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Image: Bunny_Girl.gif   480x593 68017 bytes 2001.06.19

Ja. Uhm, done yesterday. Approx of 42 minutes spent, aren't I goot? ;p blagh! she's copyright her shirt, yeah, something.

Image: Vixy_Girl.gif   640x748 99365 bytes 2001.06.18

Tada, reuploaded or something. She's copyright to whoever she's staring at or something, uh, oh, and I put time on there also. :p

Image: Silly_Crap.gif   640x726 99862 bytes 2001.06.14

I've visited MUDs.. RP-like ones.. where you fight, have hp..and kill people with grapes and candy canes! *groan* The silliest weapons and stuff, so I decided to make up what -I- would call the ultimate God, if I ever could make such a person. It's all a joke, so no worries. ;)

Image: Crackhead2.jpg   320x489 23135 bytes 2001.06.12

Yeah, redone. I call this 'done'. she belongs to a large mass of organics and stuff, yeap.

Image: Cool_Lila.jpg   640x565 48656 bytes 2001.06.02

Boom! Someone waited quite a while for this.. good old Jim v Russo, as Lila here is (c) to him, and I thank him for being so patient with me! ;p Anywhoo, take a look, see what people rarely see, which is my art involving baggy clothing, and pretty much cool looking characters, etc. A coloured version shall appear, whenever I get to it... ;) Pic is copywrong to me, yeah! I annoy you with my copywrong reminders, and you love it!

Image: Byzantyn2.jpg   608x579 79497 bytes 2001.05.24

Blah.. color, woo.

Image: Byzantyn1.jpg   608x579 52255 bytes 2001.05.24

Oooh, now it's see through, and boring background..

Image: Byzantyn.jpg   608x579 83971 bytes 2001.05.24

Woo, pic by WhiteDeath, wow! She draws good..gooder than me.. pic is (c) to her, her player, and stuff, and soon-to-be-colouring job is copywrong me. Mrr.

Image: Fennec_Sit2.jpg   480x695 23961 bytes 2001.05.24

Look, I cleaned it up (traced), and will be colouring. Wow!

Image: Standing_Bored3.jpg   320x722 34260 bytes 2001.05.15

Tada, boring. Done yesterday, 5/13/2001, bleah.

Image: Fun_Bunny3.jpg   320x589 22975 bytes 2001.05.14

woo, don't ask. Drew this while waiting to see my 'shrink', yes. ugly pose, woo, a good friend loves her outfit, tho, okay! ;)

Image: ShiroKaishi3.jpg   544x775 90359 bytes 2001.04.27

reuploaded, yee..

Image: Sitting_Christal2.jpg   240x566 29651 bytes 2001.04.10

La. Christal from a certain MUCK, yup, that's about it, or wait..maybe she's not Christal, oh well.

Image: Pondering3.jpg   480x446 78577 bytes 2000.12.09

Gee, another one of Tavona and her Mistriss, again. :) What's da Mistriss up to, why she giving Tavona that look? shouldn't be hard to figure out. ;) Enjoy! :P\n

Image: Marianne_And_Tavona.jpg   575x480 86568 bytes 2000.11.30

Marianne and her lovely (pregnant) Pet/Slave from SPR. :) Her player hasn't logged on for a while, so I'm hoping said person's looking at Velar and reading this right now! ;) One of few pics that are almost ALMOST 'complete' and stuff, yes. They're (c) to their players, of course. ;) Enjoy the sloppiness that is pencil!\n

Image: Turkituck3.jpg   480x666 98555 bytes 2000.09.01

My half of an art trade with Jessi Pysz (JCP)! She did a wonderful pic of my Carol character, and so I in turn tried to match it with this lame attempt. ;P Turkituck is (c) to Jessi Pysz!\n

Image: Carol_Katherine.jpg   320x501 24434 bytes 2000.06.27

Carol and Katherine, from SPR, sharing a tender moment together...\r\nAren't Lapines cute? ;) Drew this during the night while thinking of how\r\nI owe Katherine a pic.. so I figured that this would work. :) I hope she\r\nlikes it. Katherine is (c) to her player.\n

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