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Image: kally3.jpg   570x579 172896 bytes 2000.10.19

An un-inked sketch of Kally Graystone, a character from a project that's in the works.\r\n

Image: mara.jpg   510x613 120474 bytes 2000.10.07

Margolees Cruger, a character from a project that's in the works. 2001 B.A.Coats.

Image: alice3.jpg   600x641 148930 bytes 2000.02.15

Yet another picture of the FSM Alice. I rather like the way this one turned out. :)\n

Image: alice2.jpg   600x1010 306525 bytes 2000.02.06

Alice Kelly Lusankya, the new FurrySpaceMUCK version of Alice, after having her neural matrix infected with a virus and blown up. ;)\r\n\n

Image: alice.jpg   390x521 61218 bytes 2000.01.06

Alice, a character that I play on RaccoonMUCK. Another of my older pics \r\nthat I like more then most of my others. ;)\r\n

Image: alecain.jpg   450x583 59606 bytes 2000.01.06

Hey, my first upload to VCL :). *snerk* I haven't the slightest idea -what-\r\nI was thinking when I drew this. Oh well, still one of my better pics. :)\n

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