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Image: 4Life.jpg   498x558 43680 bytes 2000.11.06

Andrew Dickman is one of the sweetest guys I've ever met (next to my love, Jared). He's so nice!!! This was an earlier concept of Andy Katt I did. I told him I'd upload it. :3 Andy (c)Andrew Dickman DUH!!\n

Image: Andy-Chan.jpg   340x576 22677 bytes 2000.10.28

Andrew Dickman is one of the sweetest guys I've ever met (next to my love, Jared). He's so nice!!! This was an earlier concept of Andy Katt I did. I told him I'd upload it. :3\n

Image: AndyEmbarressed.jpg   384x354 22259 bytes 2000.11.16

Looks like Beth is telling Andy a secret. Awww he's blushing :3 Andy Katt (c) Andrew Dickman\n

Image: Asuka.jpg   305x667 52938 bytes 2000.10.12

The leader of my ass kicking female furry Mercenaries!!! She's my bad ass. I would be too if my parents were killed when someone tried to rob the family store. She also the fighter and probably does the most damage with her two big ass daggers of hers.\n

Image: AsukaLadder.jpg   338x436 18960 bytes 2000.10.17

And the predator watches her prey...\n

Image: Asukapain.jpg   374x531 30500 bytes 2000.10.17

That's gotta hurt ><\n

Image: AsukaSO.jpg   505x758 44769 bytes 2000.10.17

Asuka spying on someone from a rooftop. Luckly she's not a guy or people might think she's looking at nakie people :P\n

Image: Awake.jpg   545x506 31240 bytes 2000.10.17

Asuka awakes in a bed and in clothes she is not familiar with...I'd be scared too.\n

Image: BethandKaito.jpg   202x222 7735 bytes 2000.11.11

I GOT A BIRDY!! He's a cockatiel and I got him from Sammi Chan!!! She's moving and I'm really sad and the poor birdy has been through a lot between the time Sammi's dad gave him to the petshop and we found him. He really likes my daddy and this rubberband on my wrist. He's a typical man :3\r\n\n

Image: BethAndy.jpg   368x766 33502 bytes 2000.10.28

This is the character that is modeled after me in Andy Dickman's comic. I look so cute and so does Andy Katt. :P Hope you like Andy-chan!!! Andy (c)Andrew Dicman\r\n\r\n\n

Image: BethCarter.jpg   432x770 33692 bytes 2000.11.06

The Cheetah that is modeled after me in Andy's comic. We decided that it would be best to change her last name because then stupid people out there might not be able to differianciate (sp?) between the character and the real person. Trust me there are a lot of people out there that are stupid. I can name about 50 right now...Rac...opps better not go there :3\n

Image: BethChocolat.jpg   434x657 31724 bytes 2000.11.06

I wanted to go as Chocolat from Bakaretsu Hunters for Halloween. Mom said I couldn't because it wasn't appropriate for younger children. Plus I had to think of a way to keep the suspenders in that certain spot and super glue sounded to painful :P aww well I ended up going as a fairy and was really cute!!\n

Image: BethFence.jpg   537x749 58097 bytes 2000.11.06

I really liked this picture. It turned out so well *sparkle sparkle shine shine*\n

Image: BethLean.jpg   396x595 26925 bytes 2000.10.28

Me from the comic, leaning on some pole. Probably talking to Andy or Britt...\n

Image: BethScared.jpg   321x286 13897 bytes 2000.11.16

Beth doesn't like hairy little worms...and I don't mean that one perverts :3\n

Image: BethWorkout.jpg   391x787 37015 bytes 2000.11.06

Every pretty girl has to keep up her girlish figure :3\n

Image: Britt-Chan.jpg   410x715 34444 bytes 2000.10.28

One of my favorite girls, Britt. She's the most considerate and caring people I've ever met and I'm glad she's my friend. I hope you like Britt!!! Britt (c) herself\n

Image: CantorReiSkt.jpg   368x768 28906 bytes 2000.10.12

Cantor is the artic fox who gives the girls there assignments. He's really cool and usually can be found in the back of the nightclub where Asuka plays occassionally. I don't know who Rei is talking to though...probably her the great lecture about being to young. It must suck being 16 in a group of girls that are 21-22.\n

Image: Carlita.jpg   380x746 33075 bytes 2000.11.06

*lol* Another scantly clad Mermaid chick. I was pestered for so long by Mike to draw another one :p\n

Image: ChibiAndyChan.jpg   278x426 20690 bytes 2000.11.10

Andy-chan KAWAII!!! I really liked how this turned out. I like the jacket too *nudges Andy* Chara (c)Andrew Dickman\n

Image: ChibiDEATH.jpg   267x501 20505 bytes 2000.10.12

Okay this is scary. A chibi Asuka with her big daggers...looking for someone to kill...*duct tapes her pant legs* \n

Image: ChibiPersona.jpg   625x487 387264 bytes 2000.05.17

These are all my female characters. Each one represents a little aspect of me, except Navi she's a mutt. Arimi represents my flirtacous side. Marina's my good spirited side. Navi the cat (soon to have a name change) is the fighter in me and Mia is my adventerous side.\n

Image: Confession.jpg   589x807 62270 bytes 2000.10.17

Oh my...this is an interesting relationship. First she tries to kill him; then someone wants to kill her and he helps her. Then they like each other but she's a psycho killer person....can we say "angsty"\n

Image: HappyFamily.jpg   360x520 34185 bytes 2000.11.06

Me and Andy were talking about what would the children of a Cheetah and a Tabby lok like. Well here they are. Andy's holding the youngest one Claire and the only girl. And then theirs the two boys Will and Marty. Their so cute!!!! Andy Katt (c)Andrew Dickman\n

Image: JungabiDance.jpg   440x142 19740 bytes 2000.11.06

Damn it Andy!! Your little fan pokemon has ivaded my sketch pad!! This was drawn in Poli sci while talking about congress *grumble* Jungabi (c) Andrew Dickman\n

Image: Katlin.jpg   551x779 45122 bytes 2000.10.28

My princess of the mermaid kingdom...Mike and Gabe really liked the shells....\r\n--;\n

Image: KatlinMarleChibi.jpg   443x533 37975 bytes 2000.10.28

Chibi Chibi!!!!\n

Image: Lexis.jpg   245x539 26184 bytes 2000.10.12

Lexis is my hyperactive 16 year old. She's the youngest but the most experienced with explosives. Asuka took her in and gave her a place on the team. She tends to get all the boys with her spunky personality and is very vocal. Hopefully she doesn't leak that she's killing people for a living.\n

Image: Lexisbomb.jpg   345x784 38117 bytes 2000.10.17

Hee explosives are fun! *giggle giggle giggle*\n

Image: LexisSO.jpg   297x610 38694 bytes 2000.10.17

This didn't turn out so good...guess it makes up for how good the Asuka one turned out.\n

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