a good looking Ogawa head. And this means I STILL don't have a good, finished picture of Ogawa. Sigh.\r\nAnyway, Ogawa hangs his wish on a tree for the Tanabata festival. No bamboo trees where he lives, though.

Image: tuamao2.jpg   358x698 61733 bytes 2003.01.12

Design conceptions... he doesn't dress like that anymore. His name is tuamao, a nice little blend of Chinese for otter and panda.

Image: watermelon.jpg   500x500 76624 bytes 2006.12.03

Costume idea (with notes!) maybe... kind of an update of Cassiopeia's design, but it's not Cassie. Pants because I don't think I'm up for a full fursuit yet.

Image: wolvie.jpg   381x574 58609 bytes 2003.09.01

Something I whipped up last year at AC's Artist's Alley, waiting for people to come buy something. One of my homiez mentioned that there aren't enough wolverine characters, and I had been turning the idea of a wolverine friend of Polo over in my head anyway... so this little guy was born. He still doesn't really have a name. I gave him one, but I forget it. Let's just call him Jack.

Image: xmas00.jpg   255x424 103514 bytes 2004.10.22

The picture I put on my Christmas cards for 2000 (at least the ones I gave to my friends... my family got a different card. =P) I remember handing these out and everybody going "Oh my God! She has the coolest pants! I want those pants!" Yeah... I want them too.

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