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Image: 2ndGen1.jpg   542x616 42992 bytes 2000.05.16

I decided to change Momoko into a Vaporeon. I was on flareon overload!! Aki looking kinda funky next to her Oo;\n

Image: 2ndGen2.jpg   593x774 58209 bytes 2000.05.16

The two sexy bitches of my second set of stories, Ryuji and Yuuhi. Grrr Baby!!!\n

Image: 2ndGen3.jpg   522x590 46825 bytes 2000.05.16

My two bestest buds in my 2nd Generation set of stories. Aya the super hyper freak and Momoko the cynical bitch!!\n

Image: AbetterJun.jpg   540x658 94841 bytes 2000.04.17

Yas this is what your trade pic was supposed to look like. I have no Fudging idea what the hell that other thing was. I'm sorry. Jun (c)Yasmin Saaka\n

Image: akifreak.jpg   493x529 45592 bytes 2000.03.30

Aki is my Yogirasu-morph who goes to the same school as Momoko. He's Yuuhi's best friend even though the Ootachi likes to make a fool of him. \n

Image: akiyuuhi1.jpg   424x522 27571 bytes 2000.03.30

Yuuhi is the most popular man at the school Momoko is sent to. She doesn't like all the attention the crackwhores give him though. Aki and Yuuhi are (c) me.\n

Image: alone1.jpg   461x641 39059 bytes 2000.03.30

This is my baby, Poly. He looks so cute!!! This is one of my first pics that he actually looks his right age. Polymorph (c) Jared Baker\n

Image: AoibaraLift.jpg   549x717 41132 bytes 2000.11.14

The funny thing that everyone doesn't seem to get is that Ryuji's first father was never their for him or Aya. Marina sent them off with Mamoru to be safe because of all of her original husbands enemies. Plus the fact that when he was younger he saw his father (or clone can't remember) beat the crap out of his mother. Psycologically that would harbor some dislike for the man. All and all people are totally blowing Ryuji's dislike of his original father out of context and it's rather childish. But now he's got a good father who spends time with him and loves him dearly. Daddy was actually his first word and at least he isn't a major rip off of offense Kurisu it's not your fault. :3 Ryuji (c) Me!! Aoibara (c) Yasmin Saaka I LOVE YA GIRL!!!\n

Image: AoiRyuji.jpg   445x733 97221 bytes 2000.06.05

Hee Hee RYUJI AND AYA LIVE!!! I was talking to Heta and she said to just make it so my happy go lucky Marina gets married to a mewtwo instead. She thinks Ryuji is a hottie...poor wyatt :P Aww well At least Manny my Mewtwo doesn't have a whole lot of enemies and Ryuji respects him. Ryuji Calavera, Aya Calavera, Marina Calavera and Manny Calavera are (c) me. Aoibara is (c) Yasmin Saaka\n

Image: AprilKotoni.jpg   542x821 48295 bytes 2000.09.13

Kotoni is singing in the rain...not's my April calendar girl.\n

Image: ARFight.jpg   605x652 47255 bytes 2000.05.16

Your average family squabble. Actually this training.\n

Image: Arimifinal.jpg   633x821 137250 bytes 2000.03.10

Well now at least we now know what kind of a person Arimi really is. I was actually sketching from another pic, (you know's a bitch)and it turned out so good. *gets down and bows to unnamed* I"M SO SORRY!!! Arimi (c) Me!! Poly (c) Jared Baker\n

Image: Arimisketch1.jpg   299x486 21818 bytes 2000.03.10

Here's my crackwhore Arimi. Can't you just see how pissy she is. That's why Raku can't stand her. Arimi (c) me.\n

Image: AyaCalavera.jpg   373x357 60624 bytes 2000.11.21

I reloaded this one because I colored her ear wrong >< Well this is her new look...isn't she cute? I just realized too that her brother Dominque looks more like Doushin then I have to change him...\n

Image: Ayachi.jpg   577x689 43179 bytes 2000.09.17

Yes I left out a lot of details in this...lets just say I'll have an interesting time coloring this on PS!! \n

Image: AyaKick.jpg   523x544 28756 bytes 2000.05.16

Your usual hyper active girl.\n

Image: AyaNewlook.jpg   259x673 26338 bytes 2000.11.11

Aya still trains but she doesn't have to train as hard as before. I really like her skirt. I want the beaded tassle skirt thingy but Brandii got the last one :3\n

Image: AyaPose.jpg   327x582 23697 bytes 2000.05.14

This is Chaos and Marina's second child, Aya. She's got Marina's high spirits but is hyper active. Kento, the charizard that trains her and Ryuji has a tough time handling her.\n

Image: AyaScream.jpg   513x753 63467 bytes 2000.08.30

Rage, my aridosu morph has an attack that fits her spidery nature. She can spin a web that has the same consistancy as wires and can munipulate them so they can rip people apart. Aya found out the hard way.\n

Image: AyaStyxsnuggle.jpg   355x375 17474 bytes 2000.08.29

Poor Styx, Aya doesn't know it but the boy is probably in a coma. Styx (c) Meg\r\n\n

Image: AyaYell.jpg   410x682 33332 bytes 2000.08.30

I don't know who she's yelling at. It's probably from one of her demonic dreams and no one can here her scream *laughs evilly and walks away*\n

Image: babymomoko.jpg   262x262 10526 bytes 2000.03.30

Awww...Isn't she so cute? This is the kid that Navi and Poly pop out between my first set of stories and my second. She's only a little eevee/polymorph now. Momoko (c) me.\n

Image: Babysnuggle.jpg   439x551 57104 bytes 2000.05.17

You know Beth is going through Jared withdrawls when she starts drawing Poly/Momoko pictures.\n

Image: Bondmates.jpg   519x729 90207 bytes 2000.08.25

Jared and I decided that we'd broaden the Polymorph world with a few rituals. One of them being life mates. It's kinda like marriage but if you sleep or see another person in a sexual tone you die by law. Kinda harsh huh? Well here's Kotoni and Gojo who met in a rather violent way. He jumped in front of a blast and took it in the stomach for her. What a sweet guy...\n

Image: Bondmatesbonding.jpg   283x435 25892 bytes 2000.11.11

I drew this at anime club last week. I was just way to lazy to ink it until this morning. Shana saw this and for some reason asked me to come to the manor with her...*shudders and glomps onto Jared* I will not be subjected to their disgusting sexual oriented after school activities\n

Image: BroSis.jpg   409x723 37702 bytes 2000.05.14

A group pic of Aya and Ryuji. Awww...sibling rivalry...\n

Image: Bubbles.jpg   402x722 53439 bytes 2000.05.07

This is Marina my Marrilly. She's cute!! Those green things on her arms are kind of like identification and a ever present admire of what her kidnappers did to her. I screwed up on the finger :P\n

Image: CardCaptorNavi.jpg   460x646 43936 bytes 2000.09.23

YEAH COLLEGE STARTED!! It's fun...I don't have to go to school until 11:30 and Craig comes over every morning and my dad drives us to school :3 ... and Jamie has been so kind as to donate videos so we can watch them in the morning. I got a real high off of the card captor movie as you can see!!!\n

Image: CaughtinAct.jpg   578x698 142213 bytes 2000.11.25

Here you go Mel and Cass!!! I felt I owed you guys an apology and here you go. Actually these guys are cute together :3 hope you guys enjoy\n

Image: chibiarimipoly.jpg   300x500 38551 bytes 2000.04.17

MAHAHAHAHA!!! I did it!! This is really cute. I love the expression on his face. Poor Poly! It's his own fault he's a ladies man.\n

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