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Image: akifreak.jpg   493x529 45592 bytes 2000.03.30

Aki is my Yogirasu-morph who goes to the same school as Momoko. He's Yuuhi's best friend even though the Ootachi likes to make a fool of him. \n

Image: PkmnSketch021.jpg   524x687 39278 bytes 2000.03.10

Poly and Navi having a kind of cute moment. Navi crying and Arimi looking all smug. Arimi and Navi (c) me. Poly (c) Jared Baker\n

Image: Arimisketch1.jpg   299x486 21818 bytes 2000.03.10

Here's my crackwhore Arimi. Can't you just see how pissy she is. That's why Raku can't stand her. Arimi (c) me.\n

Image: Glomp1.jpg   544x628 95245 bytes 2000.03.10

Arimi is attracted to Poly...even though he isn't to happy about it. The story goes that Chaos saves her but she only is likes water types so she clings to him. She's extremely jealous of Navi too. \n

Image: Arimifinal.jpg   633x821 137250 bytes 2000.03.10

Well now at least we now know what kind of a person Arimi really is. I was actually sketching from another pic, (you know's a bitch)and it turned out so good. *gets down and bows to unnamed* I"M SO SORRY!!! Arimi (c) Me!! Poly (c) Jared Baker\n

Image: Shasta.jpg   334x707 232635 bytes 2000.02.24

Here's Kim Gavlas's Shasta, my part in our trade pic. Shasta's helping a fallen fairy and its kin has come to help her. I like how this one turned out. I hope you like Kim. Shasta (c) Kim Gavlas.\n

Image: FlareonNavi.jpg   628x551 321940 bytes 2000.02.24

This is my persona in the Pokemorph Sanctuary, Navi. Her family was killed by Bakaryu the Arbok and Tooya the Golbat trying to retrieve a talisman that has been a family heirloom. She's sworn to protect it for the sake of her family. The saying on the side really doesn't make sense. Navi (c) me\n

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