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Image: obakemono-bear1.jpg   900x600 73600 bytes 2007.03.16

Fridgidaire Bear

another tsukimo-gami... obakemono.... what were they smoking thing\r\n\r\nexplanation as to what a tsuku-whatsit is --

Image: obakemono-mouse1.jpg   831x564 91066 bytes 2007.03.16

Tsukumo-gami Mouse

inspired by Seel.... well I found out about obakemono after she did some arts\r\n\r\nyes, it's a computer mouse, with a mouse body.... it's sort of anthro, sort of fantasy, so I hope it's 'on topic' heheh...\r\n\r\nwhat *is* this anyway? see

Tags: obakemono tsukumogami  

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