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Image: GoldSilversketch.jpg   544x740 46175 bytes 2000.05.07

Just some random girls. This was my first sketch of Marina. The Kereihana is named Lotus and the Nyura is named Auzura.\n

Image: Bubbles.jpg   402x722 53439 bytes 2000.05.07

This is Marina my Marrilly. She's cute!! Those green things on her arms are kind of like identification and a ever present admire of what her kidnappers did to her. I screwed up on the finger :P\n

Image: Snuggles.jpg   441x462 27185 bytes 2000.04.29

I like this one but it's kinda confusing.\n

Image: kiss.jpg   461x620 36769 bytes 2000.04.29

This is really cute!!! I like this. Navi finally got some guts.\n

Image: Help.jpg   233x374 16766 bytes 2000.04.29

MAHAHAHAH! Now Poly knows how Navi must feel. Momoko has the udder thingy on her head.\n

Image: Swimmingsuits.jpg   484x565 63905 bytes 2000.04.25

Arimi being all seductive *gag* and Navi being all cute like usual.\n

Image: SleepingBeauty.jpg   584x455 47844 bytes 2000.04.25

No comment! Gawd I hate Arimi! *steams*\n

Image: Sexiness.jpg   398x533 38088 bytes 2000.04.25

Navi's both nakie in this picture and the other one has a bathing suit. This is definantely a pic for Poly!\n

Image: Pain.jpg   280x529 32406 bytes 2000.04.25

I drew this when I got the urge to gouge out a crackwhores eyeballs. \n

Image: Crackpimp.jpg   602x307 36202 bytes 2000.04.25

Raku isn't very nice to Poly. Poor Gojo!! He doesn't know what he's gotten into.\n

Image: manga.jpg   621x793 131306 bytes 2000.04.17

It looked better before I inked it *fume*. Aww well. Poly gets stung by a nasty bitch beedrill. Yes Bees as you all seem to be calling her even though her name is KERIA. These are the affects. He trys not to reveal that he's weak.\n

Image: chibiarimipoly.jpg   300x500 38551 bytes 2000.04.17

MAHAHAHAHA!!! I did it!! This is really cute. I love the expression on his face. Poor Poly! It's his own fault he's a ladies man.\n

Image: AbetterJun.jpg   540x658 94841 bytes 2000.04.17

Yas this is what your trade pic was supposed to look like. I have no Fudging idea what the hell that other thing was. I'm sorry. Jun (c)Yasmin Saaka\n

Image: yuuhisketch.jpg   427x427 17892 bytes 2000.04.10

Just sketching my fav Otachii.\n

Image: Yuuhimomo1.jpg   361x696 27742 bytes 2000.04.10

Random crap that came from my head through my pencil.\n

Image: yuuhicool.jpg   376x563 26855 bytes 2000.04.10

Yuuhi is one sexy bitch. Even Rachel thinks so.\n

Image: surprise1.jpg   592x679 83541 bytes 2000.04.10

This one didn't turn out the way I wanted it too. Arimi tripped Poly in his own room and Nav just happened to come in at that point in time. Poor Navi.\n

Image: Storygroup1.jpg   510x681 32979 bytes 2000.04.10

Everyone from my stories except Gojo. \n

Image: sketch4.jpg   327x730 32479 bytes 2000.04.10

Navi's crying after her encounter with Arimi and Poly. She found them in a "compromising" postion.\n

Image: sketch3.jpg   538x739 55296 bytes 2000.04.10

The girl in the corner is a Chikorita. She's one of the many crackwhores at Momoko's school. It looks like Momoko is finally warming up to Yuuhi, much to his surprise. Then there's just an ordinary sketch of Nav. \n

Image: noshorts.jpg   283x809 35088 bytes 2000.04.10

I don't know what came over me. All I was doing was drawing Aki overracting again when something urged me to draw Yuuhi with no pants. O-o\n

Image: kimono1.jpg   579x532 75609 bytes 2000.04.10

Chibi Navi and Raku in kimonos. They're partying dude.\n

Image: kawaii1.jpg   385x477 22672 bytes 2000.04.10

Navi being cute like always.\n

Image: hiding.jpg   493x682 52668 bytes 2000.04.10

No Yuuhi is not trying to rape Momoko. That's what my mom thought. He was trying to talk to her when this annoying crackwhore was looking for him so he shoved her into a near by closet trying to avoid the crackwhore. I feel sorry for Momoko. She should slap him. \n

Image: cry1.jpg   521x594 53235 bytes 2000.04.10

This was a failure. Everything looks freaky. These were supposed to be sketches from my fourth story. I think I may have to go puke now.\n

Image: chibikur.jpg   243x563 21936 bytes 2000.04.10

I didn't know that she was blind Kim. I tried but I don't know if it looks okay. Here you go Kim. Kurinzon(c) Kim Gavlas\n

Image: Chibikiss.jpg   371x470 27900 bytes 2000.03.31

It's me with my own little Chibi Trowa. *hugs her Trowa* He's mine and you can't have him. Trowa (c) Whoever created Gundum Wing\n

Image: babymomoko.jpg   262x262 10526 bytes 2000.03.30

Awww...Isn't she so cute? This is the kid that Navi and Poly pop out between my first set of stories and my second. She's only a little eevee/polymorph now. Momoko (c) me.\n

Image: alone1.jpg   461x641 39059 bytes 2000.03.30

This is my baby, Poly. He looks so cute!!! This is one of my first pics that he actually looks his right age. Polymorph (c) Jared Baker\n

Image: akiyuuhi1.jpg   424x522 27571 bytes 2000.03.30

Yuuhi is the most popular man at the school Momoko is sent to. She doesn't like all the attention the crackwhores give him though. Aki and Yuuhi are (c) me.\n

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