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Image: Caitian2.jpg   643x600 102530 bytes 2000.08.16

Commander Rosepetal Silpurr, a Caitian Star Fleet officer. On duty, she is Admiral Kline's second in command. Off duty, she is his lover, mate, and mother to his firstborn daughter. \r\nHere she is in a runabout on her way back to her ship, pleased to be able to be with her mate again. I did this picture for my best friend in the whole world, my brother-at-heart, Boyce Kline.

Image: OlympicSwimmer.jpg   800x574 134772 bytes 2000.07.10

Not all swimmers are aquatic morphs. This vixen was a keen competitor in the recent Olympic Games in Sydney.

Image: Hunter.jpg   537x600 174291 bytes 2000.07.10

A very proud young chakat cub shows off hir captured prey.

Image: Fire-lizard.jpg   487x600 147129 bytes 2000.06.22

A chakat with hir pet, a blue fire-lizard. Coloured in Photoshop.

Image: Zonie-trib-BDMM.gif   530x750 74987 bytes 2000.06.18

This cartoon was done for the "In The Zone" benefit book for Michael Scott McMurry. The script for it was written by Matt McCullar.

Image: Caitian1.gif   398x600 19601 bytes 2000.06.01

My first attempt at drawing Commander Rosepetal, a Star Fleet officer. I'm afraid I really mucked up the face though.

Image: Spon1.gif   600x600 58998 bytes 2000.05.29

A pretty native of Spontoon Island brings some food to a beach party.

Image: Mandy.jpg   513x600 187563 bytes 2000.05.22

Amandajean Snowpaws does a seductive dance for her mate, Neptune. Colour pencil picture done for Mandy's player.

Image: Hula-Goldfur.jpg   600x600 170232 bytes 2000.05.10

Chakat Goldfur shows how shi can do the hula, accompanied by Mr.Foxy and Malena. They're all thoroughly enjoying themselves at a moonlit luau on Spontoon Island. The B&W version of this drawing appeared in Spontoon Island #7, while the full colour version will be on the cover of South Fur Lands #19. Pencils were done by Roy D. Pounds II. Inking and colouring done by Bernard Doove. Mr.Foxy &copy; Roy D. Pounds II, Malena and Goldfur &copy; Bernard Doove.\r\n\n

Image: Keciyl_On_Watch.jpg   429x600 169722 bytes 2000.05.10

Keciyl keeps watch over the plains from a vantage point high in the limbs of a dead tree. Hir solid black fur and dark blue-tinged flesh make hir hard to spot. The white mark on hir cheek is a scar. Sie is a member of a naturally hermaphroditic felinoid race. Fully coloured with pencils, this is the finished version of a commissioned drawing of Keciyl, created by Tom Montgomery. Please do not steal hir! Keciyl &copy; 2000 Tom Montgomery\r\n\n

Image: Now_what.jpg   429x600 88093 bytes 2000.05.10

Ummm, what now??? This adventurous chakat cub has gotten hirself up a tree and out on a limb, and straight into trouble! Can shi hang on long enough for help to arrive? Chakat Sandy is my creation, but you can play with this cutey if you wish.\r\n\n

Image: Ketta-Sunrise-G2.gif   446x600 94271 bytes 2000.05.10

The foxtaur vixen, Ketta, greets the dawn of a new day. Drawn to illustrate one of my stories, I never did properly complete it, and I just gave it a quick greyscale shading job. Ketta &copy; Bernard Doove.\r\n\n

Image: Tragic.gif   310x600 23021 bytes 2000.05.10

A grieving fox father carries the limp form of his dead child away to be buried. The cub is the latest victim of a plague that will kill many people, including the fox's wife and all but one of their cubs. This will have terrible consequences as can be read about in the story, "The Greater Good". Characters created by Matt McCullar. Art done to illustrate the story published in digest form by Silverfox Publications.\r\n\n

Image: Fishing-Sepia.gif   444x600 52371 bytes 2000.05.10

Chakat Windspeed is known for hir love of flying and fast planes. Shi travels widely, competing in air races and shows to earn money. However, sometimes shi needs to relax. Here shi is catching hir supper off a jetty at Spontoon Island, where shi tethered hir plane, a Supermarine S.6.B, slightly modified to fit a taurform. It seems hir mind was too much on fishing when shi tethered it though. It's going adrift! Good thing Speedy can swim as good as shi flies!\r\n\r\nDrawing done for Spontoon Island zine, rendered in sepiatone to match the period. Spontoon Island 2000 Ken Fletcher. Chakat Windspeed is a shared world character freely available to anyone doing Spontoon material.

