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Image: silverwolfe_badge_belicbear.gif   389x637 64826 bytes 2004.07.07

Here's a badge I did for my good friend, Silverwolf (*mock surprise* What?! There's more than one? *chuckles*). I JUST learned how to color in Photoshop this past week (this is only my second attempt) and I have a lot to learn. But even if the technique isn't very good, be dazzled by the pretty colors! *eyes spin like pinwheels* Oooooooooooo! *laughs*\r\n\r\nPeace, love, and happiness to all! *BIG bearhuggles*\r\n\r\nBear (Belic)

Image: werewolf_belicbear.GIF   700x770 104673 bytes 2004.05.27

A werewolf picture of a . . . ummm . . . a werewolf. *grins* This is the first pic I've ever posted to VCL, so please, if you're gonna throw things, only pelt me with snack foods. *the fat bruin pats his belly and smiles*\r\n\r\nPeace, love, and happiness to all. *BIG bearhuggles*\r\n\r\nBear (Belic)

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