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Image: platgrlc.jpg   596x460 74537 bytes 2000.05.01

I got a new set of primsa color markers and couldn't wait to try them out. So, I grabbed print #1 of my black and white run of my platygirl pic and colored it up. :) This picture is done entirely with marker, except the light rays which were done with pencil and blended with a blending marker. \n

Image: pocky.gif   276x276 20708 bytes 2002.09.02

Inspired by White Chocolate Mousse Pocky, the best stuff on earth! Also my new business card logo. Hand inked and colored in Photoshop.

Image: raffe.jpg   404x488 20375 bytes 1999.09.22

Another pic of Maybeline, this one colored by my roommate, Ben "Scruffy" Morse.\n

Image: raven.jpg   600x755 79469 bytes 1999.11.11

My half of and art trade with Raven. \n

Image: razzel.jpg   492x637 181197 bytes 1999.09.22

My half of an art trade with Erin Vernon. She's afraid of spiders, shhh, don't tell no one. :)\n

Image: romance.jpg   288x383 19575 bytes 2003.11.05

A Sketch I did for Luke Lester at Anthrocon.

Image: royalescort.jpg   418x600 85273 bytes 2001.06.03

Two more Hippocampus morphs. I love these critters! I have a whole little story in my head for this one, but I'm not telling. I like to know what other people come up with on their own. I'mm very happy with this background, I like the Sci-Fi feel to it.

Image: sevenofcups_card.jpg   315x525 38511 bytes 2001.07.08

The Seven of Cups. This card represents day dreaming and having ones head in the clouds when they should be paying attention to reality. I showed the city bellow in black and white to represent reality and all the cups have some sort of fantasy or daydream associated with them.

Image: snowcat.jpg   396x510 35674 bytes 2002.09.02

Snow Leopard Sarr for NERO. Marker and Color pencil.

Image: spotweld.jpg   287x427 23850 bytes 2003.11.05

A Sketch I did for Spotweld the Hyena at FurFright.

Image: summayb.jpg   375x485 44076 bytes 2001.03.05

Image: sunny.jpg   519x800 136601 bytes 1999.11.07

One of my characters from Redwall MUCK, Sunny. :) She'll be on display at Philcon, so all you PA furs go check her out.\n

Image: sunnymare.jpg   234x442 27703 bytes 2000.04.06

This is a piece of an unfinished picture from one of my sketchbooks. Skorzy's always loved this version\r\n of Dalia and asked me if he could scan it. Then that wonderful rat surprised me with a back ground and\r\n an little story he wrote for me. :) See why I love him so much? :) Ok, enough sap. This is Dalia in her\r\n younger days. \n

Image: swsstwl.jpg   450x563 77792 bytes 2001.03.05

Image: tigermtn.gif   255x255 12887 bytes 2002.09.02

Tiger Mountian Logo created in Illustrator.

Image: trifari.jpg   631x875 154173 bytes 2000.02.22

Trifari, the Dracomare. An art trade I finally completed.\n

Image: vannermare_c.jpg   445x576 65130 bytes 2001.08.07

This picture is based off one of the most beautiful breeds of horse, the Gypsy Vanner horse, also known as the Irish Tinker horse. I first learned of them under the first name, hence the gypsy costume. This was my first experiment with textures with gell pens. It was suppossed to be sparkly, but came out looking more like silk or crushed velvet. Either way, it was fun! Thanks to Lyosha and Pseudo Manitou for ideas for the background.

Image: vanya_c.jpg   406x600 59109 bytes 2001.06.03

Thanks for sitting through my miniflood. It's been noted that I don't update my VCL page often enough. This is a commission for Vanya. My first racoon ever. I'm glad she turned out as well as she did.

Image: VHNTR.jpg   581x825 363740 bytes 1999.09.22

An older sketch of mine called Coyotee Vampire Huntress. The finished version of this pic was sold at the AC charity Auction. The costume is from NES 64's Castlevania.\n

Image: warhorse.jpg   612x840 79441 bytes 2002.06.20

Pencils of an upcoming AC piece.

Image: whippet.jpg   457x600 32865 bytes 2001.03.04

The pic that inspired Vanya's commission.

Image: windwolf.jpg   434x600 68421 bytes 2001.03.04

Image: xianjagr.jpg   478x659 122018 bytes 2000.04.06

Sorry for the flood, I haven't been keeping up with my new artwork. Here's my half of an art trade with XianJaguar. She's sport'n her new swimsuit, made from the hide of her last meal. :) Silly kitty doesn't realise spots and stripes don't match. You can find prints of her and my other artwork at\n

Image: xmas2k.jpg   381x535 53193 bytes 2001.07.08

Ok, so this is a bit off season. I forgot that I'd never uploaded this. It started as a tribute to my rat, April, who passed away on December 1st. I pictured her sitting ontop of my as yet undecorated Christmas tree as an angel. They rest just followed with her sister Mayday looking into the red glass ball, Mama's Girl and Rillian fighting over the candy cane, and Pepper with the garland. This became my Christmas card for last year. It was very well recieved.

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