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Image: ReiSO.jpg   387x676 33723 bytes 2000.10.17

How can someone so sweet weild those big nunchucks?\n

Image: ReiAsuka.jpg   536x753 55848 bytes 2000.10.17

Just two good friends talking about two regular people for once.\n

Image: Awake.jpg   545x506 31240 bytes 2000.10.17

Asuka awakes in a bed and in clothes she is not familiar with...I'd be scared too.\n

Image: PORN.jpg   371x761 37708 bytes 2000.10.17

A kid in my Political Science class thought this was porn...he's stupid...\n

Image: Asukapain.jpg   374x531 30500 bytes 2000.10.17

That's gotta hurt ><\n

Image: MariSO.jpg   571x556 39983 bytes 2000.10.17 little computer genius is hacking again...isn't that sweet...\n

Image: Mari2.jpg   266x626 22030 bytes 2000.10.17

My kawaii brain...I think Mike is chasing her *sweat drop*\n

Image: AsukaLadder.jpg   338x436 18960 bytes 2000.10.17

And the predator watches her prey...\n

Image: LexisSO.jpg   297x610 38694 bytes 2000.10.17

This didn't turn out so good...guess it makes up for how good the Asuka one turned out.\n

Image: Lexisbomb.jpg   345x784 38117 bytes 2000.10.17

Hee explosives are fun! *giggle giggle giggle*\n

Image: Confession.jpg   589x807 62270 bytes 2000.10.17

Oh my...this is an interesting relationship. First she tries to kill him; then someone wants to kill her and he helps her. Then they like each other but she's a psycho killer person....can we say "angsty"\n

Image: AsukaSO.jpg   505x758 44769 bytes 2000.10.17

Asuka spying on someone from a rooftop. Luckly she's not a guy or people might think she's looking at nakie people :P\n

Image: Undies.jpg   351x449 19611 bytes 2000.10.12

At the Anime club last week Heather was having a bad day and was to make her feel better I offered to do a strip dance for her. Gabe wanted me to take off everything but Heather put a limit on it and said I could take everything off besides my undies and my socks. I didn't really do it though...I think just talking about it made her feel better. So i drew this as a joke. She thought it was funny at least.\n

Image: Rei.jpg   309x674 40160 bytes 2000.10.12

I've been playing FF8 too much. I just like Zell and Selphie's big Nunchucks *drools at the thought of Zell* So I gave Rei nunchucks like Selphie. Plus Rei is very motherly and tends to give advice to Lexis. I might want to make this clear...Rei and Mari are my only cat characters and are modeled after my best friends Sammi and Heather. Asuka is like me and she's part wolf part some other dog...(she's a mutt) And of course Lexis is a pretty pretty bunny.\n

Image: Mari.jpg   376x676 40497 bytes 2000.10.12

Mari is Asuka's best friend and the founder of the mercenary/assasin group. She's got brains, brawn and is quite skilled in the art of fighting with wire. She tends to be quiet and likes to work at the bookstore she owns.\n

Image: Lexis.jpg   245x539 26184 bytes 2000.10.12

Lexis is my hyperactive 16 year old. She's the youngest but the most experienced with explosives. Asuka took her in and gave her a place on the team. She tends to get all the boys with her spunky personality and is very vocal. Hopefully she doesn't leak that she's killing people for a living.\n

Image: ChibiDEATH.jpg   267x501 20505 bytes 2000.10.12

Okay this is scary. A chibi Asuka with her big daggers...looking for someone to kill...*duct tapes her pant legs* \n

Image: CantorReiSkt.jpg   368x768 28906 bytes 2000.10.12

Cantor is the artic fox who gives the girls there assignments. He's really cool and usually can be found in the back of the nightclub where Asuka plays occassionally. I don't know who Rei is talking to though...probably her the great lecture about being to young. It must suck being 16 in a group of girls that are 21-22.\n

Image: Asuka.jpg   305x667 52938 bytes 2000.10.12

The leader of my ass kicking female furry Mercenaries!!! She's my bad ass. I would be too if my parents were killed when someone tried to rob the family store. She also the fighter and probably does the most damage with her two big ass daggers of hers.\n

Image: MKSoulbond.jpg   492x836 48860 bytes 2000.09.17

This is what happens when Marie and Kai use there most powerful attack, Soulbond. If you want to see what they look like when there not fuzioned together, go to my side7 account. :P\n

Image: Neopets.jpg   518x360 31958 bytes 2000.09.11

I love these little buggers. There so cute and I can't wait until the battle dome is done. Neopets (c) Neopets\r\\n

Image: Mariko.jpg   301x731 76292 bytes 2000.06.05

This is my Star Wars Persona, Mariko Klivan. She's Hobbie Klivan's adopted sister and a damn good mechcanic. Her and Wes Janson had some past love problems but no spoilers for you. \n

Image: ChibiPersona.jpg   625x487 387264 bytes 2000.05.17

These are all my female characters. Each one represents a little aspect of me, except Navi she's a mutt. Arimi represents my flirtacous side. Marina's my good spirited side. Navi the cat (soon to have a name change) is the fighter in me and Mia is my adventerous side.\n

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