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Image: cheeetah.jpg   651x631 66064 bytes 2001.11.20

Cheeeetah.. speed is good.\r\n\r\nart (c) B. Moore 2001

Image: FingerPrint2.jpg   613x870 236329 bytes 2001.11.20

My second Finger Print design.\r\nFinger Print being the style i called this.. don't know if it's original or not.. all i know is it requires a *great* deal of patience to get it done.\r\n\r\nEitherway, Finger Print #2 (c) Bingo Dingo 2001

Image: Music.gif   506x784 91948 bytes 2001.11.13

Music is Life.\r\n\r\nArt (c) Brendan Moore 2001

Image: Anex2.jpg   892x1174 154787 bytes 2001.11.13

A most recent pic of my character, Anex. Rather the largest one too.. ah well.\r\n\r\nAnex (c) Brendan Moore 2001

Image: FightersThree.jpg   594x850 71273 bytes 2001.11.09

What started out as a normal Wolf-morph jumping, turned into the Fighters Three..! *power gamey music!*\r\n\r\nArt (c) Brendan Moore 2001

Image: Bingo5.jpg   714x1106 172248 bytes 2001.11.09

Welp, might as well start with a pic-a meself.\r\nThis is the most recent (and coloured ^.^) version of me, which just kept on developing from a sketch i did in the first page of a new art book. I couldn't stop it o.O life of it's own an' all..\r\nAnyway, Bingo Dingo (c) me, obviously, coz it *is* me.

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