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Image: pimoch1.jpg   563x788 100768 bytes 2008.04.05

ahhhhhh what the hell am I even doing

Image: pimohurts.jpg   750x1050 110118 bytes 2008.04.05

Everybody hurts sometimes... everybody cries... everybody hurts... sometimes...\r\n\r\nPimo just hurts more often than "sometimes."

Image: pimoisawesome.jpg   282x476 52236 bytes 2008.04.03

Pimo.... wearing a shark shirt that says "POWERED BY AWESOME."\r\nYeeeeah.

Image: pimocharactersheet.jpg   736x746 124742 bytes 2008.04.01

Character sheet for Pimo!

Image: pimo001.jpg   500x287 44799 bytes 2008.03.29

Pimo is taking over. Waaaah!

Image: pimoiscute.jpg   441x696 88716 bytes 2008.03.26

Pimo, in a style that is totally not mine!! I was admiring the style and skill of a friend of mine and wanted to take a crack at deconstructing the style and then replicating it... and it was really freaking hard X_X It didn't really turn out anywhere near as awesome as her stuff does.\r\nRegardless, Pimo is really cute. JUST WANNNA HUG HIM. HUUUUUUGS EMO KID.

Image: pimosidechars.jpg   500x500 117514 bytes 2008.03.26

Side characters for... something... I'm trying to fight it but it's a losing battle.\r\nTried drawing Pimo smiling for a change to see how weird it looks. Yup... looks pretty weird. Gotta work on that.

Image: pimo1stpage.jpg   544x796 220225 bytes 2007.09.09

This is the first page for my Pimo sketchbook... the outside is pink argyle. I think I may colour in the little Pimo doodles or something, they look a tiny bit odd as they are.\r\n\r\nPoor, poor Pimo...

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