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Image: 10khits.jpg   556x405 121098 bytes 2004.11.09

I call it "Group Dynamics."\r\nThe 10,000 hits kiriban for Six Pack. => The guy requested something silly with my little group of four. I think they're kind of classic, the way they act with each other. Polo picks on Marco, and Tua just eggs him on. Poor Ogawa thinks they shouldn't be so mean, but Marco really wants to fit in, so it's cool!\r\nI am crazy for the expressions in this one. Much love, boys.

Image: 40k.jpg   934x598 306840 bytes 2005.04.14

I call it "and the cherry blossoms fall." The 40k kiriban idea was the crew enjoying a spring day. I decided to use all six characters instead of just the current four because... well I can do that if I want to because, you know, I can.\r\nKeahi's tattoo came out a lot better this time than on his badge, so I'm glad.

Image: 5khits.jpg   400x455 100181 bytes 2004.10.04

The kiriban for 5000 hits to the Six Pack comic (, whoo-hoo!

Image: am-runon.jpg   387x577 132347 bytes 2003.01.12

An experiment in style. I don't draw like this.

Image: badge04.jpg   317x456 99340 bytes 2004.07.07

And MY badge for AC. Whoo-hoo! It's tomorrow! *flips out* I'm not readyyyyyy!

Image: bean-grass.jpg   603x594 161633 bytes 2005.08.17

Rockin' my 'roos. I love those sneakers. Best $25 I ever spent.

Image: beanie09.jpg   299x471 63583 bytes 2009.01.13

I hardly ever draw Beanie anymore, but I usually manage to do at least one drawing a year of her... so here you go. Annual Beanie pic!

Image: begrrf.jpg   364x668 114292 bytes 2003.03.14

She says grr! Cheap bordered out background. Heh.

Image: bffs.jpg   500x500 65826 bytes 2008.06.02

BFFs Tua & Ogawa

Image: candychinchilla.jpg   338x579 69253 bytes 2007.06.08

chinchilla + candy cane + lingerie!

Image: cass01.jpg   411x765 183252 bytes 2004.04.12

She looks like a watermelon! <3 Cosmic puppy. Her name is Cassiopeia and she likes to play with stars. No, real ones. Yeah those stars.

Image: ch1cov-c.jpg   379x563 89098 bytes 2005.11.01

If I was patient, I could draw like this all the time.\r\nCover for Chapter 1.

Image: chompychomp.jpg   378x811 91682 bytes 2007.10.02

Beanie with chain chompy scarf... his name is Chompy. He's surprisingly warm.

Image: couple.jpg   526x820 149277 bytes 2007.07.01

A marten and her Japanese serow boyfriend in Japan. part of the series.

Image: cover.jpg   729x1013 188573 bytes 2008.07.05

The chapter 2 cover page... I've had this drawn for ages but never finished it until a little bit ago. The art "feels" a little old to me, but it's still really cute!

Image: dance.jpg   345x442 49641 bytes 2003.02.26

She's dancing... oh yeah. For new website design...

Image: daretomove-c.jpg   375x749 126318 bytes 2005.01.24

Might add a background to this one later, but I worked very hard on it to not screw it up from the beautiful sketch it was, so I was a bit terrified of adding a background and ruining it. =3 Now that it's scanned/uploaded I might feel a bit more brave...

Image: doe.jpg   506x872 92255 bytes 2007.03.06

A cute little doe in some lovely lingerie inspired by Fredericks new Spring line. The original is up for sale!

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Image: ermine.jpg   477x836 187763 bytes 2006.12.08

An ermine for a portfolio I'm working on focusing on some lovely Japanese fashion... the working title is "I AM IN JAPAN" so... ermine is in Japan D=\r\n(his t-shirt reads "walk like an egyptian" at the bottom.)

Image: evanbadge.jpg   420x560 77087 bytes 2009.01.09

Evan.\r\nIf he looks like somebody else, good - he's supposed to.\r\nTwo somebody elses, in fact.

Image: eviltwin.jpg   432x736 134351 bytes 2005.02.25

Those are some seriously 70's pants Polo's got there. And Marco's hair is soooo uber shiny! <3

Image: fox.jpg   304x591 72382 bytes 2007.06.17

Kitsune Is In Japan

More of the print set... a fox in a cat mask.

Image: fwee.jpg   338x563 55238 bytes 2003.01.28

Uhh. There was a point where it represented something serene and inspiring in me. Now it's just representing a sad part of me. Whoops.

Image: gawaalice.png   470x452 42368 bytes 2008.07.27

Ogawa & Alice. College sweethearts.

Image: germanshep.jpg   782x540 122274 bytes 2007.07.01

The last part of my cheesecake series... I was tired of lingerie so I did beachwear. Still sexy.

Image: greekfood.gif   505x700 103569 bytes 2004.12.18

A comic page I did for my pal Vinci. =3

Image: keahibadge-f.jpg   423x266 82585 bytes 2005.01.13

The shark is Keahi's 'aumakua... he surfs in the oceans of Hawaii with confidence.\r\n\r\nColoured pencil, marker, and acrylics. Sea otters have the WEIRDEST noses. I'm still trying to figure out how to translate them and not have it look bizarre.

Image: keahiboard.jpg   576x383 66845 bytes 2005.08.27

artsy-fartsy one of Keahi and his surfboard... I think I'm gonna axe the ripple and I suddenly don't like his right hand too much. >_<

Image: keahicar.jpg   519x729 83818 bytes 2005.07.12

Keahi and his camaro. Practicing vectors and stuff. <3

Image: keahionwater.jpg   960x780 220007 bytes 2008.06.02

Keahi on the water! Funny scan because it is done on painter's canvas.

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