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Image: RyujiHeadshot.jpg   162x234 7667 bytes 2000.11.16

Oh I love to have my words twisted around to make me seem like an ass. Thanks!! *waves* I never said that Marina's original husband beat her. It was a clone that looked identical to him and that has the same effect on the young boy. But stupid people don't seem to get that *lol* Plus people want to kill my Manny-chan *huggles her chibi bishonen* He's never done anything to anyone. I think someone is just sore that Marina found someone 10x better :3 I wish they'd totally give it up. Everyone agrees that they're acting like children. \n

Image: RyujiNewlook.jpg   280x665 27336 bytes 2000.11.12

This is what Ryuji looks like when he goes to school *purrs* he's still a sexy bitch!!\n

Image: RyujiPose.jpg   388x708 32217 bytes 2000.05.14

Ryuji is quiet but powerful. Sometimes he seems rather stuck up and only cares for himself but he does care for his mother and sister. His only dream is to exceed his father, the great warrior.\n

Image: Sad.jpg   423x705 86123 bytes 2000.06.15

I just keep telling myself 2 more weeks, 2 more weeks and then I get to see him...\n

Image: SadRyuji.jpg   400x625 64031 bytes 2000.05.17

Even though Ryuji comes off as a hard ass, he really cares for his mother and sister. His mom's tattoos are starting to let off poisons into her system. He's extremely mad and him and Aya run off to go kill Zahciel.\n

Image: SDBakaryu.jpg   213x372 39625 bytes 2000.05.24

The quiet deadly killer...IN CHIBI FORM!! Now each and everyone of you can have your own little killing machine in your home for only 3 easy installments of $19.95! That's right and if you order in the next 30 seconds you'll also get the fake blood FREE!! *sweat drop* I need to get some prozac.\n

Image: SDHanaTohobiSkt.jpg   478x335 24489 bytes 2000.09.23

*Screams* OH MY GAWD THE CUTENESS!! *dies*\n

Image: SDKotoni.jpg   241x378 20221 bytes 2000.09.23

Image: SDManny.jpg   310x599 26718 bytes 2000.11.10

It's my cute Spanish Mewtwo with his foldable bendable Scythe!!! Hee Hee The man can't keep me siree!! I'm still here baby YEAH!!\n

Image: SDMarina.jpg   225x553 35193 bytes 2000.05.10


Image: SDNavi.jpg   250x507 27935 bytes 2000.05.10

GAWD!!! I'm on a roll!!\n

Image: SDPoly.jpg   186x374 12369 bytes 2000.05.16

This was really cute!! *snuggles her chibi poly*\n

Image: SDTooya.jpg   216x341 36542 bytes 2000.05.24

This is Bakaryu's freak psycho maniac companion that likes death. He even laughs when someone gets a paper cut. I swear he's a freak of nature. Those scars on his face were from Navi. He tried to see her innards but she just isn't that type of girl.\n

Image: Seirei.jpg   380x490 37578 bytes 2000.08.04

Seirei is a haunter morph who's had it rough from the start. Her family is poor, her mean uncle raped her when she was only 7. Most people at school don't like her at all and make fun of her. It's a good thing that Hikari and her hit it off rather nicely.\n

Image: Sexiness.jpg   398x533 38088 bytes 2000.04.25

Navi's both nakie in this picture and the other one has a bathing suit. This is definantely a pic for Poly!\n

Image: Shasta.jpg   334x707 232635 bytes 2000.02.24

Here's Kim Gavlas's Shasta, my part in our trade pic. Shasta's helping a fallen fairy and its kin has come to help her. I like how this one turned out. I hope you like Kim. Shasta (c) Kim Gavlas.\n

Image: ShastaNavi.jpg   546x397 23227 bytes 2000.08.30

Kim was feeling neglected so I did a little sketch of Navi and Shasta talking. WE LOVE YOU BUDDY!!! Shasta (c)Kim Galvas\n

Image: sketch3.jpg   538x739 55296 bytes 2000.04.10

The girl in the corner is a Chikorita. She's one of the many crackwhores at Momoko's school. It looks like Momoko is finally warming up to Yuuhi, much to his surprise. Then there's just an ordinary sketch of Nav. \n

Image: sketch4.jpg   327x730 32479 bytes 2000.04.10

Navi's crying after her encounter with Arimi and Poly. She found them in a "compromising" postion.\n

Image: SleepingBeauty.jpg   584x455 47844 bytes 2000.04.25

No comment! Gawd I hate Arimi! *steams*\n

Image: Smack.jpg   625x736 118588 bytes 2000.06.15

Here you go Yasmin!! I BEAT YOU!! MAHAHAH\n

Image: Snuggles.jpg   441x462 27185 bytes 2000.04.29

I like this one but it's kinda confusing.\n

Image: Sorry.jpg   307x424 22200 bytes 2000.08.20

I'm sorry that everyone hates me. I'm sorr that everyone is afraid of me for no god damn fucking reason. I'm sorry you guys are so afraid you have to talk about me behind my back. I'm sorry you're all cowards. I'm sorry for everything in my fucking life. I'm sorry my mother even gave birth to me. I'm sorry that I even bothered to be your friends. I'm sorry for whatever crap I've personally done to any of you. I'm sorry for all the crap I haven't done to you. I'm sorry for doing everything wrong. I'm sorry for being me. I'm just plain sorry. \n

Image: Spunk1.jpg   445x595 42302 bytes 2000.08.04

In my pokemon game I thought my oddish was so cool that i refused to let it evolve and I grew him all the way up to level 100. Spunks cool though. His leaves are different colors because he was exposed to Rainbow badge. To make things worse he's a lecher. He's obsessed with boobies. Sounds like a lot of boys I know.\n

Image: Spunkfriends.jpg   498x631 29406 bytes 2000.08.23

Spunk seemed lonely so I made him some friends. the little cat is a fire element and his name is cinder, the bird up in the corner is wisp and she's ice. I don't know why Marina is there though.\n

Image: Storygroup1.jpg   510x681 32979 bytes 2000.04.10

Everyone from my stories except Gojo. \n

Image: StyxAyaAura.jpg   507x616 69952 bytes 2000.09.01

I think this is the closest Styx has ever gotten to a girl and not blushed =P Styx (c) Meg\r\n\r\n\n

Image: surprise1.jpg   592x679 83541 bytes 2000.04.10

This one didn't turn out the way I wanted it too. Arimi tripped Poly in his own room and Nav just happened to come in at that point in time. Poor Navi.\n

Image: Swimmingsuits.jpg   484x565 63905 bytes 2000.04.25

Arimi being all seductive *gag* and Navi being all cute like usual.\n

Image: Tobihisketch.jpg   564x810 52588 bytes 2000.08.30

I brought back my Pikachu character from the early stages of my pokemorphing career. His name is Tobihi and he's 12. For some reason he idolizes Poly and wants to be just like him when he grows up. Hana doesn't understand why though.\n

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