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Image: fnar-for-web.jpg   494x700 133466 bytes 2008.07.16

Fnar - More Jack fan art

the second piece I did today.

Tags: Jack Fnar  
Image: jack-for-wweb.jpg   501x700 157255 bytes 2008.07.16

Jack Fan Art

I've been wanting to do some fan art for Jack for quite a while, but never seemed to get around to it. but now two in a row, this is the first. (the background got butchered abit, tried to save the image as much as possible in photoshop)

Tags: Jack  
Image: wtf_copy.jpg   712x647 70839 bytes 2008.01.13

Geek Sex

you know when you do something then think "wtf am i doing?!?"

Tags: sex  

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