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Image: sunnymare.jpg   234x442 27703 bytes 2000.04.06

This is a piece of an unfinished picture from one of my sketchbooks. Skorzy's always loved this version\r\n of Dalia and asked me if he could scan it. Then that wonderful rat surprised me with a back ground and\r\n an little story he wrote for me. :) See why I love him so much? :) Ok, enough sap. This is Dalia in her\r\n younger days. \n

Image: hppcmpi.jpg   564x800 56451 bytes 2000.04.06

A hippocampus couple. Colors inspired by Christian Riese Lassen.\n

Image: ducky.jpg   375x525 18348 bytes 2000.04.06

Once in a while you really connect with a character you are drawing. I am totally attached to this lil guy.\r\n He's just sorta standing around, trying not to be noticed. The lil kid that always gets picked on and just\r\n seems to be resigned to his fate. He's not very technically well done, but I love him.\n

Image: trifari.jpg   631x875 154173 bytes 2000.02.22

Trifari, the Dracomare. An art trade I finally completed.\n

Image: iyutoss.jpg   506x556 94831 bytes 2000.01.24

My friend Steve's character, Iyu, in color, still trying to make that shot. Iyu Steve Domanski \n

Image: emeraldshug.jpg   628x866 179167 bytes 2000.01.24

Add your own description.\n

Image: raven.jpg   600x755 79469 bytes 1999.11.11

My half of and art trade with Raven. \n

Image: sunny.jpg   519x800 136601 bytes 1999.11.07

One of my characters from Redwall MUCK, Sunny. :) She'll be on display at Philcon, so all you PA furs go check her out.\n

Image: dalsgun.jpg   1000x710 102694 bytes 1999.09.24

My alias, Dalia. This pic is from back in the day when I thought I only knew one pose and had to prove to myself otherwise.\n

Image: foofoo.jpg   325x960 45608 bytes 1999.09.24

FooFoo of SPR. \n

Image: frog.jpg   394x493 150199 bytes 1999.09.24

This picture was inspired by my character Fibian. I was challenged to make her more froglike.\n

Image: FROGLADY.jpg   595x760 207098 bytes 1999.09.24

This is an older character I created about 7 years ago. Her name is Fibian. She's also the basis for my frog.jpg picture in which I just made her more morphic.\n

Image: gddevil.jpg   563x401 23426 bytes 1999.09.23

Bad scan. This is a happy little Greatful Dead Devil bear. I love dead bears and tie-dye. \n

Image: knockdup1.jpg   403x760 27000 bytes 1999.09.23

It's Kyrianna of FurryMuck and SPR.\n

Image: kylnsage.jpg   429x382 171929 bytes 1999.09.23

My two NERO character's, Kylara and Sage. Kyl's a gypsy, and Sage is a half-orc. NERO is a LARP I play, there are pics of me in these costumes on my webpage, though I don't look quite as good. :)\n

Image: orcaman1.jpg   600x293 125286 bytes 1999.09.23

An Orca Morph.\n

Image: pauline.jpg   700x618 74565 bytes 1999.09.23

A very old picture of a blue McCaw morph, Pauline. Colored with watercolors.\n

Image: Nightmar.jpg   542x872 210793 bytes 1999.09.22

My concept of a Night Mare. Inked and Colored by my roommate, Chris "Paf" Goodwin. I think he's got a copy of this up at his site too.\n

Image: razzel.jpg   492x637 181197 bytes 1999.09.22

My half of an art trade with Erin Vernon. She's afraid of spiders, shhh, don't tell no one. :)\n

Image: raffe.jpg   404x488 20375 bytes 1999.09.22

Another pic of Maybeline, this one colored by my roommate, Ben "Scruffy" Morse.\n

Image: VHNTR.jpg   581x825 363740 bytes 1999.09.22

An older sketch of mine called Coyotee Vampire Huntress. The finished version of this pic was sold at the AC charity Auction. The costume is from NES 64's Castlevania.\n

Image: brynn.jpg   287x640 354282 bytes 1999.09.17

My best friend's character, Brynn.\n

Image: phaeton.jpg   682x525 198893 bytes 1999.09.17

Phaeton and Dalia. Done for Phaeton, water colors and prisma color pencils.\n

Image: besuboru.jpg   370x507 129998 bytes 1999.09.17

Maybeline, an original character of mine.\n

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