Image: Forest_preg.gif   653x600 60991 bytes 2000.05.10

Chakat Forestwalker strokes hir gravid form. It's mere days before shi's due to give birth to hir newest child, sired by Admiral Boyce Kline. Hir breasts are already filled with milk waiting to be fed to this eagerly anticipated cub. I did this drawing for Boyce's sketchbook at ConFurence 11 and was very pleased with how it came out. Chakat Forestwalker &copy; 2000 Bernard Doove.\r\n\n

Image: PlumYayin.jpg   500x600 138789 bytes 2000.05.10

Chakat Lt. Plumyayin proudly poses at hir new post for the camera. Shi is a specialist starship pilot. Shi wears a sash-style top as a minimum concession to wearing any uniform at all! This is a coloured-pencil version of an earlier brushpen inked piece. Character &copy; Tom Montgomery.\r\n\n

Image: Fire-lizard.gif   487x600 18713 bytes 2000.05.10

A chakat makes a new friend... a fire-lizard! Sketchbook art done for a friend.\r\n\n

Image: Yoohoo.gif   379x600 13009 bytes 2000.04.25

A squirrel eagerly waves to a friend, oblivious to the fact that she's nude. Quick sketch done at ConFurence 11.

Image: Annataur1.gif   535x600 34990 bytes 2000.03.30

Image: PrivateDance2.gif   438x600 25572 bytes 2000.03.22

Image: Butterfly.gif   481x600 19406 bytes 2000.03.13

A young chakat ponders the beauty of a butterfly. I made hir face a bit too wide, unfortunately.\r\n\r\nSketchbook drawing done while I was on holiday in the U.S.

Image: No_Littering.gif   539x600 24582 bytes 2000.03.13

A Chakat wonders if the sign applies to hir in a punny way. Sketchbook art from Further Confusion. \r\nChakats &copy; 2000 Bernard Doove, but I don't mind if you create your own Chakat characters as long as you play nice. *grin* \n

Image: PlumYayin.gif   503x600 24407 bytes 2000.03.13

Lieutenant PlumYayin, a Chakat character created by Tom Montgomery. Hir name refers to hir plum-red colour pattern. \r\nCommission art, work-in-progress. While the final piece will be in colour, I decided to try out my brush-pen on this and it came out quite nicely. \r\nChakats &amp; art &copy; 2000 Bernard Doove. PlumYayin &copy; Tom Montgomery. \n

Image: pat-erin.gif   476x600 81194 bytes 2000.01.07

Pat and Erin, characters from a stalled story project. \r\nErin, the skunkess, tries to console the distraught black cat. \r\nCharacters &copy; 1998 David McGrath. Art &copy; 1998-2000 Bernard Doove. \r\nRe-uploaded because I put up the wrong version in the first place.\n

Image: Contemplation.JPG   453x548 99250 bytes 2000.01.06

A vixen contemplates the beauty of the flower, while the viewer may contemplate the beauty of either. Colour version of the pic originally uploaded. Colour done by Hellenic. Art &copy; 1999-2000 Bernard Doove.\n

Image: No_limits.gif   640x447 80651 bytes 2000.01.06

Love has no limits. The continuing romance of Chakat Forestwalker and Admiral Kline. Illustration for my "The Admiral And The Chakat" stories. Forestwalker and the art is 1998-2000 Bernard Doove. The admiral is the intellectual property of Boyce Garald Kline Jnr.

Image: visiting.jpg   423x600 96894 bytes 2000.01.06

Chakat Goldfur and hir newborn cub, Eudora, pay a visit to Mr.Foxy in his drawing den. Mr.Foxy belongs to Roy D.Pounds II. Goldfur, Eudora and art are 1997-2000 Bernard Doove.

Image: Enraged.gif   442x600 23712 bytes 2000.01.06

Chakat Midnight is enraged after being grazed by a bullet from a poacher's gun. Illustration for my story - A Forest Tale #2, "Partnerships". Midnight is a chakat with solid black fur. The only bit of colour in hir are hir crystal blue eyes. A pity it's a black and white pic!

Image: Helios-b.jpg   544x600 103685 bytes 2000.01.06

Helios, the herm foxtaur from FurryMUCK. Helios is &copy; hir player. Art is &copy; Bernard Doove.\n

Image: flyvisit.jpg   399x600 78843 bytes 2000.01.06

A winged cat makes a flying visit to Uluru, the proper name for Ayers Rock in central Australia. This is the cover art for issue #12 of <I>South Fur Lands</I>, the Australian furry fanzine.\n

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