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Image: KTL-Third_Lesson.jpg   790x600 119975 bytes 2004.07.24

Kris, a male Red fox, with his lifemate Trina, a female Arctic fox, teach Leanna, a herm Fennec fox, how to make love, and not merely have sex. This is the best of three images that I did of these characters, which is why the filename is Third Lesson.

Image: Caroller-card.jpg   537x700 88633 bytes 2004.07.24

A lion cub gets rugged up against the cold in order to sing joyous carols.

Image: Leanna-n-Kris.jpg   700x475 91521 bytes 2004.07.24

Red fox, Kris, makes love to his herm mate, Leanna.

Image: Glaide-raccoontaur.gif   530x700 52032 bytes 2004.07.24

Glaide regards his taurform in consternation. How he got that extra torso is up for speculation, but he has his own theory.

Image: WindowView.jpg   478x600 80964 bytes 2004.07.24

Ketta, the foxtaur vixen, gazes out on a new day, filled with the joy of life.

Image: RecliningSkunk.jpg   700x496 90259 bytes 2004.07.24

A zaftig skunk femme lies on her couch daydreaming of a lover.

Image: LookingToTheFuture.jpg   800x563 108942 bytes 2004.07.24

Chakat Amber surveys the newly discovered harbour on the colony world, Romulus. An illustration used for my story - The Loner. This is a much improved version of a picture that I first drew back in September 1995 which can be seen at

Image: InTheFields.jpg   594x768 102682 bytes 2004.07.24

Chakat Artemis, before shi became known as Bluestripe, was brought up on a farm. It's the end of a long day toiling in the fields. The alien eggplant-like crop is doing well!

Image: At_The_Canyon.jpg   800x600 178899 bytes 2004.07.24

Chakats Artemis Bluestripe & Redstripe visit the Grand Canyon while on holiday.

Image: Sherlock.gif   482x600 219951 bytes 2001.09.29

Chakat Sherlock reaches desperately and futilely for help as shi is being inexorably sucked out of a blown portal in a space station. \r\nThis was drawn as an illustration for John Plunkett's story: Star Dancer. \r\nUnfortunately, I forgot that shi was supposed to be a rather brawny character, and consequently shi's much too lean.

Image: Misa.gif   189x600 12644 bytes 2001.09.22

Misa was drawn specifically for issue #22 of South Fur Lands. \r\nI needed a tall thin picture to put next to the contents listing, so I killed two birds with one stone and used her as a trib for the zine. \r\nI rather like how she came out. She's lean without being skinny, sexy without being blatant, and terribly cute too!

Image: Purteshka.gif   499x600 68640 bytes 2001.09.20

Purteshka is seen here in her robe of office as Justice & Enforcement, one of two foxtaurs charged with that duty and privilege in her clan. \r\nWhile wearing that garb, she commands the highest respect and obedience, and her powers are the greatest within clan law. \r\nHowever, this role only takes up a small part of her life as such high authority is rarely needed. \r\nWhen she takes off the uniform, she is simply known as Purteshka the Leatherworker. She has achieved more recognition in this field because she's a master of the art of leathermaking and crafting.

Image: Kahlah-shaded.gif   406x600 58814 bytes 2001.09.15

This is Kah'lah the kitsune with her lover, Admiral Kline. It's quite obvious that she's very gravid and expecting a child soon. \r\nWhat isn't so obvious is that the Admiral is the father. Both are very happy about that though. \r\nBy the way, if it seems to you that the Admiral is too small, you'd be wrong. Kah'lah is actually quite big! \r\nI intend to finish this off properly in colour eventually, but for now this quickie greyscale shading job looks better than plain line-art.

Image: Colliefrot-shaded.gif   476x600 56706 bytes 2001.09.15

This is Colliefrot, the English Collie, hard at work on her computer. This was done by request of her creator, and once again I intend to properly finish her in colour. \r\nI love the way she came out. I wanted to get that deep chest and long muzzle that typifies this breed, and I'm quite pleased with the result.

Image: Weightlifting.jpg   416x600 52000 bytes 2001.08.08

Meredith got a little too caught up in the spirit of the Games, and took on a bit more than she could handle in the weightlifting event. \r\nI did this drawing for Mike Russell at Anthrocon 2001. Meredith is a trademark character of Mike Russell.

Image: Blue-ICU.gif   629x600 39763 bytes 2001.07.07

This is Blue of the Fornax sisters. Here she is in the intensive care unit after an operation that was barely in time to save her life. \r\nDone as an illustration for Matt McCullar's story: "You Don't Believe".

