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Image: Silly.jpg   640x831 81643 bytes 2001.09.22

She was a character I promised to draw a while ago. Now, I've lost her name, and better yet, the pic drawn by her player which I used for reference happens to be gone from the address of which I was hoping to get her name. :p Ah well, she's (c) to whomever it was, sigh.

Image: Silly_Crap.gif   640x726 99862 bytes 2001.06.14

I've visited MUDs.. RP-like ones.. where you fight, have hp..and kill people with grapes and candy canes! *groan* The silliest weapons and stuff, so I decided to make up what -I- would call the ultimate God, if I ever could make such a person. It's all a joke, so no worries. ;)

Image: Sitter.jpg   480x665 40265 bytes 2002.07.10


Image: Sitting_Christal2.jpg   240x566 29651 bytes 2001.04.10

La. Christal from a certain MUCK, yup, that's about it, or wait..maybe she's not Christal, oh well.

Image: Sophia2.jpg   480x441 45202 bytes 2004.03.19

Rescanned. Sophia (c) her player.\r\n\r\nYou get what you pay for.\r\n\r\n-Zi

Image: Sports_Skunkette.jpg   640x1010 81197 bytes 2002.07.08

Skunkette. Wow. Look how old?

Image: Standing_Bored.jpeg   320x563 41740 bytes 2001.10.13

Some little anime-ish girl standing, I suppose. Based off a silly drawing I saw on a website. Ah well, I'm told it's cute. Yup.

Image: Standing_Bored3.jpg   320x722 34260 bytes 2001.05.15

Tada, boring. Done yesterday, 5/13/2001, bleah.

Image: Tender_Moment.jpg   640x421 27411 bytes 2002.01.23

Yay... Josine is (c) to her creator... I dunno about the other girl. ;) Done a while ago, kinda.

Image: Tilted.jpg   480x777 34026 bytes 2002.07.08

The drawing's tilted.

Image: Timyan.jpg   480x556 48983 bytes 2004.03.18

Timyan, on SPR, yeah. The computernerd Skunkette.\r\nDrawn on command. ;)\r\n\r\n-Zi

Image: Timyan2.jpg   480x566 45658 bytes 2004.03.19

Timyan demanded another picture of her in her pajamas. I tried. The only I remembered about her pajama look is that her hair was messy, kinda. ;)\r\n\r\nShe belongs to herself, yeah, or else SPR will hunt you down.\r\n\r\n-Zi

Image: Turkituck3.jpg   480x666 98555 bytes 2000.09.01

My half of an art trade with Jessi Pysz (JCP)! She did a wonderful pic of my Carol character, and so I in turn tried to match it with this lame attempt. ;P Turkituck is (c) to Jessi Pysz!\n

Image: Vixy_Girl.gif   640x748 99365 bytes 2001.06.18

Tada, reuploaded or something. She's copyright to whoever she's staring at or something, uh, oh, and I put time on there also. :p

Image: Wierd_friends.jpg   640x886 119340 bytes 2001.09.22

Bored a couple days ago, and started on this. A pic of two friends of mine. They happen to like weapons and stuff, although one may not be able to tell. It's been forever since I've touched colored pencils, yay, and this is way incomplete. Probably won't be done ever either, like Bird_girl. Oh, and an interesting link is Yeah.

Image: Xian_Pose.jpeg   640x588 70140 bytes 2001.10.13

Annnd.. Xian, again, with more accurate colouring. She belongs to her creator, of course, or something.. gwah.

Image: Yeah_Girl.jpg   480x673 44177 bytes 2001.11.05

Drew it up one day. Went for anime style. The end.

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