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Image: ArT.jpg   365x590 31156 bytes 2001.12.19

I'm so happy that I must draw Angsty shtuff I think O.o I dunno. Recently I've been getting into "Goth" clothing and art style. I could be wrong what goth is though, I'm on the outside looking in and all. Anyways, thats skunk boy being pissy (which he never is :p)

Image: Christy_Stripes.jpg   326x1181 43945 bytes 2005.02.20

This is Christy Stripes. A hermaphrodite rabbit I like to roleplay now and again.

Image: ConfUsioN.jpg   321x461 25237 bytes 2001.12.19

This ones name be ConfUsioN :) He is the newest adition to my strange new art direction O.o I may want clothes like that too, anyone know where to get them?

Image: CoyoteMask.JPG   497x521 77644 bytes 2005.02.20

This is a mask I made. It turned out nicely so I think I might make more at some point.

Image: DaSkunk.jpg   446x561 24437 bytes 2000.12.02

Image: Erica.jpg   494x848 46662 bytes 2005.02.22

This is Erica. She's a rather busty coyote who has no inhibitions. This gets her in trouble sometimes when she gets a little too honest.

Image: Guesswhat!.jpg   407x345 24867 bytes 2001.12.03

I'm engaged! ^.^ To KiaraBrightmoon, she is so wonderful! ^.^ I can't stop smiling, I'm so happy! I kinda changed skunk to be less cute (I look older than how skunk usualy looks) and I fixed his hair up (Wow! Its combed for once! :p). Also, look carefuly, because this is the only time you'll find me dressed up! ooooo... :D Well, have a nice life everyone, may the force be with you!

Image: Jacky.jpg   1009x1027 57452 bytes 2001.01.14

I got the insperation for this in the stangest place... A SMUDGE ON THE BATHROOM FLOOR! I hope you enjoy this picture. I used a No.2 Pencil and the computer to perfect it.

Image: S-boy.jpg   581x1039 61551 bytes 2001.03.31

This is my furry persona, Skunk Boy. He is based on a drawing another guy did for me as my furry persona.

Image: sabrina.jpg   467x356 25717 bytes 2001.01.28

This will be in the Sabrina fan art sub-directory as soon as it is created.

Image: Sean.jpg   787x837 77457 bytes 2001.02.25

This is a picture I did for my brother Sean as his animal persona. Sean described the gun to me. It has a small laser on it and the main blast is a high power shotgun shell. The dead alien is copyrighted to Blizzard Entertainment and Sean is copyrighted to Sean. (even though he can't draw)

Image: SkunkandKiara.jpg   862x551 136812 bytes 2002.01.20

This is my version of a picture me and Violet did ^.^ We both did our own rendition of the same idea, heh. Its NOT a yiffy picture!! I think yiffy thoughta bout her sometimes, but I just /cant/ do anything, it feels wrong (in a good way... Oh whatever! Violet understands!! :p). Well, I hope everyone enjoys this picture as much as me :)

Image: Statement.jpg   544x477 34024 bytes 2001.10.28

This is how I feel when everyone around me is pepressing, I dont think anyone knows that... I usualy regress and put up a protection when people around me get depressed, I turn into an uncaring jerk and stuff. Its because I have an emotional problem, i'm trying to get passed it, but its hard. Anyways, thats my first depressive pic. (BTW, i'm fine, I just had to make a statement, truthfuly i'm great because I asked a girl out and she said yes!!!)

Image: Tasha.jpg   405x588 26760 bytes 2000.12.02

This is a fox charecter I made called Tasha.\n

Image: WolfMan2.jpg   550x905 90927 bytes 2005.02.24

... I hate markers

Image: Ziggy.jpg   556x615 60739 bytes 2001.04.07

This is my picture of Zig Zag. Zig Zag is a really nifty character created by Max Black Rabbit. She is a little odd, thats why I like her so much!:) The sign means Carter Middle School and I drew it saying, "This is our new football team sponsor!" My brother is on the football team and didn't like that I made a porn legend their sponsor. ^.^

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