Image: SuperColliePose.jpg   643x600 146049 bytes 2001.06.11

Here's the world-famous superheroine from New Zealand, Super Collie, striking a dramatic pose. \r\nI coloured this one in Photoshop and used it for the cover of South Fur Lands #21. I added some text to make it look like a tabloid exposť. \r\nI had a lot of fun doing this picture. Super Collie is the creation of Terry Knight.

Image: Cheetah_chakat.gif   703x600 35040 bytes 2001.03.30

A chakat built and patterned like a cheetah, goes hunting for hir meal armed only with speed and bolas. I'm extremely pleased with this picture. \r\nI found this beautiful photo of a cheetah and knew that I *had* to make it into a chakat. I want to show that chakats come in different builds as well as many patterns, and the cheetah has a very distinctive build. \r\nHowever, it's still not easy turning a natural animal into a taur, but this one worked out very well. Unlike most chakats, this one doesn't have human type hair, so I got to show a very natural looking head. The mane and the spots came out wonderfully. \r\nAlso, I made the breasts smaller than normal so that they wouldn't impair hir running ability.

Image: Coragule-ink.gif   421x600 44608 bytes 2001.03.15

This is Coragule. She doesn't have human-like breasts, so the challenge was to give her as feminine a look without resorting to such obvious cues. \r\nOf course she's also nude, but if she had a loin cloth on, I'd like to think it still shows that she's a female. This picture was done as a picture exchange with Natalie Goodridge whose character this is, and I'm terribly behind in getting it coloured. Sorry Natalie!

Image: Skunktaur3.gif   497x483 41630 bytes 2001.02.28

Just a quick drawing of a skunktaur done in a sketchbook at Further Confusion 2001. \r\nOnce again I prove that I cannot draw well under pressure.

Image: Windswept.jpg   500x600 227848 bytes 2001.01.25

A foxtaur huntress pauses on a windswept hillside to admire the beauty of the countryside that is her home. \r\nI'm very happy with how this picture came out. This is probably my best foxtaur so far.

Image: Purple-skunk.jpg   408x600 156349 bytes 2001.01.24

A purple-furred skunk poses in the communal shower. A coloured pencil piece that I did for fun. I was playing with weird fur-colouring.

Image: Outclassed.jpg   800x525 151954 bytes 2001.01.13

Despite being given quite a headstart, Vicky Fox finds herself badly outclassed in this foot race against a kangaroo. \r\nDone for Mike Russell, and Vicky Fox is his trademarked character.

Image: Lashka.jpg   400x600 145408 bytes 2001.01.03

This is Lashka, the gorgeous black panthress, exactly as her player described her to me. \r\nI like how her fur came out, and I'm very proud of those sandals.

Image: BBV.gif   450x600 40447 bytes 2000.12.30

Once the staple of furry art, the BBV (Big Breasted Vixen) still remains a perennial favourite. \r\nThis vixen is obviously very happy with her assets. I did this one just because I like that look a lot!

Image: BD-Xmas2000.jpg   581x750 155098 bytes 2000.12.25

My Christmas card image for 2000. A chakat cub sleeps under the tree, waiting for Santa. \r\nHowever, the elusive jolly gent seems to have managed to slip the presents in already without disturbing hir.

Image: Stepping_out.gif   575x600 85373 bytes 2000.12.03

Foxtaurs have no nudity taboo, so they quite often go out wearing nothing at all. Malena is seen here going out wearing a tasteful armband though. \r\nA sketchbook drawing that turned out rather nicely.

Image: Stargazer.gif   388x600 19967 bytes 2000.11.27

Stargazer is much more than just a herm cougar. Shi's actually the child of a chakat and a male cougar morph. Normally chakats can only interbreed with other taurs, but due to circumstances detailed in my stories (Read 'em!), this chakat could interbreed with any mammalian species, two or four-legged. \r\nStargazer has all the physical attributes of a chakat that don't pertain to a taur configuration. Shi's essentially a bipedal chakat. While not ashamed of hir herm nature, Stargazer favours hir female side, and wears clothing that conceals hir male appendage in order to try to attract a boyfriend. \r\nEventually though, the time comes to reveal the full truth about hirself. Here shi's seen nervously taking off hir skirt to reveal hir penis, hoping that the boy shi has chosen to share hir secret with can deal with this part of hir real self.

Image: Girlbunny.gif   478x600 30005 bytes 2000.08.28

Just a simple picture of a cute bunny girl. That's all!

Image: Divinia.gif   449x600 88144 bytes 2000.08.27

A picture of the very cute winged kitty, Divinia. Commission pic for her player. I'm currently working on colouring her properly.

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