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Image: MannyMarinaSnuggles.jpg   233x371 16597 bytes 2000.11.11

This is so cute! Just looking at it makes me want to snuggle with my baby *goes to cuddle with jared*\r\n\n

Image: MannyRyuji.jpg   444x583 39432 bytes 2000.11.11

I've never seen my little hybrid so happy around his father before. It's so refreshing!!! Ryuji's probably telling his dad about the cute girl at school he's got the hots for *giggle* Two hot guys with hot accents *drool*\n

Image: ManuelCalavera.jpg   362x675 26430 bytes 2000.11.10

Marina is so lucky. Now she doesn't have to worry about her husband's unlimited amount of enemies cause Manny only has a few and they usually die!! Presenting Manuel Calavera, Manny for short. He's got spanish backgrounds and his a real sweetie. When Marina and Manny were little, Manny's family had a vineyard next to Marina's place and the two use to play together. But then Marina's family moved and they didn't see each other until she's 17 (20 for him). He's a good father too. Ryuji actually likes him because Manny protects Marina and doesn't get her into all these problems. And you can't forget Aya and Yume. I decided it would be cool to give Aya a twin :3 They're one big happy family!! \n

Image: MarchSeirei.jpg   526x770 49287 bytes 2000.09.13

March is supposedly a windy month...Beats me..It's only cold up here. Maybe I should have put in some leprechans.\n

Image: Marina.jpg   237x566 21412 bytes 2000.05.07

Marina in all her cuteness. She's rather good hearted for her background of abuse.\n

Image: Marina2.jpg   380x667 46079 bytes 2000.05.10

GAH!! Must draw another character!!\n

Image: MarinaManny.jpg   456x392 28510 bytes 2000.11.10

This one is really sweet...I like the look in Manny's eyes *Heta swoons behind me* Yes Heather likes Manny. I feel sorry for poor Wyatt :P\n

Image: MarinaPain.jpg   329x513 23526 bytes 2000.05.07

I didn't like how this turned out but it is after she gets her tattoos.\n

Image: Marinasketch.jpg   531x752 65920 bytes 2000.05.10

Navi is giving Marina some tips!!\n

Image: Marinasketch2.jpg   485x551 53847 bytes 2000.05.10

Poly is hiding from Arimi! *lol*\n

Image: MarinaSki.jpg   539x652 39821 bytes 2000.09.23

I'll give you 2 guesses where Chaos takes Marina for there honeymoon and the first one doesn't count!!\n

Image: Marinastare.jpg   360x452 41148 bytes 2000.05.07

One of my lately rare colored pics!\n

Image: MarinaTanaka.jpg   384x510 77226 bytes 2000.12.02

I wish this could've come out like the Poly pic...or like my character designs for the new fna which really kicks ASS!! FNA actually stands for something now and we're taking a majority of the anime references and adding in some real religous aspects like the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and the arch angels. \n

Image: Mia.jpg   248x349 13793 bytes 2000.11.16

The older child, Mia is a sweetie and wants to be an adventurer like her father. She's named after my cat respectfully. She's also way cuter and loves her daddy very much. \n

Image: MiaColored.jpg   342x544 60560 bytes 2000.11.20

This is Mia when she's around 14, that's 14,000 years on Avalon....that's really old but of course time is faster on Avalon compared to New earth.\n

Image: MidnightBottle.jpg   569x726 56601 bytes 2000.09.01

Awww...those early childhood days...When the little buggers wake you up 4 times a night just to get something to eat. Luckly Navi has a husband that likes to help out with the kids. Poly's a good father *pats Poly*\n

Image: Miki.jpg   412x437 39735 bytes 2000.08.17 freaky little 3 way hybrid...who doesn't really exist. The world works in such mysterious ways.\n

Image: MikiButterfree.jpg   402x746 59519 bytes 2000.09.01

To think the granddaughter of scrue actually likes who she is. And what's even more freaky she wants to be just like her dad Nuka. Hence the bondage pants. Luckly she inherited Chiyu's innocence and love for Nature. Yuri would probably piss her pants.\n

Image: Mikichibi.jpg   588x778 61046 bytes 2000.09.17

I love this picture. She looks so adorable. Must color... Must color\n

Image: MikiNukaEat.jpg   496x476 35332 bytes 2000.09.01

A possible child, shot down because someone was terribly vindictive. Nuka (c) Melissa Jewell\n

Image: MikiScrue.jpg   400x612 30210 bytes 2000.08.17

The new craze is illegitamite love children these days. Go figure...Well if Nuka and Chiyu ever were to get together and have little scruelings they'd probably look like this. Miki's kinda cute though, even if she has her father's attitude.\n

Image: Mommysday.jpg   466x587 40051 bytes 2000.05.16

I drew this yesterday. I thought it would be proper. Yes Marina's hair is short. I decided that after two children that it would be proper. Ryuji seems like the type to pull hair.\n

Image: Morekids.jpg   533x658 62495 bytes 2000.06.15

I decided that Navi and Poly should have more here's Momoko's little brother Yamato the Jolteon and Hikari the Flareon. They're cute.\n

Image: NakieChiyu.jpg   270x338 30918 bytes 2000.08.23

Chiyu NAKED!! COVER YOUR EYES!! *puts a blindfold on Nuka*\n

Image: NakieFetusGojo.jpg   243x458 32564 bytes 2000.11.12

The other day I walked into the student center and all of a sudden I hear Heather squeek "It's a FETUS!!". She was talking about Brandii's mew key-chain. I felt like coloring this picture while watching Endless Waltz last night. The dub was actually really good!!! I still like the subbed though. I just wish that Joniqua would get my copy back to me.\n

Image: NakieKotoni.jpg   302x437 26861 bytes 2000.08.25

*whistles* GOJO!! GOJO!! I've got a treat for you!!!\n

Image: NakieMarina.jpg   332x396 30440 bytes 2000.08.23

*tosses her at Chaos and runs*\n

Image: NakieNavi.jpg   263x357 26856 bytes 2000.08.23

*puts her out in an open field and calls for Poly*\n

Image: NaviBathingsuit.jpg   225x324 14422 bytes 2000.11.10

Just a cute picture of Navi. Brought to you by Mike because he harrassed me until I finally said I'd draw him a bathing suit picture :3\n

Image: NaviCandle.jpg   447x607 43366 bytes 2000.09.23

This is extremely festive for some reason...maybe it's because when Heta, Craig and I went to K-mart they already had christmas trees...Craig's life ambition is to become a spinning plastic tree :P\n

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