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Image: Miki.jpg   412x437 39735 bytes 2000.08.17 freaky little 3 way hybrid...who doesn't really exist. The world works in such mysterious ways.\n

Image: Spunk1.jpg   445x595 42302 bytes 2000.08.04

In my pokemon game I thought my oddish was so cool that i refused to let it evolve and I grew him all the way up to level 100. Spunks cool though. His leaves are different colors because he was exposed to Rainbow badge. To make things worse he's a lecher. He's obsessed with boobies. Sounds like a lot of boys I know.\n

Image: Seirei.jpg   380x490 37578 bytes 2000.08.04

Seirei is a haunter morph who's had it rough from the start. Her family is poor, her mean uncle raped her when she was only 7. Most people at school don't like her at all and make fun of her. It's a good thing that Hikari and her hit it off rather nicely.\n

Image: HikariNorm.jpg   411x690 58607 bytes 2000.08.04

I swear to god that her hair is blue. My stupid scanner made it look purple *grumble grumble* Hikari looks alot like Navi's twin sister Kade. Hikari also likes to use her polymorph side a lot more then her brother or sister. Hikari tends to sneak up on her mother in different forms. Plus its also useful when you trying to save the dream world.\n

Image: Roses.jpg   518x798 105647 bytes 2000.07.02

The long awaited family portrait...Don't ask why Momoko is holding a Plushie Spunk or why she's holding roses...It's cute that's just all there is to say abou it.\n

Image: PlayboybunnyArimi.jpg   463x776 110654 bytes 2000.07.02

It seems my BOOBIE obsessed oddish is pimping my female characters. He's got them all dressed up and ready to go. Maybe I shouldn't have pumped Spunk up to level 100 *sweat drop*\n

Image: PlayboybunnyNavi.jpg   544x737 126344 bytes 2000.07.02

This is for Poly...who I love more then anything in the world and I'm not going to let some Mew bitch take him away from me. See my strategy is to scantly clad myself and then watch the fun begin...J/K\n

Image: PlayboybunnyMomo.jpg   490x790 127454 bytes 2000.07.02

This is Poly's little girl all grown up ... Just kidding!! =^-^=\n

Image: PlayboybunnyMarina.jpg   463x770 114706 bytes 2000.07.02

This is for Chaos. He's been bothering me ever since I told him about it. Merc seems to like it to for some reason...\n

Image: PlayboyBunnyAya.jpg   576x792 139402 bytes 2000.07.02

This one is for Soulblade's Ginta...Aya kinda turned out demented but one out of five is really good. She's not that bad though...\n

Image: Giveyouup.jpg   575x772 153079 bytes 2000.07.02

I was listening to my new Aqua CD when I did this. Plus I hadn't drawn Poly in a while but he turned out great. Don't ask why he's wearing a button down shirt...\n

Image: FestivalNaviMomo.jpg   456x382 47391 bytes 2000.07.02

I like this one. There's spunk my level 100 oddish as a japanese yo-yo. Navi looks really cool but Momoko...aww well...\n

Image: FestivalAyaMarina.jpg   566x492 76162 bytes 2000.07.02

They look like they're having fun...but for some reason they look like they haven't had anything to eat in months ><\n

Image: DressupNavi.jpg   418x805 88235 bytes 2000.07.02

I don't know why I picked these colors. They just I guess.\n

Image: ChibiMomoko.jpg   702x844 92077 bytes 2000.07.02

This is my baby...She's not wearing lederhosen, it's not a girl scout uniform. It's just a skirt with a shirt and some suspenders...topped off with a little bow.\n

Image: PlayboyMomoClr.jpg   528x657 76115 bytes 2000.06.15

It's now colored!! WHOOPEE!!\n

Image: Sad.jpg   423x705 86123 bytes 2000.06.15

I just keep telling myself 2 more weeks, 2 more weeks and then I get to see him...\n

Image: Morekids.jpg   533x658 62495 bytes 2000.06.15

I decided that Navi and Poly should have more here's Momoko's little brother Yamato the Jolteon and Hikari the Flareon. They're cute.\n

Image: Smack.jpg   625x736 118588 bytes 2000.06.15

Here you go Yasmin!! I BEAT YOU!! MAHAHAH\n

Image: PlayboyAyaClr.jpg   504x747 98249 bytes 2000.06.05

This was a before picture before I got my toys. *sweat drop*\n

Image: GuardianYuuhiClr.jpg   526x660 66383 bytes 2000.06.05

I'd like to thank Khyron for making this picture possible. I love my new toys. Yuuhi looks like a sexy bitch too.\n

Image: ClrGuardianAya.jpg   504x724 86032 bytes 2000.06.05

This is one KICK ASS PICTURE!! I don't think Aya looks weird but Kurisu does. I don't know why either *shrug*\n

Image: AoiRyuji.jpg   445x733 97221 bytes 2000.06.05

Hee Hee RYUJI AND AYA LIVE!!! I was talking to Heta and she said to just make it so my happy go lucky Marina gets married to a mewtwo instead. She thinks Ryuji is a hottie...poor wyatt :P Aww well At least Manny my Mewtwo doesn't have a whole lot of enemies and Ryuji respects him. Ryuji Calavera, Aya Calavera, Marina Calavera and Manny Calavera are (c) me. Aoibara is (c) Yasmin Saaka\n

Image: PlayboyNavi.jpg   456x669 42540 bytes 2000.05.27

I know the second I push the description button, Jared's going to go nutz.\n

Image: PlayboyMarina.jpg   489x622 56042 bytes 2000.05.27

Here you go Chaos. It's Marina in less clothes then she usually wears.\n

Image: PlayboyArimi.jpg   452x761 49848 bytes 2000.05.27

Arimi looks kinda fat in this pic. \r\n*in the background*\r\nNavi: *busting a gut*\r\nArimi: Oh shut up!!\n

Image: Navifriends.jpg   603x744 81758 bytes 2000.05.27

These are my childhood friends. Chris, who I've dated three times now *sweat drop*; Scott, who wants to break Jared and I up desperately; and Caleb, the skinny little turd that likes me and Rachel. I need new friends.\n

Image: GuardianMomoko.jpg   568x702 67352 bytes 2000.05.27

I didn't like how this one came out. I'll have to do another one. Well two out of three isn't bad. That's Momoko's fire bow. Sweeettt!!\n

Image: SDTooya.jpg   216x341 36542 bytes 2000.05.24

This is Bakaryu's freak psycho maniac companion that likes death. He even laughs when someone gets a paper cut. I swear he's a freak of nature. Those scars on his face were from Navi. He tried to see her innards but she just isn't that type of girl.\n

Image: SDBakaryu.jpg   213x372 39625 bytes 2000.05.24

The quiet deadly killer...IN CHIBI FORM!! Now each and everyone of you can have your own little killing machine in your home for only 3 easy installments of $19.95! That's right and if you order in the next 30 seconds you'll also get the fake blood FREE!! *sweat drop* I need to get some prozac.\n

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